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Water Leaks From My Mitsubishi Mr. Slim: Why And How To Fix It

Water Leaks From My Mitsubishi Mr. Slim: Why And How To Fix It

If your Mitsubishi Mr. Slim is dripping water, you might be curious to know what caused the problem and how to fix it. Fortunately, we looked into it for you, so, keep reading!

There are several potential causes for the Mitsubishi Mr. Slim to start dripping water, but the most frequent one is a blocked drain line. Cleaning the drain line is the best cure for this. Observe these specific instructions:

  • Cover after removing the filters.
  • Examine the drain pipe.
  • Cut the pipe off.
  • Clean the pipe

How To Handle A Mitsubishi Mr. Slim Water Leak

Water Leaks From My Mitsubishi Mr. Slim: Why And How To Fix It

If you observe that your Mitsubishi Mr. Slim is dripping water, you can do the following:

Step 1: Remove The Filter And Cover

Before beginning any do-it-yourself repair, be sure that your air conditioner is turned off. After that, remove the front panel from the appliance and remove the filters. If the filter is already filthy, remove any dust from it by vacuuming or wiping.

The front panel of the majority of mini-splits may be quickly and simply removed by releasing two screws. To remove them, you will need a screwdriver.

Try next to remove the plastic protective cover. While you work, keep this somewhere secure.

Step 2: Look For The Drainage Pipe

Two plastic clamps are typically found within the air conditioner. The unit base can be raised by pulling the clips. You will be forced to enter the pipe as a result. The large drainage pipe is often sealed with grip tape.

Step 3: Drain The Pipe

The connector keeping the drainage pipe together needs to be disconnected next. Prepare a container to catch any water that may leak out. Once your bucket is in position, cut the supply line.

Step 4: Sanitize The Pipe

As soon as the water stops flowing out of the pipe, use the vacuum’s hose to remove any remaining debris.

Because the clog will be wet, you can use a wet vacuum. Vacuum regularly until the impediment is removed. Along the joint, apply electrical tape. Put your unit back together the way it was after completing all of these.

Why Is The Water Leaking From My Mitsubishi Mr. Slim?

Water Leaks From My Mitsubishi Mr. Slim: Why And How To Fix It

Here are some potential causes of your Mitsubishi Mr. Slim’s leak:

Drain Pipe Is Clogged

Several things could be causing your Mitsubishi Mr. Slim to leak water, but the most frequent one is probably a clogged drain line. There are still further possible causes, though.

The coil inside the inside unit draws moisture from the air around it while your system is running. The condensate line, also known as the drain line, is in charge of transporting the water gathered in the drain pan from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit.

In the event that the drain line is blocked, the water will not be able to exit the building’s exterior. Since the water has nowhere else to go but inside the house, it finally begins to seep inside.

Drain Tray Is Overflowing

The drain tray of the air conditioner can be overflowing in addition to having blocked drain lines. This plastic tray functions by catching any condensate that leaks from the appliance. However, if it isn’t regularly emptied, it could fill up and overflow.

The condensation tray inside the appliance can be removed, cleaned, and then put back in place to solve the issue quickly.

Corroded Drain Pan

Another potential cause of a Mitsubishi Mr. Slim leak is a faulty drain pan. The growth of rust over time or breaking when they are dropped are two common types of damage that drain pans are prone to.

Any water that is kept inside the drain pan is likely to spill out if the drain pan is damaged. This is due to the drain pan’s ability to hold moisture that collects from your home’s air when it condenses.

If your drain pan is broken in any manner, you will need to engage a specialist to replace the part and restore your system to working order.

Blocked Air Filter

Your leaks may also be caused by a filthy air filter. Dust and debris may build up on the interior unit’s coils when an air filter is allowed to grow excessively dirty.

This causes a reduction in airflow throughout the system, increasing the likelihood that the coils will freeze. The frost and ice melt as the freezer coils get back to their normal temperature, and the melted water will drip down your wall.

To avoid leaks of this nature, make sure that the air filter in your appliance is changed on a regular basis in line with the directions specified in the manual.

How Much Does A Mitsubishi Mr. Slim Leak Repair Cost?

Water Leaks From My Mitsubishi Mr. Slim: Why And How To Fix It

The typical cost to fix a leaky Mitsubishi Mr. Slim air conditioner might be between $160 and $375.

If the leak itself needs to be fixed, expect to pay more because this will cost more money. Therefore, the price of fixing your air conditioner and finding any refrigerant leaks could range from $550 to $1,600.

Additional elements that may impact the overall cost of fixing a leaky Mitsubishi Mr. Slim include the following:

  • How old the item is
  • Location
  • Service needed
  • The amount the business charges per hour

Is Mitsubishi Mr. Slim Safe To Use If Water Is Leaking?

No, it is advised that you halt using your air conditioner as soon as it begins to leak. Even if you don’t notice a difference in your home’s air quality, it’s still important to do this. When the system is not in use, the water flow and leaks cease.

Additionally, the amount of water that leaks from your air conditioner increases in direct proportion to its vulnerability to further damage.

Can A Mitsubishi Mr. Slim That Is Leaking Start A Fire?

Yes, fires can start because of an air conditioner leak. These fires are typically brought on by leaking air handlers, which lead to the short circuit of nearby electrical equipment.

This occurs when the AC drain lines are neglected or not maintained. This problem causes the drainage pans to overflow and the drain pipes to clog.

It is possible for condensation to collect on electrical equipment that is below, resulting in a short circuit and sparks that can quickly set off surrounding insulation, wood, and other combustible materials. Smaller dwellings are more prone to experience this. Accidental fires can have terrible results.

Is AC Water Dangerous?

AC water is not dangerous, no. Pure condensate water, which is what the air conditioner discharges, is water. In order to water plants or for other purposes, AC water can be collected in a bucket outside the house.

It should be noted that it contains compounds that should not be consumed, thus drinking it is not advised. The water probably contains dirt from your home since it originates from the interior. It might possibly have dirt in the coils and pipes.


Repairing AC leaks as soon as feasible is recommended. If you notice that your Mitsubishi Mr. Slim is dripping water, a blocked drain line may be to blame. Simply remove the filters and cover, look for the drainage pipe, then drain and clean the pipe to solve the issue.

Water Leaks From My Mitsubishi Mr. Slim: Why And How To Fix It

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