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How To Modify The Carrier Furnace’s Humidity

How To Modify The Carrier Furnace's Humidity

Your home can have the ideal warm airflow by adjusting the humidity of a carrier furnace. Knowing how to do it will ensure that the unit operates at its highest potential. However, you’re now unsure of how to proceed. So, stop wondering now! We’re here to assist you and show you how to do it properly.

You must do the following in order to change the humidity on a carrier furnace.

  • Infinity Control’s’ bottom door should be opened.
  • Choose ADVANCE from the menu.
  • To display the HEATING HUMIDITY menu, click the RIGHT button twice.
  • To set the required humidity configuration, click the TEMP (+-) menu.
  • To access the system controls, select the HUMIDITY menu.
  • OFF – The ventilator dehumidification will be turned off by the system.
  • MANUAL – Depending on your arrangement, the system will have full power.
  • The heating will be adjusted automatically based on the weather.
  • Use the TEMP (+-) key to make your ultimate decision.
  • To leave the room or shut the door, press ADVANCED.

NOTE: Click (Yes) to save the changes, and (No) to revert to the previous configuration.

Was it really that simple? Continue reading as we discuss some other features for controlling humidity in your home as well as some other important details that may interest you.

What Level Of Humidity Is Best For A House?

How To Modify The Carrier Furnace's Humidity

You can determine where you might be able to conserve energy by checking the humidity levels in your home.

A humidity level of 30 to 40% is typically ideal for keeping your home warm and comfortable in the winter without leaving moisture on the windows, however every home is unique.

However, during the summer, the rate can reach 50% to 60%.

Maintaining A Perfect Temperature

In the summer, set your thermostat at 72 to 78 degrees. Additionally, the “AUTO” setting on your thermostat can periodically dehumidify and cool the air in your system.

In contrast, it’s preferable to set your thermostat at 68 degrees in the winter and lower it for trips or while you’re sleeping. This will enable your system to dehumidify and recalibrate while saving you up to 10% on your energy cost.

WiFi Thermostat Control

How To Modify The Carrier Furnace's Humidity

It eliminates the need to manually adjust the temperature every day and night. In order to account for seasonal climate fluctuations, you can set the thermostat so that it is warmer during the day and cooler at night.

You may connect some thermostats from the Infinity, Côr, and Comfort series to your computer or smartphone and control them remotely. With this option, you may adjust the heat or cooling to the setting you desire and make changes just before you arrive home.

Use the procedures listed below to configure Wi-fi on the thermostat:

  • Click the Thermostat MENU button.
  • When Wi-Fi is blinking, press SELECT.
  • Select by searching your local network connection.
  • Press the arrows repeatedly until the PASSWORD menu appears.
  • SELECT must be selected a second time before you can update your password.
  • Press the SELECT button to create the password you want.
  • Once you’ve finished configuring, press the START button.

Download the phone app suitable with your specific model if you want to manage, control, and monitor your Carrier thermostat.

The Advantages Of Maintaining A Healthy Temperature

A house with the right humidity level can offer a number of benefits.

Here are some advantages that your home can experience if you maintain an ideal temperature inside:

  • Virus and disease prevention Flu and the common cold can spread swiftly in dry air.
  • Keep the dust out: Pollen and dust mites can be kept out of the air by maintaining an ideal dry air level.
  • Increased humidity can aid in preventing the symptoms of dry, itchy skin.
  • Maintain furniture stability to stop it from warping and cracking.

Why Doesn’t My Humidifier Increase The Humidity?

How To Modify The Carrier Furnace's Humidity

If your unit’s humidity rating does not rise, one of the following problems may be at play:

  • The temperature within the building is too high.
  • The temperatures inside of you and outside are very different.
  • The location of the unit near a window, door, or air vent enhances air circulation.
  • Poor insulation in your home makes it take too long for the humidity level to reach the desired level.

By resolving this problem, you can make sure the humidifier operates efficiently and provides you with excellent comfort.

What Other Sorts Of Humidifiers Are There?

You can use three different types of humidifiers in your home.

These consist of:

  • Reservoir Humidifiers – Revolving foam pads or other similar materials are used in reservoir humidifiers to collect water from float-controlled reservoirs for evaporation.
  • Flow-Through Humidifiers – A plastic screen and a little amount of water are used in flow-through humidifiers, which constantly hydrate the air within the furnace while it runs.
  • Steam Humidifiers – Despite being the most expensive, this humidifier is also the most effective. Since it is made to produce steam heaters on its own, it also requires less maintenance.

How Much Time Does A Humidifier Need To Increase Humidity?

Most humidifiers take 10 to 15 minutes to warm up and start releasing moisture. The air in the room must be completely cleansed and kept in a comfortable state, which can take anywhere from 3 to 24 hours.

The capacity of the machine and the size of the space both play a role in recycling the entire area.

What Else Is A Carrier Furnace Adjustable?


One of the best things about Infinity carrier is how simple it is to change the lighting contrast so you can read and see the screen without difficulty. Additionally, you can disable the HEAT and COOL function lights.

To make changes, adhere to following instructions:

  • Activate the Infinity control door.
  • Press the ADVANCED menu button.
  • To enable the LIGHTNING menu to appear, select the RIGHT button.
  • To change the screen’s contrast, press the TIME (+/-) button.
  • Press the DONE button once you have finished setting up.
  • Infinity control door should be closed.

NOTE: Press (YES) to save your modifications and (NO) to revert to the default configuration.

Fan Velocity

You can adjust the fan speed to suit your needs thanks to the Infinity Control, which is one of its conveniences. To set the fan speed to LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH, or AUTO, press the FAN button.

This feature’s default configuration is set to OFF.

To disable the program and maintain the current interior temperature setting for the time being, press the HOLD button. To resume your pre-programmed comfort routine, press the HOLD button one more time.

Make sure the programming is set to display the HOLD menu.

Air Ventilator

Forcing stale air to leave your home and replacing it with outside fresh air, an air ventilator is great. You can adjust the air ventilation with this feature to one of four standard settings.

  • HIGH – Set the air ventilation to a HIGH setting to quickly eliminate unpleasant odours.
  • LOW – For continuous functioning in temperate locations with low humidity, choose this level.
  • AUTO – According to the chosen indoor humidity conditions, the air ventilator rate will be automatically changed.
  • DEHUM – The system will activate the fresh air ventilator if dehumidification is necessary.

Accessory Maintenance Indicator Reset

A humidifier pad, air filter, or UV lamp’s percentage utilized indicator will need to be manually adjusted after being changed or cleaned.

  • To open the ACCESSORY STATUS panel, tap and hold the LEFT key.
  • Pick the attachment you want to reset using the SCROLL button.
  • To successfully reset the selected attachment, press the RIGHT button.
  • To leave, simply use the LEFT button.

Keyboard Not Working

Locking the Infinity control buttons enables you to keep your settings as they are and prevents any unintentional alterations to them. Keyboard lock-out can only be initiated from the main screen.

To configure this, you must, however, carefully press the “•” and FAN buttons for a total of two seconds. As a result, when you successfully lock out the keyboard, a visual lock indicator will appear.

To unlock the control, press the “•” and FAN buttons at the same time for two seconds.


Now that you know how to change the humidity on your carrier furnace, you can also change the lighting, fan speed, air ventilation, and other essential settings that improve your home’s comfort and fresh air flow.

Additionally, you now know how to connect your thermostat to Wi-Fi. We hope that this useful information will enable you to configure your furnace’s functions in a way that gives you the comfort and enjoyment you desire.

How To Modify The Carrier Furnace's Humidity

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How To Modify The Carrier Furnace's Humidity

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