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Quick And Easy Steps In Cleaning A Tower Fan

Quick And Easy Steps In Cleaning A Tower Fan

You cannot stop dust and debris from settling on your tower fan. When they operate, that is to be expected. You can at most routinely clean it. But how can a tower fan be cleaned? You will find the solutions we found after a comprehensive investigation for the top tower fan cleaning techniques in this page.

In order to clean a tower fan’s exterior, you must:

  1. Unplug and turn off the tower fan
  2. Clean the tower fan’s grill.
  3. Pump some forceful air into the vent
  4. Connect the tower fan, then turn it on.

The interior of the tower fan must be cleaned by:

  1. Shut off the fan.
  2. All of the screws holding the tower fan’s casing should be removed.
  3. The casing halves should be separated using a screwdriver.
  4. Remove the tower’s front panel.
  5. Compress air and blow it into the fan blade.
  6. Using a vacuum brush, clear the fan blades of any dust.
  7. Vacuum all the loose dust.
  8. Apply WD-40 to the tower fan’s bearings.
  9. Reassemble the tower fan’s parts, then test it.

If you want to learn more about the thorough cleaning procedure for tower fans and how frequently you should do it, continue reading.

Cleaning A Tower Fan

Quick And Easy Steps In Cleaning A Tower Fan

Tower fans don’t require much labor to clean. The cleaning method is simple, in our opinion. Tower fans’ low maintenance requirements are also a plus.

Exterior Tower Fan Cleaning

Quick And Easy Steps In Cleaning A Tower Fan

To properly clean the outside of your tower fan, follow the instructions listed below.

1. Turn The Tower Fan Off And Remove It From The Outlet

Before beginning to clean the tower fan, it is essential to turn it off and disconnect it. Accidents will be avoided if this is done. Additionally, it will prevent dust from penetrating the parts of the gadget deeper.

2. Clean The Tower Fan’s Grill

You will need a dust brush or vacuum brush attachment to complete this step.

All of the dust and debris buildup on the tower fan’s exterior must be removed.

The vents where air enters and departs during operation require greater care. To prevent scratching the tower fan’s case, it would also be advisable to use the vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment. As much as you can, remove the dust and debris.

If you don’t have a vacuum brush attachment, use a microfiber duster or dust brush, or any brush with soft bristles.

3. Blow Compressed Air Into The Vent

Compressed air needs to be blown into the vent. Its goal is to get rid of all the dust already there. Direct the canister nozzle into the vent and slide it steadily along the vent as it releases air. Complete the vent by doing this.

4. Plug In The Tower Fan And Turn It On

After completing the aforementioned three processes, turning on the tower fan will enable the fan to remove all of the remaining dust. It is advised that you let the fan run for a while. Before attempting to turn on the tower fan, you must check to make sure nothing is in the vent.

Additionally, we advise leaving your tower fan run while using your vacuum cleaner. You can pick up the dust and debris after cleaning your tower fan by doing this.

Additionally, it will keep dust from overtaking your house.

Nevertheless, we strongly advise cleaning the tower fan outside.

Interior Tower Fan Cleaning

Quick And Easy Steps In Cleaning A Tower Fan

Please follow the instructions below to clean the inside of your tower fan.

1. Take The Fan Out Of The Outlet

Always turn the gadget off, as was already explained above. To prevent accidents, you must also unplug it from the outlet.

2. Remove Each And Every Screw Holding The Casing Of The Tower Fan

You might need to use a Philips screwdriver for this step. Two to four screws are commonly located above the vents on tower fans. The brand and type of your tower fan will determine how many screws you need.

3. Casing Halves Should Be Separated With A Screwdriver

To start, make an effort to separate the sections using your fingertips. To do that, take hold of the case’s top portion with one hand and drag the front panel in your direction with the other. Additionally, you should put a flat-head screwdriver into the space between the panels. Finally, separate the panels with the screwdriver as you descend to the base of the tower.

Some tower fans also connect the front and back ends with a top panel. Pry up the top panel first to make it easier to remove the panels.

4. Remove The Tower’s Front Panel

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t pull the panels out right away after you’ve finished separating them. They are connected with plastic tabs, which are quite simple to crack. It would therefore be better if you merely lightly lift the front panel. Then discard the other panels.

You must be aware that it will be more difficult to reinstall the panels after breaking the tabs. Work carefully and gently, if at all possible.

5. Inject The Fan Blade With Compressed Air

The fan blade must be sprayed with compressed air in the fifth stage. It is done to remove the accumulated debris. Put the nozzle of the canister close to the top of the tower fan’s blades.

Additionally, you can do this step without removing the fan blades. Last but not least, to make things simpler, it would be better to place the fan down on a flat surface. However, if your tower fan has a stand attachment, you might want to temporarily detach it so you can lay the fan down properly.

6. Using A Vacuum Brush, Clear The Fan Blades Of Any Dust

You’ll need a vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment for this stage, so look for it. This is what we believe to be the most effective method for cleaning the fan blades of dust. Make sure to correctly brush the fan blades’ cylindrical column. And spin it till you have reached all sides.

The tower fan housing should then be cleaned of any remaining dust.

However, you can choose to use a dust brush, microfiber cloth, or dust brush if you don’t have a vacuum brush.

7. All The Loose Dust With A Vacuum

As you clean, we advise keeping the hose attachment close by. While cleaning the interior of the tower, you can use it.

To ensure that all the loose dust and debris from the fan blades you are working on are picked up, if at all possible, switch on the hose attachment while brushing. If you’re unable to hold the hose by yourself, you can also ask someone to do it for you.

8. Apply WD-40 To The Tower Fan’s Bearings

You must search for the fan blades column’s black or silver rings in this stage. In most cases, you may find them directly above the blades. Additionally, they are in the metal plate that holds the tower fan’s blades to the case. Directly on the ends of each bearing, mist a few drops of lubrication.

Your tower fan’s bearings are primarily to blame if you discover that it is noisy. It must be regularly checked to see if it is properly greased.

9. Reassemble The Tower Fan’s Components And Give It A Test

The tower fan needs to be put back together after you’re done cleaning it. You must also make sure that everything is correctly placed in its original locations. Replace the tower fan’s case after locking the screws you previously removed. In order to test it, plug it in and let it run for a while.

How Frequently Should A Tower Fan Be Cleaned?

You must correctly maintain your tower fan if you want to get the most use out of it. You must clean it at least twice a month in order to accomplish that.

Cleaning your tower fan guarantees that it is clear of dust and grime, extends its longevity, and protects the health and safety of your family.

However, if your neighborhood has a lot of dust, we advise cleaning it twice a week. Make sure you’ll regularly clean your tower fan. Because if you do, you should anticipate blockage and equipment damage.


Tower fans may quickly gather debris, pet hair, dirt, and dust. And accumulating those is unavoidable, especially if you often use your tower fan. But since cleaning it is so simple—you just need to follow the instructions we provided above—you don’t need to worry about that.

Quick And Easy Steps In Cleaning A Tower Fan

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