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Simple Steps To Take If The Air Filter Falls Into the Furnace

Simple Steps To Take If The Air Filter Falls Into the Furnace

An air filter is necessary for every furnace in a home because it acts as a barrier to keep dirt from entering the furnace. Your air filter could, however, fall into the furnace. If this occurs to you at home, you should take the following action.

The air filter for the furnace needs to be taken out as soon as feasible. Therefore:

  • Before a fire starts, immediately turn off the furnace.
  • If the air filter is near or on the surface of the furnace, open the access covers to remove it.
  • If the filter is inside the ductwork, get expert help.
  • Obtain a new air filter and replace the old one.

If you don’t fix an air filter in the furnace before it’s too late, damage to the system could result. Read on for instructions on what to do if an air filter accidentally falls into the furnace.

How to Handle a Falling Air Filter in a Furnace

Not changing the home’s air filter on a regular basis runs the danger of causing furnace damage. It implies that the system will be entirely destroyed by the extra heat. It might cost almost as much to replace the complete system.

  1. Turn The Furnace Off
    One of the most common places where fires start is in furnaces. When the air filter is unclean, airflow is hampered. It might drop into the furnace if it gets too congested.In this state, there may be a fire danger due to major damage to the furnace and your home.
  1. Activate The furnace
    Before removing the air filter from the furnace, remove the access covers from the container. If the air filter is nearby or on the surface, you can remove it. However, it is still suggested to get professional assistance first because doing so is dangerous.
  1. Get Professional Assistance
    There could be a mold issue with the duct system. Dusty ducts will require professional cleaning services. Breathing becomes more difficult and exacerbates allergies and sneezing when dust is blown back into the air.
  1. Change The Filter
    Your furnace’s air filter has to be checked and changed. If you have allergies or have dogs in your house, you might want to change the filter more frequently.

The causes Of Air Filters Falling Into Furnaces

The following are typical causes of air filters getting into the furnace:


Simple Steps To Take If The Air Filter Falls Into the Furnace

The load on the blower fan could cause a badly clogged air filter to fail. The air filter can then fall into the furnace as a result of that. The motor can sustain severe damage as a result, necessitating rapid professional repair.

Filters For Thin Air

It is possible for a flimsy, inexpensive air filter to be sucked into the furnace, especially if the filter becomes blocked.

Instead of the more sensitive fiberglass filters, it is best to utilize premium, durable polyester filters. Although it could be more expensive, you won’t need to buy or replace air filters as frequently.

Incorrect Installation

Additionally, a backwards-installed air filter could tumble into the furnace. Read the directions completely and correctly before installing the air filter. Verify that the filter is also precisely positioned in its slot.

When it comes time for routine maintenance, consult a specialist with any queries you may have regarding the filter.

Benefits Of Changing Air Filters Frequently

Simple Steps To Take If The Air Filter Falls Into the Furnace

The furnace must have regular upkeep and air filter replacements in order to operate well. It’s challenging to remove dust and debris that eventually accumulate on the air filter. Change the air filters frequently for your own advantage.

Here are some advantages it can give you and your house.

To ensure that the air inside your home is cleaner, healthier, and fresher, it is essential to change the air filter in the furnace.

Everyone benefits from cleaner air, but children and the elderly especially. Cleaner indoor air is good for your health and can help you sleep better at night.

If you have a large family, pets, and the air in your home seems dusty, you should change your air filter more frequently. You wouldn’t want to spend your life breathing in those particles or putting your family’s security at jeopardy.

Last but not least, routine air filter replacement can extend the system’s lifespan and reduce maintenance needs. Your energy bills will cost less money as a result. If you encounter discomforts like an itching nose or breathing difficulties, think about installing a home filtering system.

Signs To Look For If The Air Filter Is Working Correctly

These many symptoms on your air filter indicate that it needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Rising Energy Costs

An abrupt rise in your monthly electricity costs is another indication that your filter isn’t working. A clogged filter restricts airflow, forcing the system to work harder and using more energy to move air around your home.

Low Airflow

A clogged filter can only let in less air at a time. Less air will be moved as a result.

Methods For Changing The Air Filter

Simple Steps To Take If The Air Filter Falls Into the Furnace

You can quickly and easily change your air filter by following these simple steps, which will save your energy expenditures and keep your air clean and fresh.

  1. Select the Correct Size
    Make sure the old air filters fit well, there are no gaps, and the filter is not bent before purchasing new air filters for a new home. If you can’t locate the appropriate nominal size, get a bespoke air filter size to ensure a good fit.
  2. Turn Off The Power Source
    Near a furnace is normally where you’ll find the power switch. Make sure this switch is in the off position before continue. If a switch is not visible, turn off the electricity at your fuse box to avoid any harm.
  3. Take Out The Previous Air Filter
    Typically, a slotted ventilation cover hides the air filters in the furnace. Some covers simply pop off, while others need to be secured with a few screws. Remove the cover with care, then set it aside.
  4. Throw Away The Old Filter
    The old filter will include dirt particles, therefore it’s crucial to have a garbage bag on hand and get rid of the old filter as soon as you can.
  5. Place A New Filter In
    Make sure that any directional arrows on the new object point in the appropriate direction before carefully placing it in the available space.
  6. Change the Cover
    To improve air quality, safeguard the system, and save electrical costs, pop or screw the cover back.

The 3 Most Recommended Air Filters

Filters Allergy by AIRx
The performance of your home’s system is ensured by this air filter, leading to optimal heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. It is made of high-quality replacement material for an air filter.

Filtrete Air Filter for AC Furnace
It outperforms fiberglass and is non-electrostatic, washable, and durable. Its unique shape can trap undesired airborne particles while allowing cleaner air to pass through.

MERV 13 Air Filter by BNX
It is an electrostatically charged filter medium with the lowest air flow resistance in the industry. It has the highest level of filtration while keeping the best low air flow resistance.

Can I Get Sick From A Dirty Air Filter?

It can, really. As a result, you can experience headaches, itchy eyes, or a sore throat right away. If you continue to use that air filter and the issues persist, it could have detrimental long-term repercussions. They may cause cancer, respiratory issues, and even cardiac issues, according to experts.

Is It Acceptable To Run A Furnace Without An Air Filter?

No, it is not permitted since it performs a vital function in the furnace. The furnace should constantly have a clean filter to maintain proper operation.

Why Doesn’t It Get Warm Even When The Furnace Is Running?

Filters that are unclean are the most common reason for furnace problems. Dust and dirt obstruct airflow.

When the filter is severely blocked, the heat exchanger overheats and abruptly turns off. If the blower is running but no heat is going out, change the filter.

Final Thoughts

Since you now know what to do in the event that an air filter becomes stuck in your furnace, you don’t need to be concerned as long as you can react quickly.

To make sure that everything is completed correctly, you can also enlist the assistance of a professional. The furnace itself, as well as the air filter, require routine maintenance to keep everything operating smoothly.

Simple Steps To Take If The Air Filter Falls Into the Furnace

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