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7 Ways to Burglar-Proof Your Window Air Conditioner

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Looking for a solution to keep your window air conditioner safe? It’s your best friend (literally), yet even a not-so-smart criminal can simply steal it from the window.

The greatest suggestions on how to secure a window air conditioner while saving time and money may be found in this article. The following are the top security precautions you can take:

1. Make Use of an Air Conditioning Window Guard

7 Ways to Burglar-Proof Your Window Air Conditioner

Cages are the safest option because they prevent the burglar from ever getting close to the air conditioner. They’d have to take down the cage first, which would take a long time, a lot of energy, and make a lot of noise.

An AC unit cage will protect it from falling on someone’s head if it dismounts from the wall for some reason, in addition to giving further security against theft.

Consider disasters such as storms, a disintegrating wall that can no longer hold the unit, or shoddy installation. A metal cage can be used to protect the unit from this horrible outcome.

The first can be used for on-ground AC units, while the second can be used for window AC units. Window guards are another name for these. They vary in size and setup, so make sure you pick the proper one for your air conditioner.

2. Invest in a Unique Window Lock

7 Ways to Burglar-Proof Your Window Air Conditioner

If a criminal climbs a ladder to reach your AC unit from the outside, it can be stolen. To steal the air conditioner, the criminal could open or destroy the window.

Install a security window lock wedge to keep the window with your air conditioner from opening.

It’s made specifically for this function and is fully adjustable in length from 7-1/2 to 14 inches.

This lock is designed to satisfy US air conditioner window regulations and is built entirely in the United States. It’s easy to install and offers more security than improvised wedges or the bracket that comes with the AC unit, both of which require drilling holes in the window frame.

Don’t get me wrong: the bracket makes it easy to install the unit. However, it does little to solve the burglary-related difficulties.

To secure the window from the inside, you may use a conventional adjustable security bar. It can be used to keep intruders from opening the unit’s window, or any other window for that matter.

As a result, it will operate with any standard window and any air conditioner manufacturer.

How does it improve the window’s security? It basically prevents somebody from simply opening the window, sliding out the AC, and sneaking into the house. Because it wedges the window down, they won’t be able to steal the unit.

Sure, the thief could smash the window open, but any sensible thief would avoid making as much noise as possible. Even better, you can cover the glass panes with security window film, which makes it much more difficult to break the glass.

3. Support Bracket for Air Conditioner

7 Ways to Burglar-Proof Your Window Air Conditioner

To prevent damage to your home and woodwork, a solid support bracket can be utilized to hold a window AC and reduce the load on the window. Because removing the AC from a support bracket is more difficult, it will act as a deterrent to thieves.

4. Set up Flaps

In order to fit effectively, a window air conditioner must be smaller than the window. However, there is always some room around the unit, which makes it easier to remove and increases the chance of a break-in.

To make the window more secure, screw on metal or plastic vent flaps over the openings. To conceal the space, make sure the flaps are drawn tight. Attach them straight to the window frame with three or more screws.

5. Purchase a Window Alarm

Many window alarm systems are simple to operate, effective, and inexpensive.

So all you have to do is stick it in the window and turn it on using the on/off switch. It will make 110 decibels of noise if someone tries to break in through the window or remove the AC unit.

6. Install a Security Camera in Your Home

A security camera can be used to monitor the window area. My advise is to purchase a camera with night vision and motion sensor technology. When the motion sensor detects any unusual movement, an alarm will be sent to your electronic device, allowing you to react promptly.

When you’re not at home, this is the best approach to safeguard an entrance point or outdoor appliances/vehicles, such as a window AC unit in this scenario, because you can receive the alert from anywhere with a WiFi connection.

7. Make It Tough to Approach the Window

If the AC unit you’re trying to lock isn’t on a ground-floor window but on a higher one, make sure there aren’t any ladders nearby that the thief could use to climb up.

Planting thick vegetation under the window, particularly thorny shrubs, can also make it more difficult to climb up. Thorny shrubbery might also make approaching a ground floor or basement window more challenging.

Security of Window Air Conditioners

7 Ways to Burglar-Proof Your Window Air Conditioner

There are three basic options for securing a window air conditioner. The first alternative is to employ an AC window guard/cage that prevents access to the unit until the cage is removed.

The second alternative is to make sure the window cannot be easily opened or smashed from the outside. This problem can be simply solved by using a good security bar.

A good support bracket is the third option. Even more security can be achieved by fastening the AC to the bracket. But make sure you don’t damage the air conditioning in that situation.

You may feel comfortable that if you use at least two of these strategies, burglars will not be interested in stealing your window air conditioner. Why should they, when there are potentially hundreds of other air conditioners in the neighborhood that aren’t protected at all? So, I hope this information is useful to you and that you will put it to good use!

7 Ways to Burglar-Proof Your Window Air Conditioner

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