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The Air Coming Out Of My Goodman Furnace Is Cold, Why And How To Fix It?

The Air Coming Out Of My Goodman Furnace Is Cold, Why And How To Fix It?

One of the biggest annoyances in a homeowner’s life can be an improperly functioning furnace. Additionally, it may be particularly difficult if the furnace is producing chilly air in the middle of the winter. Why does this happen? We have done research on what to do if a Goodman furnace starts blowing cold air as part of our attempts to explore the technical elements of Goodman furnaces. We’ll cover that in this post.

The following explanations explain why your Goodman furnace might be blowing chilly air rather than hot air:

  • A soiled air filter
  • Incorrectly setting the thermostat
  • A buildup of water surrounding the furnace
  • Faulty motor
  • Problematic pilot lights
  • Gas valve problems
  • Controls problems
  • Dripping air vents
  • Defective flame sensor
  • Electrical ignition issue

Most frequently, an older furnace will eventually start pumping chilly air, if at all. However, in a few rare instances, you may also encounter these problems with recently installed or new furnaces. You might be able to solve the issue on your own in some cases. However, other situations could be more complicated and call for the technical know-how and experience of an appliance specialist. Read on for more information on the many conditions that could result in a Goodman furnace blowing cold air and how to fix them.

Goodman Furnace Causes Cold Air Blowing

Unclean Air Filter

The Air Coming Out Of My Goodman Furnace Is Cold, Why And How To Fix It?

The air filter needs to be changed frequently in the majority of Goodman furnaces. HVAC experts advise changing your air filters every two months, while the quality of the air in some places may call for a more frequent replacement.

Your furnace’s airflow can be compromised by a dirty air filter, which could lead to the blower motor overheating and finally shutting down. If this continues for an extended period of time, it may also result in dangerous circumstances.

Thermostat Setting Error

The Air Coming Out Of My Goodman Furnace Is Cold, Why And How To Fix It?

Prior to going to the furnace to troubleshoot it, it is usually recommended to double-check the thermostat setting.

When the setting is either in the “On” or “Auto” position with the temperature set too low, the furnace may occasionally appear to be operating improperly.

The furnace may continuously blow air if the thermostat is left in the “On” position. Additionally, if the furnace is old or has parts that are worn out, it could eventually stop working.

If the thermostat is set to “Auto,” you might need to turn it up a few degrees because occasionally a room can feel warmer than it actually is.

Water Accumulating Near The Furnace

Additionally, high-efficiency furnaces have their own set of problems. One is the development of condensation near the drain line. This can result in the furnace blowing cold air at some point if your Goodman furnace is a high-efficiency model.

The overkill switch will activate if the condensation line becomes blocked, immediately turning off the furnace to avoid a fire hazard. The steps you can follow to clear the queue are as follows:

  • Cut the power to the furnace at the circuit breaker.
  • Drain any water that has accumulated in the drain pan using a wet-dry vacuum.
  • Remove the pan, then wash it in warm water with dish soap. Reattach it to the furnace after rinsing, drying, and doing so.
  • To clean up any debris, locate the point where the condensate line exits your house and use a wet/dry vacuum.
  • Restore the furnace’s power and test it after using it to clean the line.

Faulty Motor

When it comes to the furnace’s operation, the motor is both its largest and most crucial component. The furnace’s engine could eventually fail if it’s older than 7 to 10 years.

If it happens, you might be able to have an HVAC specialist fix the motor. But occasionally it could be too broken to be worth replacing.

If the latter is the case, replacing the complete device could be advisable because a new motor might cost anywhere between $50 and over $400 to repair.

Pilot Light Problems

If the furnace is powered by gas, it usually has a pilot light that must be lighted in order for the appliance to function. The pilot light may occasionally go out on its own or as a result of drafts from the draft motor. Additionally, it may occasionally be the result of a problem with your gas supply line. Check your unit’s user manual for advice on how to light the pilot light in order to resolve this issue.

Keep in mind that if the flame keeps going out, there can be a problem with the thermocouple.

Gas Valve Problems

The Air Coming Out Of My Goodman Furnace Is Cold, Why And How To Fix It?

In some instances, a broken gas valve will prevent the pilot light from lighting. The valve may become clogged with dirt and debris if it hasn’t been cleaned in a while. Typically, only a technician would be able to identify this. And if you’ve tried everything else in your troubleshooting, this might be something to think about.

Control Panel Problems

Some more recent Goodman furnaces include electronic control panels, which occasionally experience problems—especially if the furnace is older than seven years. The problem might be resolved by a straightforward reset, however occasionally the control panel may be broken and require replacement.

Air Vents That Leak

Ductwork that has worn out or connectors that have gone loose are occasionally found in older homes. When this occurs, heated air may escape via the ductwork’s openings, dispersing the heat throughout your house.

To check if this is the problem, turn on the furnace and put your touch on the vent that is right above the floor.

The likelihood that you have a leak (or numerous leaks) someplace increases if the blower is producing hot air, yet the air is cold when it enters the room vents.

Unreliable Flame Sensor

The Air Coming Out Of My Goodman Furnace Is Cold, Why And How To Fix It?

Your Goodman furnace may begin blowing chilly air if the flame sensor isn’t working properly. The blower motor is turned on when the flame sensor notices the pilot light starting to burn, which starts the furnace.

The motor may start, but the flame will continually going off, causing the emission of chilly air to the vents if the flame sensor is unclean, damaged, or worn out.

Depending on the model, you might try cleaning the flame sensor. It’s best to speak with an HVAC technician in such situations.

Electronic Ignition Problems

In a hot surface ignitor or an intermittent pilot, a lot of contemporary furnaces contain an electronic igniting component. This part may eventually stop functioning, resulting in the appliance continuing to operate but blowing chilly air instead of warm air. Typically, an HVAC technician will be needed to address this.

Is Cold Air Blown By A Furnace Dangerous?

A furnace that blows chilly air might occasionally be dangerous. This is true if there is a plugged gas leak, a dirty air filter, or any other potential fire hazard.

In order to avoid issues like these, it is best to fix a broken furnace as soon as possible.

How Can You Repair A Cold Air Blowing Furnace?

Whether or whether the furnace is spewing chilly air depends on the cause. The part will need to be either if there is a problem with the blower motor or other crucial components. For the furnace to operate properly, upgrade or replace. But if the problem is a straightforward one, like a clogged condensate line, a dirty air filter, or a dirty flame sensor, it can be resolved in a matter of minutes.

The most effective way to address the problem is to follow the instructions in your owner’s manual.

It’s likely that you will need a professional to look at the furnace if you are unable to fix it and it is still spewing chilly air.

Should A Furnace Warm Up?

The majority of furnaces take three to five minutes to warm up, though this can vary depending on the brand and model. The procedure can require a little bit more time if the furnace is older or attached to a propane tank. However, if you notice that it takes your furnace longer than 10 minutes to warm up, there may be a more serious problem at play.

How Should I Proceed If A Furnace Won’t Turn Off?

Placing the thermostat in the “Off” position will cause your furnace to shut off. The blower motor ought to turn off as a result. Your thermostat’s circuit breaker has to be reset if it doesn’t. A malfunctioning thermostat or a clogged air filter are frequently to blame when a furnace won’t turn off. However, most of the time, these issues are simple to resolve.


As you can see, a Goodman furnace may start spewing cold air instead of warm air for a variety of reasons. The best method to start the process of correcting the issue is to use your owner’s handbook to troubleshoot it. Of course, if you have difficulties, it’s advisable to get advice from a licensed HVAC professional.

The Air Coming Out Of My Goodman Furnace Is Cold, Why And How To Fix It?

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