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How To Quickly And Easily Reset The Filter Life On A Shark Air Purifier

How To Quickly And Easily Reset The Filter Life On A Shark Air Purifier

Did you notice that your Shark air purifier’s Filter Life indicator was flashing? When this occurs, your air purifier won’t be able to enhance the air quality in your house. The device needs to be reset before it may be used again. Just how do you go about doing this? You can find the solution below. Read on since we’ve looked through professional guides.

Change the filter, then click the Filter Life button on your Shark air purifier to reset the filter life. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

  • Plug the gadget out.
  • Dispatch the filter cover.
  • Delete the previous filter.
  • Add the fresh filter.
  • Reinstall the filter cover.
  • Press the Filter Life button while holding it down.

We have created a comprehensive tutorial to assist you with the procedure so that you can reset the Filter Life fast and conveniently. We have information for you on how to dispose of your used filter after you’ve reset the Filter Life. Because we have everything covered, scroll down.

Resetting The Shark Air Purifier’s Filter Life

How To Quickly And Easily Reset The Filter Life On A Shark Air Purifier

When a filter has to be changed, the Shark air purifier’s Filter Life indicator illuminates. In this case, changing your air filter is preferable to simply cleaning the current one.

Your efforts will be in vain if your filter has no more time because it can already be worn out or be too unclean to clean.

By following these easy steps, you can change your air filter and restart your device’s Filter Life indicator:

  1. Disconnect The Device
    To prevent harm, make sure to turn off and unplug the air purifier before changing the filter.
  2. Take Off The Filter Cover
    The filter’s lid or cover is often located on the rear of the device. Tabs can be found at the top of it. To take off the cover, press them. Next, advance the filter cover.
  3. Get Rid Of The Old Filter
    You may see your old filter after you remove the cover. Press the tabs on the top and bottom of the filter to remove it.
  4. Place The New Filter In
    Make sure the new filter is free of all wrapping. Following the directions on the filter’s side, insert it after that. These directional arrows ought to face the airflow rather than away from it. The airflow of your air purifier can be restricted if you don’t follow these arrows. Then put the tabs into the slots on the air purifier. As the filter snaps into place, you should hear a click.
  5. Reinstall The Filter Cover
    the filter cover into place. Press the top and sides of the cover until they click.
  6. Hold Down The Filter Life Button As You Click
    Plug in your device and turn it on first. Next, press and hold down the Filter Life button on the device’s top. Hold it down for at least three seconds, then release it after hearing a beep.

How To Get Rid Of The Filter

How To Quickly And Easily Reset The Filter Life On A Shark Air Purifier

After replacing them, you won’t want to keep your soiled, old air filters. You should properly dispose of them because they have accumulated dirt, dust, fur, and other debris over time. Note that you cannot recycle them.

You can get rid of them by doing the following:

  • Put the old air filter in a bag made of plastic. Make sure the bag is big enough to accommodate the filter. Be aware that using a paper bag could cause the filter to rip it apart and cause the filter’s dirt to flow out.
  • Tape or knot the plastic bag firmly. If the extra plastic on your bag isn’t enough to accomplish this, try wrapping duct tape around the top of the plastic.
  • Place the filter in the garbage can outside. You shouldn’t store a used filter in a trash can inside your house since the dust could escape if the plastic becomes damaged.

To avoid dirt buildup, your air purifier filter should be cleaned every two months. Prior to performing any maintenance, always unplug your filter. then take the following actions to clean the filter:

  • From the unit’s back, remove the filter lid.
  • Remove the filter from its cover.
  • Make sure the air pressure isn’t too high when vacuuming your filter to prevent harm.
  • Dust inside the filter cover can be removed using a microfiber cloth.

How To Clean A Shark Filter For Air Purification

When cleaning the filter, avoid using harsh chemicals. Additionally, experts advise against cleaning the Shark air purifier filter.

Why Change The Filter In An Air Purifier?

How To Quickly And Easily Reset The Filter Life On A Shark Air Purifier

To guarantee that the air in your home is clean, you must change the filter on your air purifier. In order to avoid receiving the Filter Life warning, you could chose to replace it.

The filter’s fibers may become loose and create large gaps if it has already been cleaned and vacuumed multiple times, preventing the device from filtering effectively. It would be preferable to change your filter in this situation.

In order to avoid these problems, you can also choose to switch the filter:

Poor Air Purifier Performance
Your air purifier can no longer produce high-quality air purification if a filter is clogged.

Additionally, a 50% reduction in airflow and filtration efficiency may occur in your device. Additionally, since the filter is no longer able to capture bad odors, they can start to enter your house.

Dust Particles In Your Home Are Increasing
A blocked air purifier may present a number of health problems. Your home’s allergy levels could rise as a result of a blocked purifier. An air purifier normally creates fresh air, but if the filter is clogged, it could also release allergens that were previously caught by it.

Additionally, since air filters can only contain bacteria and mold, they can start to overgrow in your filter. A issue for you and your family could result from the mold and germs breeding inside. Because of this, regular filter change is required.

Increased Electricity Costs
The fans and other parts of your air purifier will require more power to operate correctly if the filter is clogged. Your electricity bill may then go up significantly.

How Frequently Should The Filter Be Changed?
Your Shark air purifier’s Filter Life indicator will typically blink if the filter needs to be changed.

The filter should be changed every six to twelve months, according to specialists, even if the indication isn’t flashing. If you are sensitive to the allergens that the filter catches, they specifically urge early filter change.

The Filter Life button, which displays the number of hours left for your filter, can be used to see how much time is left on your current filter.


Finally, you can quickly and easily reset the Filter Life on your Shark air purifier. Simply swap out the old filter and push the Filter Life button for three seconds on the top panel of the appliance.

Unplug the device, open the filter cover, and remove the old filter to get rid of it. After that, install a fresh filter in the same spot and replace the filter cover. Press the Filter Life button on your device once you’ve finished.

Keep in mind that a used filter cannot be recycled, so after replacing it, be sure to dispose of it properly.

How To Quickly And Easily Reset The Filter Life On A Shark Air Purifier

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