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Quick And Easy Steps In Resetting A Heat Storm Heater

Quick And Easy Steps In Resetting A Heat Storm Heater

Do you have a Heat Storm heater that needs repair? The answer might be to reset it! There are only a few easy actions required to reset your Heat Storm heater. We’ll walk you through resetting your Heat Storm heater in this post so that you may once again enjoy a warm and cozy home.

What Indicates That My Storm Heater Needs to Be Reset?

It might be time to reset your Heat Storm Heater if you’re having problems with it. Here are some indicators that your heater could require a reset:

Power Outages Often

Quick And Easy Steps In Resetting A Heat Storm Heater

Some electrical appliances could require a reset if there have been recent power interruptions as a result of storms or other factors.

Temperature Fluctuations

If the water temperature fluctuates widely or is inconsistent, the thermostat may need to be reset.

Error Codes That Flash

Some contemporary heaters have digital displays that display problem codes. These may point to a specific issue, in which case a reset may be advised.

Lowered Effectiveness

A reset can occasionally solve problems with heaters that take longer than usual to heat up or that struggle to maintain the proper temperature.

Resetting The Heat Storm Heater

To reset your Heat Storm heater, just follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Turn The Heater Off
Powering down your Heat Storm heater is the first step towards resetting it.
You can accomplish this by either plugging the heater out of the wall or just hitting the heater’s power button.

Make sure the heating is off before moving on to the next action.

Step 2: Turn Off And On The Heater
Unplug the heater from the wall after turning it off. This will guarantee that the heater has been entirely unplugged from all power sources.

For at least three seconds after unplugging the heater, make sure all of the electricity has been discharged. Next, connect it.

Step 3: Keep The Timer Icon Pressed
After plugging in the heater, wait three minutes before pressing the timer symbol on the control panel for at least 10 seconds.

The heater’s internal timer will be reset, and any problems you were having will go away.

Release the timer icon after holding it down for 10 seconds, then wait for the heater to restart.

Resetting Your Heat Storm Heater: Safety Considerations

Please take into account the following safety precautions before trying a reset:

Avoid water: To prevent electric shocks, keep hands dry and make sure the area around the heater is moisture-free. Examine the heater for any damage that is obvious, such as frayed cords or exposed wires. If you discover any, do not try to restart or use the heater.

Ensure ventilation: If the heater emits strange odors or there is a possibility of a gas leak, open the windows and doors to let fresh air in. Setting the heater flat will help to prevent it from toppling, especially if tilt-over mistakes have happened.

The Heat Storm Heater’s Maintenance

For your Heat Storm Heater to last a long time and perform at its best, regular maintenance is essential. The following advice will help you maintain your heater in good condition:

Quick And Easy Steps In Resetting A Heat Storm Heater
  • With a soft, wet cloth, routinely clean the heater’s exterior. Avoid using chemicals or harsh cleansers since they can harm the finish.
  • Check the air filter frequently, and clean or replace it as necessary. The effectiveness of the heater can be affected by a dirty or clogged filter.
  • Look for signs of wear on the power cord, such as fraying or cracking. If the heater is damaged, cease using it and seek assistance from the manufacturer.
  • Keep the heater away from flammable items like beds, drapes, and furniture. To avoid fire dangers, leave at least three feet of space between objects.
  • When not in use, keep the heater in a dry, cool location. Don’t subject it to wetness or very hot or very cold temperatures.

Troubleshooting Additional Typical Heat Strom Heater Issues

Here are some other concerns that Heat Storm heaters frequently have, along with solutions.

Error EE
The temperature sensor, often known as the probe, is the source of this mistake. The heating element and the fan are turned off when you notice this error.

Unplug the heater and check the temperature sensor to find a solution. The sensor may be damaged, disconnected, or loose.

Error O
If you experience this error, there may have been a problem during application setup.

The heater should first be unplugged before being plugged back in.

After multiple tries, if the issue still occurs, it may be necessary to replace the PCBA (printed circuit board assembly).

Errors E1
A tilt-over error has occurred. It indicates that either the heater has fallen over or is not standing straight.

The heater and fan are both switched off at this point. Make sure the heater is upright and turn it on using the on/off icon to continue normal performance.

Error HU
The presence of an improper high-voltage power source is indicated by this mistake. As soon as you notice this mistake, you must unplug the heater.

Notification of LO
If the display says “LO,” the outside temperature is below 16 degrees Fahrenheit (-9 degrees Celsius).

Notification of HI
“HI” represents the ambient temperature, just like the “LO” notification.

In this instance, it implies that the ambient temperature is higher than 99°F (37°C).

Why Isn’t The Heater In My Heat Storm Blowing?

Several factors could be at work if your Heat Storm heater isn’t blowing air as expected:

Quick And Easy Steps In Resetting A Heat Storm Heater

Blocked Air Inlet or Filter That Is Dirty
Make sure the air inlet isn’t blocked if at all possible. A clogged air filter can also reduce airflow.

Examine the input and the filter, and if necessary, clean or replace the filter.

Outside temperature
The heater may not work if the room temperature is already higher than the thermostat setting.

This is so that there is no need to produce additional heat since the heater detects that the space is already at or above the required temperature.

Heating System Reset
If none of the aforementioned fixes work, unplug the heater from the electrical socket for around two hours.

Reconnect the device once the time has passed. Any internal flaws or problems that might be impairing its performance can be fixed with this.


There are only a few easy actions required to reset your Heat Storm heater.

You should be able to reset your heater and have it working again quickly if you follow the recommendations in this article.

To ensure you are following all detailed instructions and troubleshooting advice, always refer to your user manual.

Quick And Easy Steps In Resetting A Heat Storm Heater

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