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How to Deter Bugs From your Air Conditioner Unit

How to Deter Bugs From your Air Conditioner Unit

While there are creepy-crawlies all over our great planet, the last thing you probably want to think about is finding bugs in your home’s HVAC equipment. The good news is that removing these pests from your system isn’t too difficult if you follow a few simple guidelines:

Fill In Any Cracks or Gaps Around Your Equipment

Every homeowner is aware that cracks and gaps form throughout their home, particularly around doors and windows. This also occurs around the edges of your HVAC equipment or close enough to it for bugs to enter the system itself. This will be resolved by filling any problem areas.

Examine Your Duct Work

Insects and arachnids frequently enter your HVAC equipment through tears and gaps in your home’s duct work. As mentioned in the previous tip, you should fill in any problem areas to keep them out, which includes checking for loosened joints and areas where rust and corrosion have occurred. This will reduce your risk of being bitten by these pests.

Keep Any Vegetation Around Your Outdoor Unit Under Control

Bugs, as you’re probably aware, are drawn to vegetation. If you have grass, flowers, or other types of plants near your HVAC system’s outdoor unit, these pests can easily get into your HVAC equipment. Keep two feet of clear space around each side of the unit for safety. This should provide a reasonable buffer zone to keep them out while also ensuring adequate airflow for your system.

Install Outdoor Air Vent Screens

Air vents without screens are an ideal entry point for even the smallest of critters into your home. Insects and arachnids will be kept at bay by mesh screens that cover the entire vent. They are inexpensive and highly effective.

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