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MRCOOL Oasis vs. Olympus: Which Is Better?

MRCOOL Oasis vs. Olympus: Which Is Better?

When you don’t have a heater installed at home to keep the house toasty throughout the winter, it can be difficult. We have done study on these two heat pumps to assist you in making your choice between buying an MRCOOL Oasis or an MRCOOL Olympus.

According to your preferences, you can choose between an MRCOOL Oasis and an MRCOOL Olympus.

Both appliances employ a hyper-heat system that may provide you the comfort you require when it becomes cold and are energy-efficient.

Oasis is a better option than Olympus if you’re seeking for a less expensive single-zone or general heating heat pump.

However, the Olympus is the better option if you want a multi-zone heating system that can accommodate 3 to 5 indoor units but is a little more expensive.

Olympus and MRCOOL Oasis are very similar, yet they also differ in some important ways. Continue reading this page to the conclusion if you want more information to help you determine which heat pump to choose.

MRCOOL Oasis vs. Olympus: Which Should You Pick?

Everyone wants to live in a warm, comforting place, especially when the winters are the coldest. Reputable manufacturer MRCOOL provides a range of heat pumps, from single-zone to multi-zone models, to assist homeowners in maintaining the ideal indoor temperature.

Let’s examine each device’s characteristics and advantages to assist you select between an MRCOOL Oasis and an Olympus.

Hyper-Heat Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump By MRCOOL Oasis

MRCOOL Oasis vs. Olympus: Which Is Better?

For single-zone or general cooling, an MRCOOL Oasis Hyper-Heat Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump is ideal. It is economical and energy-efficient. It can only sustain one indoor unit, though.

The unit’s heating and cooling systems require 24,000 BTU each. The MRCOOL Oasis is also equipped with features like auto-swing, turbo mode, refrigerant leakage detection, timer, and sleep mode and performs with a 20.5 SEER 11.50 HSPF rating.

You can instruct MRCOOL Oasis to spread the airflow throughout the area according to your preferences, or you can set the auto swing option.

The MRCOOL Oasis features an air-filtering mechanism that maintains the indoor air clean and fresh in terms of keeping the region free of pollutants that can generate undesirable odor around the area.

In order to safeguard the system, MRCOOL Oasis monitors the internal coolant level and notifies you when it falls too low, putting the compressor at risk.

To avoid heat exchanger frosting, it can also assist keep the kitchen or your computer area cold.

The MRCOOL Oasis’ on-off technology enables it to automatically switch to energy-saving mode when the unit’s standby feature is activated, which can further help cut electricity consumption by up to 80%.

However, a qualified technician should install this device.

Costs range from $1,500 to $2,500 for a full set of an MRCOOL Oasis unit with 24,000 BTU and 20.5 SEER.

Ductless Heat Pump Split System By MRCOOL Olympus

MRCOOL Oasis vs. Olympus: Which Is Better?

The MRCOOL Olympus Ductless Heat Pump Split System is the ideal item to keep your house warm despite the extremely cold weather if you’re seeking for a heat pump that can support up to five zones.

The MRCOOL Olympus, which is renowned for saving space, may be attractively placed on a wall.

It has ductless heating and cooling systems and utilizes up to 24,000–48,000 BTU condensers to support up to five interior units.

It has an energy efficiency rating of 10.3 HSPF and a SEER range of 20.5 to 22.4, which helps reduce energy use.

The fact that MRCOOL Olympus may be applied in spaces up to 800 sq. it functions as a heater and an AC in rooms.

The MRCOOL Olympus is incredibly quiet and has useful functions including turbo mode, auto-swing mode, sleep mode, and louver position memory.

By downloading the MRCOOL App to your smartphone, you can also remotely control the device from any location with only a few touches.

Last but not least, its condenser is built to resist corrosion for longer use.

A complete system of a 48,000 BTU/22.4 SEER MRCOOL Olympus air conditioner costs about $5,500.

Is MRCOOL Powered By AC Or DC?

To encourage higher energy-saving power, MRCOOL incorporates inverter technology into its heat pumps. It implies that heat pumps made by MRCOOL use DC power.

Direct current has been shown to be more effective than alternating current power. Households are kept comfortable while using less energy thanks to this function in MRCOOL heat pumps.

My MRCOOL Mini-Split Is Not Blowing Warm Air: Why And What To Do?

Any of the following issues could be the cause of your MRCOOL Mini-cooling Split’s issues.

Thermostat Setting Error

The MRCOOL Mini-Split cannot blow warm air if the thermostat is not set appropriately. Ensure that the thermostat is correctly set to “HEAT MODE” before raising the temperature to the desired level of heat.

MINICOOL Mini-Splits can also be used as an air conditioner or a heat pump. Before lowering the temperature if you are using it as an air conditioner and it isn’t blowing cold air, you can make sure the device is in “COOL MODE.”

Air Filter Is Blocked

MRCOOL Oasis vs. Olympus: Which Is Better?

When the filter is clogged with dirt, the MRCOOL Mini-Split may struggle to produce warm air. To ensure that clean air is circulated throughout the room, the filter traps dirt and dust particles. The filter may become clogged with dirt and dust over time, which will prevent the mini-split from producing warm air.

Clean the filter of the appliance on a regular basis. If you use your mini-split system frequently, clean the filter at least once a month or whenever it appears to be dirty.

The appearance of filters should be white. To ensure optimal airflow, remove the dirt and dust particles that have accumulated in the filter and given it a grayish hue.

Leakage Of Refrigerant

A refrigerant leakage detecting feature is available on MRCOOL heat pumps. An crucial part of the system is the refrigerant.

You can search for indications that the refrigerant is leaking if the device is unable to find a leak. You can tell if the device is emitting a chemical odor or a hissing sound by looking at it.

Call your HVAC professional as soon as your mini-split develops a refrigerant leak. If a refrigerant leak is not fixed right away, it may result in compressor failure and refrigerant poisoning in the home.

Condenser Coil Is Clogged

Condenser coils are susceptible to blockages over time, which interfere with appropriate ventilation. The obstruction in the condenser coil may be brought on by germs, molds, or dust particles that slip through the filter.

Ice buildup brought on by severe weather is another factor contributing to the condenser coil’s obstruction.

You can then plan a clean-up for your unit when this occurs. It will assist the mini-split in blowing warm air once again and is less expensive than maintenance or repair.

Can My MRCOOL Heat Pump Be Defrosted?

You can, indeed. Your MRCOOL Heat Pump automatically changes to cooling mode while defrosting. As a result, the system’s frosting or ice buildup is melted by the outdoor coils.

Even on heat setting, you can find that the appliance is blowing cold air. That is as a result of the system’s ice melting.

There is no need for concern if this occurs while defrosting.

Why Doesn’t My MRCOOL Mini-Split Start?

Your mini-split may not be operating because it is plugged in improperly or the heat pump’s fuse has been switched off.

You might try to examine the plug. Try checking the heat pump’s fuse if the system still won’t switch on. Reset or replace the fuse right away if you think it might be the cause of the issue.

To Conclude

Remember that the Oasis is less expensive but only supports one zone, whereas the Olympus is nearly twice as expensive but may be connected to up to five indoor units, regardless of the MRCOOL product you choose.

You always have an option, but while getting ready to install your heat pump, don’t forget to look for a licensed HVAC professional.

In the end, what matters is how well your heat pump keeps your home warm and cozy during the frigid winter.

MRCOOL Oasis vs. Olympus: Which Is Better?

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