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It Takes Longer Than Normal For My Air Conditioner To Start, Why And How To Fix It?

It Takes Longer Than Normal For My Air Conditioner To Start, Why And How To Fix It?

Sometimes it is difficult to pinpoint the precise issue with an HVAC system. Do you know what to do if you’ve noticed that your air conditioner starts up slowly?

The most frequent cause of a delayed air conditioner is a power interruption at the thermostat that is connected to it. This could affect the effectiveness and frequency of AC activations given how much the AC depends on its thermostat.

Having said that, you should inspect your thermostat and have it fixed if necessary. A C-wire is typically installed.

As we begin, we’ll discuss everything relating to air conditioners, including how to fix yours. We can help, whether you’ve had this problem for a time or it’s just started.

Why Is My AC Unit Running So Slowly?

As we previously stated, the primary reason an AC unit starts slowly is a thermostat issue. This often happens when your thermostat isn’t getting enough power, delaying the start-up of the air conditioning.

Some experts also suggest that an old capacitor could be to blame for a delayed AC. The thermostat in the circuits of your air conditioner can eventually wear down, which could cause problems.

Fortunately, you can usually fix this by simply hiring an electrician to instal a C-wire, so there is no need to worry. If your thermostat has suffered more serious fire or moisture damage, you might need to replace it totally.

How Quickly Should The Air Conditioner Turn On?

It Takes Longer Than Normal For My Air Conditioner To Start, Why And How To Fix It?

An AC unit ought to start cooling straight away after changing the thermostat. Turning up the air will cause your system to shut down, though.

Because air conditioners frequently require a minute to begin following a power outage or reset, prepare to wait closer to 30 minutes.

Again, this should never go above 30 minutes, so if your air conditioner won’t kick on, the thermostat most likely needs to be checked.

How Can An Air Conditioner Be Fixed If It’s Delayed?

People who are encountering issues with a delayed AC can find remedies. Typically, you should instal an adaptor or a C-wire. In the event of a start-up power outage, as previously said, these will help restore power.

You should also check the lithium-ion battery if you have a more modern thermostat, such as the Nest. Even while Google Nest has more cutting-edge technology, its systems might eventually require a new battery.

A qualified electrician should also examine your system to make sure there isn’t a bigger underlying issue. Older systems have a tendency to deteriorate, which affects the other parts of your air conditioner.

Can I Change The Thermostat On The Air Conditioner By Myself?

It Takes Longer Than Normal For My Air Conditioner To Start, Why And How To Fix It?

You can undoubtedly fix a thermostat yourself if you are familiar with the replacement procedure. We only recommend executing this if you are experienced with electrical components and wiring; if you are doubtful of your ability, see an expert.

A thermostat repair can cost between $50 and $500, making it a reasonably priced task. However, it will take longer and cost more to fix the wiring if your system is older and needs it.

Additionally, modern thermostat systems with digital screens assert to be more affordable and easier to instal, so it may be something to consider.

How Can I Know If The Thermostat For My Air Conditioner Is Broken?

The first step in repairing or replacing an AC thermostat is figuring out the problem. Fortunately, a few warning signs will help you determine whether your thermostat needs to be fixed. These include:

  • Your thermostat isn’t operating or responding as it should.
  • Your air conditioner runs continuously and doesn’t shut off.
  • The thermostat is not set to the temperature in your room.

These are only a few straightforward problems, so it’s advisable to have a technician look over your system if you think there might be a problem. Because AC thermostats regularly malfunction over time, you should be able to identify the issue and solve it before it’s too late.

What Is The Normal Lifespan Of An AC Thermostat?

Typically, an air conditioner thermostat should last ten years. Each thermostat is unique, and its lifespan will vary based on the type, brand, and model you own.

When we have mentioned, it is common to have problems with your air conditioner as your thermostat gets older. This can entail an uneven start, ongoing operation, or even a complete shutdown.

According to Energy Savers, dust buildup, wiring issues, and rusting are the three most common signs of thermostat ageing. In other words, even if you take great care of your AC system, your thermostat will eventually fail.

On the other hand, you ought to be safeguarded if you have a warranty, which many air conditioning systems have.

How Frequent Should You Replace The AC Thermostat?

It should not be necessary to change an air conditioner’s thermostat more frequently than every 8 to 10 years.

As we previously explained, an AC thermostat typically lasts for ten years, so this schedule for replacement is appropriate.

The thermostat may need to be fixed if you notice problems with your air conditioner at an early stage. Defective sensors, digital screens, and even subpar wiring are some of the most frequent product defects.

You should make sure that these issues are fixed as soon as possible due to the possibility of greater energy use, higher power bills, and damage to your AC unit.

How Quickly Should A Home Be Cooled By An Air Conditioner?

It Takes Longer Than Normal For My Air Conditioner To Start, Why And How To Fix It?

An air conditioner should be able to chill a typical four-bedroom house by ten degrees Fahrenheit in three hours. Of course, this may vary significantly depending on the weather outside, the layout of your house, and the age of your AC system.

The size of an air conditioner has an impact on its speed as well. If your house is 2,000 square feet in size and you have a modestly sized unit, for example, the room should be able to cool down in a few hours.

On the other hand, you might have to wait a lot longer if you have a large house and a medium-sized air conditioner.

HVAC experts will offer size suggestions for the air conditioning system when you buy or build a home, though.

How Long Does It Take To Cool A House From 80 To 75 Degrees?

Your air conditioner should be able to drop the temperature from 80 to 75 degrees in 4-6 hours if it’s hot outside and you need to cool off quickly. As we previously mentioned, the size, kind, and brand of your air conditioner can influence how cool it is all day.

In general, it’s better to keep your home at a constant temperature rather than waiting until it gets uncomfortable hot.

Why Does My AC Keep Running?

If your air conditioner won’t turn off, a number of things can be to blame. The evaporator coils in your system need to be inspected first. If they are frozen, this will explain why your AC won’t shut off.

Next, an AC system may continue to run if the air filter is unclean or clogged. You fix this, be sure to replace your current filter with a brand-new, clean one. This should solve the problem.

Another cause of continual running is a damaged electrical relay switch. You’ll need to consult an expert to solve this, so keep that in mind. This could be caused by a number of things, including a malfunctioning thermostat.


Whether you have purchased a new air conditioning system or have an older one, it is vital to understand how it works. Our research revealed that a delayed system could be a sign of a broken thermostat.

In order to fix this, confirm that your thermostat is correctly wired and that all of its parts are functional. A delayed air conditioner could mean that your unit is clogged or dirty, so give it a comprehensive inspection.

Nevertheless, don’t wait to schedule a consultation with an HVAC professional if you suspect there may be an issue with your air conditioner. Once again, unless you are absolutely certain about the wiring, avoid repairing your thermostat.

It Takes Longer Than Normal For My Air Conditioner To Start, Why And How To Fix It?

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