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The Best Way To Reset A Cleverspa Heater

The Best Way To Reset A Cleverspa Heater

Are you considering resetting your Cleverspa heater? Why and how should it be reset?

If your Cleverspa heater’s control panel displays an error, you can resolve it by resetting it. Follow the steps below to reset your Cleverspa heater:

Turn the unit off.
Wait a few seconds after unplugging it from the socket.
Reconnect the unit, then press the ON/RESET button.

If the error still appears in the control panel, there could be a problem.

We’ll go over how to troubleshoot your Cleverspa heater in this article. We’ll also explain why it’s important to reset it and address any other concerns.

What Is The Process For Resetting A Cleverspa Heater?

The Best Way To Reset A Cleverspa Heater

A small digital screen on a Cleverspa heater displays the unit’s current temperature and settings. It can also display a code associated with various errors. Typically, the errors and how to resolve them are listed in the product manual.

Resetting the unit is one method of resolving an error. If the problem persists, you may need to reset the heater more than once.

Please find detailed instructions for resetting the Cleverspa heater below.

  1. Turn The Unit Off
    You can quickly resolve a system error by turning off and then on the heater. Turn off your Cleverspa heater by pressing the OFF/TEST button on the RCD switch on the side.
  2. Remove The Plug From The Socket
    Unplug the unit after it has been turned off to interrupt the flow of electrical energy (this is essential for resetting). To unplug the socket, hold it and gently shake it.
  3. Activate The ‘ON/RESET’ Button
    After a few seconds, reconnect the unit. Then, turn on the unit by pressing the ON/OFF switch on the RCD plug. Finally, check to see if the error is still visible on the LCD screen or control panel. If there is no error, the reset was successful.

What Is The Problem With My Cleverspa Heater?

Resetting a heater can sometimes restore proper functionality. If the problem persists, the heater may have other issues. Here are some potential problems and what you can do to solve them.

Temperature Concerns
Examine the Cleverspa heater’s performance. Is the water not being heated? Is the water getting too hot? These temperature issues could be caused by dirty or clogged filters.

Although the Cleverspa heater can display “FC,” which stands for “filter change,” you do not have to wait for the code to appear. To improve temperature regulation, clean or replace the filter. To complete the task, follow these steps.

  1. Remove the filter by unscrewing it and twisting the cap off. If you choose to replace the filter, proceed to step 6.
  2. In a basin, make a solution of filter cleaner and water, then place the filter in it. It is not recommended to clean the filter with a pressure hose.
  3. Soak the filter in water with a sponge until the dirt is removed.
  4. You can also put the filter in a pillowcase and wash it with water and soap in the washing machine.
  5. With a soft cloth, dry the filter.
  6. Replace the filter in the heater and tighten it down.
  7. Check to see if the error code still appears after turning on the Cleverspa heater. If this is the case, you may need to consult a technician or the manufacturer to resolve the problem.

Broken Pump
The Cleverspa’s pump powers the air jets and inflates the wall. Bubbles in the water indicate that the air jets are functioning properly.

The Best Way To Reset A Cleverspa Heater

Follow these steps to inspect the pump:

  1. Turn on the Cleverspa heater.
  2. Remove the cap from the air outlet.
  3. Press the INFLATE button to inflate the balloon. The light should turn on to indicate that the command was successful.
  4. Examine the air outlet to see if it is producing any air.
  5. Continue to the next step if there is no air. Otherwise, the pump is fully operational.
  6. Press the INFLATE button once more to turn it off.
  7. To release the air, tap the dotted circle near the air outlet several times. Proceed to the next step if no air is still passing through.
  8. The drainage valve is located at the motor’s base.
  9. Press the pipe gently to clear the obstructions in the drain.
  10. Replace and tighten the cap.
  11. Press the INFLATE button several times to get the times.
  12. Allow 5-20 minutes for the air jets to start working. Consider contacting a Cleverspa service center if the pump continues to malfunction.

Is A Warranty Provided By Cleverspa?

Register your Cleverspa product within 28 days of purchase to receive an 18-month warranty on pumps and heaters. However, pumps and heaters registered after 28 days from the date of purchase will have a 12-month warranty.

This warranty applies only to purchases made from official Cleverspa stores and websites. Furthermore, the warranty is non-transferable and does not cover commercial business use. You should use the product correctly because damages such as punctures will void the warranty.

Other products’ warranties will vary depending on their type.

Cleverspa Heater Operation

The Best Way To Reset A Cleverspa Heater

It is critical to understand how to use a Cleverspa heater correctly. Here’s an example:

  1. Clean the area where the Cleverspa heater will be installed. Check for any sharp objects that could damage the unit.
  2. Remove the air outlet and inlet valve caps.
  3. Connect the inflation hose to the outlet valve with one end and the inlet valve with the other.
  4. Connect the unit and turn it on.
  5. Click the RESET button.
  6. Press the INFLATE button on the unit now. Allow about five minutes for the air to fill the unit. Overinflation should be avoided.
  7. To stop airflow, press the INFLATE button once more.
  8. Remove the inflation hose before replacing the caps.
  9. Begin filling the water.
  10. To change the temperature, press the TEMPERATURE button. Press it again to confirm your choice.
  11. To begin heating the water, press the HEATER button.
  12. When the temperature is comfortable for you, turn off the heater.

Cleverspa Heater Safety Measures

Cleverspa and similar products should be used with caution. These are some things to think about as you enjoy the product.

Water Should Not Be Overheated
To reduce the risk of burning yourself, set the heater’s temperature to 34-38 degrees Celsius (93-100 degrees Fahrenheit).

Make Use Of A Cover
Consider covering your heater if you want to leave it and return later to relax. The cover shields the unit from rain and dust.

Electric Shock Should Be Avoided
It is not recommended to use an extension cord to power the Cleverspa heater. To avoid electrical shock, always dry yourself with a towel before plugging and unplugging the unit.

Assume you’ll be using the unit outside; keep the wires away from the water. You can also keep your pets away from the heater, especially if they have sharp nails that could scratch it.

Correct Disassembly
After using the unit, make sure to properly disassemble and store it. Follow the steps below to accomplish this:

  1. To turn it off, press the TEST/OFF button on the socket and then unplug it from the mains power.
  2. Remove the water. To save water, you can reuse the water while cleaning.
  3. Remove the deflation valve cap.
  4. Push the wall to release the air.
  5. Fold and push the Cleverspa to release any remaining air. Make certain that the control panel is not covered between the folds.
  6. Place the wires beneath the pump.
  7. Place the Cleverspa inside its bag. You can also tie it to keep it from reopening unexpectedly.
  8. Keep the unit in a secure and dry location.

What Is The Capacity Of Cleverspa?

The amount of water that a Cleverspa heater can hold is determined by its size. A six-person heater, for example, can hold up to a thousand liters, while some smaller units can hold around 800 liters.

Overfilling the heater will cause it to take a long time to heat up. Specific water capacity can be found in the product’s manual.

Is Cleverspa Environmentally Friendly?

Cleverspa uses electricity, so its use will affect your utility bill. The actual cost of using the product will be determined by the length of use.

If you want to save energy, turn it off once the water reaches the desired temperature. Also, avoid running the heater for more than 24-36 hours before use to avoid a large electric bill.


We learned how to reset the Cleverspa heater and discussed the factors that affect its performance in this article. We then talked about some problems and how to solve them.

The Best Way To Reset A Cleverspa Heater

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