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No Air Filter In My Home, Why And How To Fix It?

No Air Filter In My Home, Why And How To Fix It?

Every home with an air conditioner really must have an air filter. Is it conceivable that you have an air conditioner but no air filter in your house? This post was created by us to guide you in the right direction.

Because you utilize a heating system like a boiler, your home might not have an air filter. However, if you have an HVAC system, you almost certainly have an air filter, albeit you might not be aware of its location.

It can be found most likely in the following places:

  • Location where the air handler and the air duct meet.
  • Return Air Vent

Where Is Your Home’s Air Filter?

No Air Filter In My Home, Why And How To Fix It?

You probably have an air filter if you use an air conditioner to heat or cool your home.

Although you can run your air conditioner without a filter, HVAC professionals advise that you do. Otherwise, you risk having to pay a lot for repairs.

If you recently moved into a new house or apartment, you might not be able to locate the air filter. You must find it, though, because you will have to clean or replace it.

Whatever the cause, you should make plans to install an air filter as soon as feasible.

Location Where The Air Handler And The Air Duct Meet

First of all, the typical locations for HVAC units are the attic, basement, or back of a closet. Additionally, large residences could have many HVAC systems.

The air filter can be found in the air handler or adjacent to the furnace when you are looking for it.

The filter is typically hidden beneath a cover, like the one below, which is either hinged or removable. You can see the air filter when you open it.

You should check the next HVAC unit till you locate one if you live in a big house and have examined one and it doesn’t have an air filter.

These pieces could be standing vertically or horizontally.

Return Air Vent

Some HVAC systems are put in places that are challenging to get to. The return vent in your home is where you should next look for the air filter.

Air filters may be found in the unit and the return vent of a big residence. Look for the return vent as well, even if you located it in your air handler or adjacent to the furnace.

A return air vent is either a rectangle or a huge square, significantly bigger than a conventional air vent. The vent is located on a wall or ceiling.

By unscrewing the cover, you may access the filter. If the cover was secured by a tab, you may also use a flat head screwdriver to pry it apart.

Does Your Home Need An Air Filter?

As long as the air conditioning system operates without any problems, everyone is comfortable. Do you actually require an air filter, then?

Several factors make an air filter necessary:

Fresh Air

By capturing dust, trash, and other airborne particles, an air filter purifies the air before it reaches your home. The air is clean when it reaches your room.

Without a filter, the air quality deteriorates, making allergies or respiratory issues worse. You can get a good night’s sleep every night by breathing clean air.

If you only have an air purifier and no air filter, the purifier will have to work more difficult to maintain clean air.

Elimination Of Dust

Dust cannot be stopped from entering your home, but an air filter can help to reduce its entry. As was mentioned in the paragraph before, it makes dusting your home easier and maintains clean air.

In order to prevent a considerable quantity of dust from entering your home, experts advise a MERV rating of 8. Your protection from smaller dust, dirt, and particles will increase with a higher MERV.

Health Improvement And Allergy Relief

Better health is a result of clean air.

As we just discussed, dust and other particles are absent from pure air. You have a lower likelihood of having respiratory problems. Even allergies can be avoided.

HVAC System Has A Longer Life

Everyone wants their air conditioning systems to function properly for a very long time. This is where an air filter can be useful.

The most crucial components of your system may start to malfunction gradually if dust accumulates there. The coil, motor, fan blade, ductwork, and vents are some of these components.

Minimizes Condensation

The buildup of moisture will occur without a filter. Your AC system’s condensation drain is unable to remove moisture.

When this occurs, there may be an increase in moisture, which may lead to the growth of mold and mildew, which can have negative health effects.

Low Costs Of Maintenance

Dust buildup can hinder the effectiveness of your machine and is prevented by an air filter. As a result, you might need to have the unit repaired more frequently, which will cost more money.

How to Care for Your Air Filter so It Lasts Longer

Air filters are crucial, as was previously said. They prevent airborne dust and debris from entering your home. They do become blocked and need to be cleaned frequently.

Do not let your air filters become blocked. This is so that the air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to push air through clogged filters. Your AC’s lifespan will be shortened and it will use more energy as a result.

You also need an air filter that is in good operating order if you want your AC unit to last longer. The following are some suggestions for maintaining your air filter:

Keep Your Air Filters Clean

No Air Filter In My Home, Why And How To Fix It?

Once or twice a month, you can clean your filters like the ones mentioned above. Turn off your air conditioner before you start. Remove the filters with care by opening the cover. Start by using a handheld vacuum cleaner to vacuum.

Next, combine one part water and one part vinegar. Fill a large sink or bucket large enough to hold your filter with the mixture.

Put the filter in this mixture and let it sit for an hour. If there is too much dirt, soak it for at least two hours before removing it and letting it dry.

As an alternative, you might combine a small amount of water with a drop of dishwashing detergent. Spend 15 minutes soaking your filter in this soapy water.

Spray it with a watering hose to rinse it. Also acceptable is a shower hose. Use a pressured hose sparingly since it could rip or harm your filter. Place the filter back after it has dried.

Change That Filter

No Air Filter In My Home, Why And How To Fix It?

Replace the soiled filter with a fresh, clean one if your air conditioner uses disposable filters that are often encased in cardboard. Purchase the right filter from your neighborhood hardware store after measuring the size.

Wrapping Up

Because you utilize a heating system like a boiler, your home might not have an air filter.

If you don’t already have one in your home, try to install one because an air filter and an air conditioner go hand in hand.

If you are unsure of the location of the air filter, start searching until you find it—or, if there are multiple ones, all of them.

The main advantage of an air filter is that it makes it possible for you to breathe in clean air. If your air conditioning unit doesn’t have an air filter, the results could be disastrous.

Remember that keeping your air filter clean is just as important as keeping your air conditioner in good working order.

No Air Filter In My Home, Why And How To Fix It?

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