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Weather Effects on Energy Bills

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As any homeowner will tell you, your energy bill is something you are constantly concerned about. The amount of energy we use at any given time, as well as the costs associated with it, fluctuate with the seasons. But how does the weather influence your spending?

The Effects of Summer on Your Energy Bill

As the temperature rises during the summer, so will your need for additional cooling. Some days in sunny Illinois during the summer can be absolutely brutal. Cooling costs are frequently exorbitant, especially if your home is large.

The Impact of Severe Storms on Your Energy Bill

During times of extreme weather, it’s likely that your heating system will kick on to combat the sudden cold. Even though these temperature drops are usually brief, they can force your heating system to work extra hard to maintain a comfortable temperature.

What You Can Do To Help

The good news is that there are steps you can take to ensure that these weather changes have as little impact as possible. Here are some quick tips to help you manage your energy bill:

  • To ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of your HVAC equipment, have it inspected by a professional technician.
  • Change the air filter in each system to ensure it is not clogged and can withstand weather changes.
  • Consider installing a zoning system, which will allow you to heat or cool only the areas of your home that are occupied.
  • Use gas appliances instead of electric ones because gas is less expensive in most cases.
    Seal any air leaks you find, especially around your doors and windows, to weatherproof your home.
  • If your energy costs are particularly high, seek direct advice from your energy supplier to learn the best energy-saving tips and tricks.

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