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Dyson Fan Has F Showing Three Bars: Why And How To Fix It?

Dyson Fan Has F Showing Three Bars: Why And How To Fix It?

You can stay comfy at home with a Dyson fan. However, the gadget can let you know if there’s a problem. There is no need to be alarmed if it shows F with 3 bars. To know the correct solution, you must understand what the error indicates.

A Dyson fan’s fault code of F with three bars indicates that the HEPA filter needs to be changed. Since the filters cannot be washed, the fan will alert you when they need to be changed. You ought to restart the filter indication light after changing the filter.

A Dyson fan’s HEPA filters have a finite lifespan, and replacement is necessary to maintain proper operation. You should take action as quickly as you can to fix the problem after seeing the error. If the Dyson fan displays the error F with 3 bars, read on to discover the reasons and fixes.

What Does The Dyson Fan’s F With Three Bars Mean?

Dyson Fan Has F Showing Three Bars: Why And How To Fix It?

Your Dyson fan will notify you to change the HEPA filter if it displays F with three bars. On the device’s front bottom, the fan will display an error code. Unless you reset the filter light indicator after replacement, the mistake remains illuminated.

If the filter needs to be changed, Dyson notifies you through the app in addition to displaying the error on the device. The app will also provide instructions on where to purchase the filter and how to replace it. Just install the Dyson Link app on your phone. If both WiFi and Bluetooth are enabled, connecting to the app is simple.

A 360o glass HEPA filter is necessary for Dyson fans. The company designed the filters with a layer of activated carbon and pleated borosilicate microfibers. Their sealed HEPA filter successfully filters out 99.97% of the small airborne particles, including viruses and allergies.

How Frequently Should The Dyson Air Filter Be Changed?

Every 12 months, a Dyson fan’s HEPA filter needs to be replaced. Depending on the climate where you utilize the fan, regular replacements may be necessary. The filter life is shortened if the fan is installed in the kitchen or next to an open flame.

The filter’s lifespan for 12-hour days is about 4,000 hours. If you don’t change the filter, it will gather contaminants and the room will begin to smell terrible.

Additionally, Dyson guarantees the filters will be free of flaws for the same time frame. The Dyson tower, workstation, and personal fans are all compatible with this replacement part. Only purchase genuine Dyson filters when selecting the appropriate fan model.

Keep these suggestions in mind before purchasing the filter:

  • Find the model number of your Dyson fan
  • Buy only from Dyson-approved merchants
  • To save money, if possible, buy filter sets

How Do I Change A Dyson Fan’s Filter?

Dyson Fan Has F Showing Three Bars: Why And How To Fix It?

Replace your Dyson fan’s filter after acquiring the proper one. You don’t have to send the device to the repair shop. The procedure is simple, but to ensure that the filter performs as expected, you should carefully adhere to the directions in the product handbook.

To replace the filter, follow these steps:

  1. The fan should be turned off and unplugged from the outlet.
  2. At the machine’s flanks, depress both catches. Lift the filter housing slightly away from the main body.
  3. To remove the filter, locate the tabs on the housing’s sides and push them. After removal, carefully dispose of the old filter.
  4. Remove the replacement filter from its packing with care.
  5. Put the fresh filter in the housing.
  6. Reposition the filter housing until it clicks into place on the fan’s main body.
  7. Open the machine’s sensor hatch in the back. You can clean the inside using a cotton bud. Once finished, close it.
  8. Connect the wire, then switch on the fan.
  9. Reset the filter light’s indicator.

Cleaning the hatch is required every time the filter needs to be changed. The accuracy of the sensor is maintained by doing this. It must be kept tidy if the air quality monitoring is to continue.

The third step is essential before you can utilize the fan to its fullest.

How Is The Filter Light Reset On A Dyson Fan?

Dyson Fan Has F Showing Three Bars: Why And How To Fix It?

A Dyson fan won’t quickly turn off the filter light indicator after changing filters. In that case, the fan filter light needs to be reset. There are two options available to you.

Remote Reset With Manual

Press and hold the standby On/Off button on the remote control for 6 seconds while the device is on to manually reset it.

Using The Dyson App To Reset

You may also reset using the Dyson app, which is simple to do.

Here are the steps:

  1. On the app, choose “Filter Management.”
  2. Next, select “Reset” from the menu.

You can decide which approach to use. Repeat the reset procedure until the error stops flashing if it does. You can take the unit to the service facility to be looked at if the remedy does not work.

How Much Does A Dyson Fan Filter Cost?

Your Dyson fan’s filter should be changed every 12 months or less. If you wish to utilize the fan for several more years, you should set aside money for a replacement filter. The 360o glass HEPA filter costs $69.99 on Amazon.

Check the model of your Dyson fan as a guide before you buy the filter.

You can purchase a compatible filter from a retailer online or in-person, but it is recommended that you do so through Dyson to guarantee quality and take advantage of any warranties. Bring the appliance to a Dyson service center to have it inspected if you are unsure of the precise filter needed.

Can A Dyson Fan Filter Be Cleaned?

Even though the fan filter doesn’t require routine maintenance, cleaning can greatly improve the product’s functionality and the airflow in your home.

The fan’s performance can be maintained at its peak by regularly cleaning the filter. On the filter, debris and other gross things like hair and bug pieces collect. Also, the allergens and viruses in the filter constitute a health danger for the family. Therefore, regular filter cleaning is essential.

The procedure for cleaning filters is as follows:

  1. Turn off the device. It is necessary to unplug the electrical cord from the outlet.
  2. The fan’s filter should be eliminated by removing it out of its housing.
  3. To clean the filter, use cold water.
  4. After rinsing the filter under running water, the water should be carefully squeezed. Continually filter the water until it becomes completely clear.
  5. Allow the filter to dry for at least 24 hours in a warm location.
  6. The filter is replaced once the housing has been replaced with the main body assembly.

Here are some cleaning suggestions:

  • Do not use detergent to clean the filter.
  • To clean the filter, neither a washing machine nor a dishwasher should be used.
  • The filter shouldn’t be dried over an open flame, in a microwave, or with a tumble dryer.

Cleaning the filter may not increase its useful life, but it does ensure that clean air is circulated effectively throughout your house.

Wrapping Up

You must change the filter if your Dyson fan displays a F with three bars. The glass HEPA filter in Dyson fans needs to be changed once every 12 months. Although changing the filter is simple, don’t forget to reset the filter light indicator on the machine. By depressing the standby On/Off button or using the Dyson app, you can manually reset the appliance.

Throughout its useful life, you should clean the filter in addition to replacing it. Although cleaning doesn’t always increase the filter’s lifespan, it does maintain the fan functioning properly.

Dyson Fan Has F Showing Three Bars: Why And How To Fix It?

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