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American Standard vs. Rheem: Which Is Better?

American Standard vs. Rheem: Which Is Better?

There are many trustworthy and upscale HVAC brands available today. There are undoubtedly Rheem and American Standard among them. Don’t skip this page if you’re considering buying a Rheem and American Standard HVAC system!

Both Rheem and American Standard are well-known international brands that make superior HVAC products. But Rheem offers their goods at a price that might fit into your budget. Although American Standard items are expensive, they are packed with features that are ideal for your house.

As far as we are aware, these companies also operate in a number of other commercial sectors outside HVAC. We narrow our attention to just the HVAC items from both brands in this discussion.

Rheem And American Standard: An Overview

Without a doubt, Rheem enjoys a positive reputation throughout a wide range of industries, particularly the HVAC sector. In Emeryville, California, in 1925, brothers Richard and Donald Rheem launch the corporation. Despite producing a wide range of goods during the course of its almost 100-year history.

Currently, Rheem is the only manufacturer in the world of industrial refrigeration products, water heaters, pool and spa heaters, and HVAC appliances. It is also North America’s top producer of water heating equipment.

American Standard, meanwhile, is a well-known brand in many sectors, including the HVAC industry. In 1929, Standard Sanitary Manufacturing and the American Radiator Company combined.

As a result of their collaboration, the two companies established the American Radiator and Standard Sanitary Corporation. After several fruitful decades, the business changed its name to American Standard Corporation in 1967.

Rheem And American Standard: Quality

Nothing compares to Rheem’s unwavering dedication to providing you with the highest-quality air conditioner products. In fact, Forbes names Rheem as the top brand of air conditioners for 2022 in their most recent survey. Additionally, they have Energy Star certification for all of their HVAC products.

American Standard, in contrast, also passes the US standard for quality and receives the Enerty Star designation. This is a genuinely encouraging sign when thinking about purchasing your HVAC appliance. Additionally, the wonderful features of their high-performance air conditioners were specifically created for your comfort.

The Best HVAC Options From Both Brands

To successfully provide you with comfort in both the winter and summer, Rheem equipped their tiny split air conditioner with heat pump technology. Additionally, thanks to their new EcoNet® Smart Thermostat features, managing your thermal needs is now simple.

This streamlines monitoring and properly controls the Wi-Fi temperature demand in your house. Additionally, with this function, you may use the Smart Thermostat to give voice commands to your HVAC system.

In order to make your home comfortable, American Standard uses cutting-edge technology while producing their HVAC systems. It has a Comfort-RTM in its heating and cooling system to quickly lower the humidity in your house.

Knowing that it can withstand even the worst climatic conditions it may encounter is a positive point.

Comparison Of Noise Levels

You don’t want to spend the entire night being traumatized by the air conditioner’s obnoxious noise, right? To ensure the quietest possible environment for your pleasant period, we have included this in your selection.

Rheem is not only regarded as one of the best AC brands this year, but it also operates quietly. Their product line has an excellent decibel rating, ranging from 55 to 72.

American Standard, on the other hand, shockingly excels above Rheem in the area of generating an incredibly silent air conditioner. With AccuComfortTM Variable Speed, their Platinum series features a remarkable 4 decibel sound level.

SEER Rating Rivalry

The general view is that Rheem is a reliable alternative for producing quality HVAC equipment. Their vast range of SEER values go hand in hand with their favorable reputation in the industry. The majority of Rheem’s product line’s products have a SEER rating between 13-20.5.

While American Standard offers goods with the highest SEER ratings, between 14.5 and 22, for their products. This grade will show how energy-efficient the HVAC system is in terms of cost. Keep in mind that the efficiency of your HVAC system will always depend on sufficient ventilation and routine maintenance.

Both Brands Key Products

Rheem’s can be found in many different product ranges nowadays. They have a high-end selection that is ideal for most home situations, as well as mid-range and low-cost type series.

The three primary items offered by Rheem are listed below:

  • The Classic Series.
  • Classic Plus Series.
  • The Prestige Series.

The American Standard Company constantly strives to improve its product as part of its goal. They proudly display their three most trustworthy series, which they’ve developed over the course of roughly a century:

  • The Silver Series.
  • The Gold Series.
  • As well as the Platinum Series.

Price Of Rheem’s Unit And Installation Fee

American Standard vs. Rheem: Which Is Better?

Rheem provides a variety of goods—including installation—at relatively low unit costs. Because of its affordable and reliable series, Rheem is preferred by several homeowners.

You should expect to pay between $4,900 to $7,890 for each unit and installation of Rheem’s lower-end series.

Standard Plus
This is Rheem’s mid-range collection, with per-unit costs ranging from $5,360 to $8,300 (installation included).

The cost of the highest and most expensive Rheem series, including installation fees, ranges from $5,880-$9,260.

Price Of American Standard Unit Including Installation Fees

American Standard vs. Rheem: Which Is Better?

The items sold by American Standard are of the greatest quality in terms of both designs and standards. As evidence of their extensive record of excellent service. You might anticipate paying more for their models in addition to the installation fee.

Silver Series
Even though these models are part of the company’s lowest series class, they only include a small number of essential features that are offered in their top class. Due to this, its typical cost, including installation, is between $5,800 and $8,000.

Gold Series
This is a middle-of-the-road series made by American Standard featuring ground-breaking components. The average unit can cost between $8,000 and $12,800 with installation fees included.

Platinum Series
The most expensive models offered by the company typically cost between $8,000 and $10,000, installation fees included.

Comparison Of Warranty Coverage

If you register your appliance, Rheem provides good warranty coverage to its customers. To register and get all the information on your warranty coverage, go to the Rheem website.

Warranty Coverage For A Furnace

  • A 10-year components guarantee is offered with your Rheem gas furnace.
  • You can benefit from Rheem’s limited lifetime warranty if you use a heat exchanger.

Warranty Coverage For Air Conditioner And Heat Pump

American Standard vs. Rheem: Which Is Better?
  • Your heat pump and air conditioner can both be covered by their 10-year limited components replacement warranty.

Services, such as installation and detaching services, are not covered by labor insurance. You will be responsible for paying any additional costs or fees that arise throughout the procedure.

As long as you register your equipment during the company’s registration period of 60 days following installation, American Standard offers a basic yet fair warranty offer to its loyal clients.

  • Any malfunctioning parts that are the fault of the manufacturer are covered by a 10-year limited warranty.
  • The only limited warranty you’ll receive for your equipment is a 5-year one if you don’t register it within the allotted time.

To Wrap Up

It is really difficult to select between these two reputable and well-known HVAC brands. It is ultimately up to you to decide and make a firm decision. Since the products made by these two venerable businesses are long-lasting, dependable, and quite effective.

The most important thing is that you choose the brands that you think are most suited to your home’s needs. We trust that after reading this, you can make an informed decision about the HVAC product manufacturers you want.

American Standard vs. Rheem: Which Is Better?

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