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Honeywell Air Purifier: Why Does It Say Check Pre-Filter And How To Respond?

Honeywell Air Purifier: Why Does It Say Check Pre-Filter And How To Respond?

Air purifiers such as Honeywell air purifiers help reduce unwanted odors and enhance the airflow inside the house. Yet, sometimes, it can be frustrating when the device starts to exhibit faults. Don’t know what to do when the “Check Pre-Filter” mode on your Honeywell air purifier is activated? This post will cover your needs.

When the pre-filter is already clogged with dirt and needs to be replaced, the “Check Pre-Filter” light on your Honeywell air purifier will turn on. When the light stops flashing, you can replace the pre-filter and then click the “Check Pre-Filter” button for two seconds. After that, your air purifier should start operating normally again.

When your air purifier keeps displaying error messages, it might be daunting. We will go into more detail about this subject at the end of the essay if you’re curious about how to stop the error lights from blinking.

What Should I Do If My Honeywell Air Purifier Says To Check The Pre-Filter?

Honeywell Air Purifier: Why Does It Say Check Pre-Filter And How To Respond?

A Honeywell air purifier aids in improving indoor airflow. It can purify the air in spaces up to 465 square feet. amp space in feet Due to its three-stage air filtering system, Honeywell maker also asserted that it could eliminate up to 99.97% of microscopic air particles as small as 0.3 microns.

This improves and purifies the air in the home, however the air purifier will struggle if the device’s pre-filter is blocked with debris. That Honeywell air purifiers include built-in indicators that let you know when your pre-filter and filter need to be changed is a good thing.

You can determine which filter needs to be changed by looking at the “Check Filter” and “Check Pre-Filter” lights on the left portion of the device’s top. If not, the error message won’t appear until the filthy filter is replaced.

However, there are times when the pre-filter has previously been changed but the error light is still blinking. All you need to do to fix this is reset the pre-filter.

After adjusting the pre-filter, click the “Check Pre-Filter” button and keep it down for two seconds until the light stops flashing. This will reset the pre-filter light. Users can utilize this feature to determine when the pre-filter is fully clogged with dust and other air contaminants.

When And How Should You Change The Pre-Filter In Your Honeywell Air Purifier?

Honeywell Air Purifier: Why Does It Say Check Pre-Filter And How To Respond?

A Honeywell air purifier’s pre-filter is used to get rid of smells and smoke. Contrary to the HEPA filter, which may last up to three years depending on how frequently you use the air purifier, the carbon pre-filter should be changed at least once every three months.

The motor of the air purifier will need more energy to operate when the pre-filter is already blocked with dirt and larger debris of air pollutants since the blockages prevent proper air controls.

You can check your air filter on a weekly basis to make sure the pre-filter is in excellent shape, or you can look at the pre-filter light on your device to determine whether you need to replace the pre-filter.

The following is a straightforward method you can use if you have no idea how to replace the pre-filter on your own.

  1. To prevent electrical dangers, switch the device off and unplug it.
  2. On the air purifier’s front, remove the grill. To achieve this, push and hold the upper right corners firmly until you hear a click.
  3. Away with the pre-filter. The black rectangular filter in front of the main HEPA filter is the pre-filter.
  4. To keep the new carbon pre-filter in place, insert it into the tabs.
  5. Reposition the grills and turn the appliance on.
  6. By holding down the “Check Pre-Filter” button for two seconds after the light stops flashing, you can reset the pre-filter light.

Can A Honeywell Air Purifier Filter Be Washed?

The HEPA filter may be cleaned twice a year with a vacuum, however Honeywell does not advise reusing the carbon pre-filter if you want it to keep filtering odor and smoke.

After three months of use, the carbon pre-filter will no longer be effective in removing odor and smoke. It can still filter observable airborne debris. Although some filters can be washed, doing so may enlarge the pores, making it more difficult for the filter to capture airborne contaminants.

Why Should Your Air Purifier Have A Pre-Filter?

Honeywell Air Purifier: Why Does It Say Check Pre-Filter And How To Respond?

Keep in mind that your air purifier’s carbon pre-filter serves as its first line of defense. It collects observable particles, like dust. Because of its tiny mesh, the main HEPA filter is quickly clogged by larger air contaminants. Because of this, the air is first filtered by the carbon pre-filter before going through the primary filter.

Additionally, because it prevents larger particles from entering the primary HEPA filter, the pre-filter prolongs the life of the HEPA filter. Volatile organic molecules can also be neutralized using carbon pre-filters. These are the kinds of gases that harm the body when ingested.

Pre-filters are less expensive than the primary HEPA filters while having a shorter lifespan than the latter. This is because pre-filters are made of less expensive materials.

Is It Possible To Run My Air Purifier All Day?

You can, indeed. Air purifiers are intended to keep pollutants out of the space’s air.

On the other hand, leaving your air purifier running all day will use more electricity. Additionally, if you do this, you might need to change or clean your filters more frequently.

You can limit noise production by setting an air purifier to its lowest level when using it continuously.

The light indicators on Honeywell air purifiers let you know when the filters need to be changed already. On the left side of the top of your Honeywell air purifier are these LED indicators.

Can An Air Purifier Aid In Room Cooling?

Since their components are made to produce cleaner air within the space by drawing the air and filtering it before cycling it back into the space, air purifiers are generally not meant to lower the temperature in a room.

However, if the air purifier’s fan is aimed directly at you, you might believe that it lowers the temperature. Because air purifiers use fans to help circulate the air while filtering it, you are feeling this sensation. Some air filters pull air downward from the ceiling. It is wise to keep these air purifiers on during the winter for this reason.

On the other hand, there are air purifiers that can be used during the summer even though they aren’t meant to change the temperature. It only moves the air around while filtering it.

Is It Possible To Use The Air Purifier While Sleeping?

Leaving it on at night can improve your quality of sleep because it controls fresher air. According to research, air purifiers can enhance the quality of your sleep by circulating the air in the room more effectively and cleanly.

Pollutants that can irritate the lungs, nose, and eyes are removed by purifiers. By removing pollutants from your breathing zones, this calms the body when you’re trying to sleep.

Additionally, air purifiers don’t make as much noise as air conditioners do, making it less likely that they will interfere with a restful night’s sleep.

Final Thoughts

Because of their advantages to health, air purifiers are becoming more and more important in modern society. Always keep an eye on the filter and pre-filter lights on your Honeywell air purifiers. Pre-filter upkeep will improve the quality of the air in the area. It will also extend the life of your gadget.

Additionally, we must make sure we are breathing clean air that is free of dangerous pollutants. One approach to achieve this is to take care of your air purifier by paying attention to its filters.

Honeywell Air Purifier: Why Does It Say Check Pre-Filter And How To Respond?

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