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Quick And Easy Steps In Cleaning A Lennox Furnace

Quick And Easy Steps In Cleaning A Lennox Furnace

Regular furnace maintenance is necessary to make sure the appliance operates to its greatest potential. Additionally, a dirty furnace can lead to a number of health problems. But don’t worry excessively! Everything you ought to know about cleaning your Lennox unit has been thoroughly investigated.

To achieve optimal functioning, a furnace needs to be cleaned and serviced on a regular basis. There are numerous methods for doing this. The standard methods are as follows:

  • Take out the dust and grime
  • Examine the burner’s flame.
  • To eliminate dust or debris near the device, vacuum the burner and blower chambers.
  • To clean the blower, you must remove it.
  • The blower blades should be cleaned with a vacuum and brush.
  • Make the flame sensor clean.
  • Make sure the flue is correctly venting to the outside by checking it for dents and cracks.

Every house needs a furnace to improve living conditions, and much like most other appliances, it needs to be given regular maintenance. You must adhere to some straightforward rules when cleaning your apartment. Fortunately, we are available to support and direct you as you complete this work.

Why Should Your Furnace Be Cleaned?

Quick And Easy Steps In Cleaning A Lennox Furnace

A household’s normal maintenance regimen should cover furnaces. primarily to guarantee peak performance, maximize fuel usage, and extend system life. When the furnace is not adequately cleaned, health concerns come into play as well.

In the living space, dirt and dust can circulate and lead to allergies, colds, and other illnesses. The final factor is the overall comfort a furnace offers.

Note: To monitor the air quality in homes with furnace systems, carbon monoxide indicators are ideal.

How Do You Maintain And Clean A Lennox Furnace?

Air Filters

Quick And Easy Steps In Cleaning A Lennox Furnace

The filter keeps dust and other contaminants out of the system while allowing clean air to circulate. Due to its impact on the furnace’s overall performance, fuel efficiency, and lifespan, the filtration system needs to be given top priority during maintenance.

You must change the air filters at least once a month to guarantee that your appliance is operating properly. If you’re not sure what kind of filter your furnace has, get in touch with your neighborhood Lennox manufacturer. These experts will assist you in making the right filter selection for your appliance.

To prevent any equipment problems in the future, it is important to choose the appropriate component. Additionally, if you have pets and your furnace runs continually, the filter needs to be maintained frequently because it can be vulnerable to dust and fur accumulation.

Take Out the Dust and Grime

In order to keep the furnace clean and functioning correctly, regular checks for dust and grime are required. When a significant amount of dirt has gathered, vacuum the air registers to remove the dust.

Examine the Burner’s Flames

The efficiency of the heating system is indicated by the flame color. The presence of blue flames indicates a healthy furnace and pure, uncontaminated gas. When the combustion system is yellow or orange, it is inefficient. It might imply that there is debris or pollution.

Since carbon monoxide could be present in the circulating air, it is best to stop utilizing the system. The best course of action is to consult with and have the issue assessed by a specialist.

Clean the Burner

Heat is provided to the home using burners. It’s possible that accumulated dirt will keep the furnace from operating properly.

Step 1: Disconnect the furnace’s electricity completely.
You have two options for turning off the appliance: the switch or the breaker.

Step 2: Take apart or take out the furnace doors.

Step 3: Determine the location of the burners.
Depending on the furnace, different burner locations exist. They are easier to find because some are protected by a shielded box while others are not. Keep in mind how the burner was installed within the appliance before removing it.

Step 4: Either open the burner box or remove the burner bracket.
To remove the screws, you can use a power drill or a tiny wrench. In some instances, you might need to disassemble other parts of your appliance to get to the burner.

Step 5: Remove the furnace’s burners.

Step 6: Start cleaning the burners.
Use a brass brush to clean each burner’s surface. This may need to be done more than once, depending on how much dirt there is. Make sure that all of the trash has been removed. Finally, blow out any leftover debris and dust using compressed air.

Clean the Blowers

Hot air is brought into the house using fans or blowers. The heat is greatly diminished when they don’t work properly.

The ideal tool to use to clean the blades and motor housing is either a paintbrush or a toothbrush. The dirt that is still there can then be removed with a vacuum.

Make the Flame Sensor Clean

The heating system’s sensor is a safety measure. You can reach the sensor next to the panel opening once the power has been turned off. Avoid coming into contact with the porcelain base with your cleaning tools; only the metal rod component needs to be cleaned.

Sand the rod until the bare metal is visible by removing the carbon buildup. The residual dirt can then be removed with wire wool.

Examine and Clean the Flue Pipe in Your Furnace

Check the owner’s handbook before beginning with the flue pipe to determine if there are any special cleaning instructions for this component or if there are any acts that may void your unit’s warranty.

Find the vent pipe for your furnace after doing this. Before cleaning the pipes, it’s crucial to switch off the electricity.

After that, use a dust brush to remove any dust and dirt accumulations inside the flue pipes. Then, use a handheld vacuum to remove as much debris as you can.

Use a clear mat or soft towel to clean the area. Remember to clean the area around your vent pipes as well. Remove any obstructions to the airflow by trimming any branches or clearing the area of any items.

Has Lennox Ever Provided A Warranty?

Lennox has been a leading provider of temperature control equipment for many years. The products are without a doubt of excellent quality, but there are still some things that customers need to be aware of, such the warranty.

You should be informed that, in contrast to other appliances, this manufacturer only offers a 10-year components warranty and no guarantee for a new unit.

It is up to you to balance the advantages and the warranty issue. If you are still considering the brand, you might want to look into the top Lennox furnace currently available.

SLP99V from the Dave Lennox Signature Collection

Quick And Easy Steps In Cleaning A Lennox Furnace

The SLP99V is the best furnace since it is the most energy-efficient device available for controlling temperature. In addition to having a 99% AFUE (Annualized Fuel Utilization Efficiency), it is also the quietest appliance currently on the market.

The most expensive equipment, this furnace has a price range from $7,300 to $11,650. However, the disadvantages simply outweigh the cost.

Because it uses little fuel, it ends up saving money on energy and heating over time. This type will give you and your family the comfort you require because it has a secondary heat exchanger and a variable speed operation.

SL297NV from the Dave Lennox Signature Collection

Another excellent Lennox furnace model is the SL297NV. It is a two-stage furnace that includes a variable-speed blower to further enhance its silent operation, high efficiency, and even temperature distribution throughout your home.

This model’s ability to minimize nitrogen oxide emissions by 65% is one of its outstanding qualities. This makes it the furnace with the lowest emissions available today. In addition, the SL297NV has an iComfort S30 compatibility, an insulated blower compartment, a primary Duralok Plus heat exchanger, and a secondary heat exchanger.


Keep an eye on your furnace’s maintenance and cleaning. You are avoiding any potential system problems by doing this, and you are also ensuring your family’s safety.

Quick And Easy Steps In Cleaning A Lennox Furnace

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