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The Best Ways To Run Air Conditioner Without Power

The Best Ways To Run Air Conditioner Without Power

You might have plans to travel or live off the grid. You might simply wish to save money on your cooling costs or be ready for the next power outage. Here are several intriguing ideas for cooling your home without electricity.

The most popular method for running an AC without electricity in a home or RV is to utilize a generator that is sized for the amount of power your AC will require to run. Here are some additional cooling solutions for your house.

  • Use A Solar Battery To Power A Portable AC
  • Convert A Cooler Into An AC
  • Make A Bucket AC
  • Cool Your House Waithout An Air Conditioner

There are several ways to cool off without using energy. We’ll go over each approach to operate an AC unit without electricity. Continue reading as we go over many ways to assemble a cooling unit from everyday things and explain how to keep your home cool without an electric air conditioner.

Alternatives To AC

1. Use A Solar Battery To Power A Portable AC

There is disagreement over whether solar energy can run an air conditioner. According to some experts, the setup costs for the energy required to chill even a small space would be very high.

Depending on where you reside, solar energy specialists could give you a price estimate for installing enough solar panels to cool a house. They may give you advice on alternatives for increasing your solar power system as well as initial setup.

As a temporary fix during a power outage, solar batteries can be used instead of a generator. Some users may use solar batteries intermittently before switching to generator power while the batteries are charging.

Is It Possible To Power An RV’s AC With Solar?

For an RV or tiny dwelling, solar-powered batteries might be a useful alternative power source.

To supply not only the power to run your AC but also other goods, you would need adequate space to store the number of batteries and set up the number of solar panels required.

Those with experience powering AC units with solar energy advise having at least 1,000 watts of solar energy available to power a smaller AC unit.

2. Convert A Cooler Into An AC

The Best Ways To Run Air Conditioner Without Power

Use a cooler to create your own AC. Over the past few years, numerous variations of the air cooler have surfaced on social media. The fundamental principle behind them all is to put ice in a cooler, attach tubing, and use a fan to blow air over or through the ice and back outdoors.

Only the fan needs electricity, and depending on the type of cooler AC you want, you can install one or even six fans. You can use a solar panel, a battery charging station, or a car charger to power this type of cooler because it uses little energy.

What Tools Are Necessary For Do-It-Yourself AC?

The Best Ways To Run Air Conditioner Without Power

Select a reliable, long-lasting cooler. Only cool air and ice in the cooler will allow the AC to function. You should get one that is on wheels if you intend to move it about a house or RV. Igloo’s heavy-duty 110-quart cooler is a favourite among customers, and the company claims that it maintains its coolness for days.

Any AC unit must have a fan to move the air. The casing of a marine blower is designed to accommodate HVAC pipes and elbows. We advise using a device that operates at least at 27o cubic feet per minute.

To secure them in place, you will require HVAC elbows and duct connectors, also referred to as dryer docks.

To seal the areas around the holes and ducts, use a weatherproof sealer. You should use a drill and a jigsaw to cut through the cooler walls in order to create the duct openings.

Grasping of any kind, such as chicken wire, should be used to cover a freezer shelf. Purchase a shelf that will fit snugly within your cooler and is the proper size.

With wire shears or a utility knife, the mesh grate or chicken wire can be sized.

Select a connection for your fan and a power source. A battery pack or an attachment for a car charger are common options. You can also utilize a solar-powered or USB attachment.

How To Cool Down A Room

This YouTuber suggests installing the shelf and mesh first when building a cooler AC to avoid problems when trying to fit it inside over the tubing. Where necessary, measure and cut your holes.

How To Run AC With No Power

A power source, such as a battery or charging station, is required. When going extended stretches without electricity, it can be charged on an outlet for later use or using solar power.

3. Make A Bucket AC

The Best Ways To Run Air Conditioner Without Power

Making a portable air conditioner from a utility bucket would be a simple and affordable solution to create an AC that functions without electricity. On community websites, at kerbside, or in nearby hardware stores, you can find every piece for nothing or at a very low price.

Use a jigsaw or a drill with a hole-cutting attachment to cut holes in a bucket. Pick a liner that will act as insulation, such as Styrofoam, packing peanuts, or plastic. On top, affix a personal fan, and power it with your travel charger. The air inside this DIYer’s bucket air conditioner was cooled using a gallon of frozen water:

4. Cool Your House Without An Air Conditioner

You’ll want to keep your home as cool as possible while you’re without electricity, whether it’s planned or due to an outage, in addition to using one of the other options to standard air conditioning.

Cooking in a living space is the quickest way to heat it. During a power outage or when you are off the grid, if possible, use your culinary appliances outside. Read our post, How To Cool Down A Hot Kitchen, for more suggestions on how to cool a hot kitchen.

Use blackout drapes when the sun is at its fiercest. Particularly in smaller settings like RVs and tiny homes, this will be helpful. Make sure your largest windows are covered while the sun is out if you are at home.

With the help of battery-operated fans, you can keep the air flowing in your house. Although the temperature won’t change, the air circulation will make you feel more comfortable and can even make you feel colder. This 900-CFM fan’s powerful rechargeable battery power source.


Start your cooling project now that you are aware of how to run an air conditioner without electricity and some alternatives to using a conventional air conditioner! When you experience power outages again, you’ll be equipped to maintain your comfort whether you’re at home or travelling.

The Best Ways To Run Air Conditioner Without Power

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