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One Of Your AC Fan Blades Broke, Why And How To Fix It?

One Of Your AC Fan Blades Broke, Why And How To Fix It?

Everyone in your home is kept comfortable thanks to the air conditioning system. However, the AC system may be in danger if the fan blade breaks. How can this issue be resolved? What factors lead to the blade breaking?

The AC blades may become loose from normal wear and use and bend or shatter. However, foreign items might get inside the AC and harm the fan blades.

To stop future harm to the AC system, you must replace or repair any bent or broken fan blades right away.

How To Respond When A Fan Blade Breaks

One Of Your AC Fan Blades Broke, Why And How To Fix It?

Your appliances’ parts deteriorate over time. Therefore, with time, the AC fan blades may become loose and start to bump into other metal components, which may cause them to bend or shatter. The AC’s blades may potentially become damaged by foreign things that make their way inside.

If the blades are not broken, intervene right away to stop further harm. Call a technician to inspect it and perform the required repairs while turning off the air conditioner.

Most of the time, you have to replace the blades that are bent or broken. Here are some general methods to complete the task since air conditioners have the same concept but differ in design.

1. Remove The Screws And Turn Off The Power

  • By tripping the circuit breaker or turning it off at the outlet, disconnect the power supply to the device.
  • By removing the screws holding the access cover to the unit, you can unthread it.
  • The zip tie holding the wires together should be cut.
  • Remove the screws holding the fan guard in place.

2. Get Rid Of The Fan Blade

  • Flip the unit over so the fan blade is on top after removing the guard and the fan motor assembly.
  • The fan blade can be removed by loosening the set screw using an adjustable wrench.

3. Put The New Blade In Place

  • Put the new blade in place on the motor shaft. Align the flat side of the shaft with the set screw.
  • To keep your blade fixed, tighten the set screw.
  • Flip the guard and motor assembly back to their original positions after installing your new blade.
  • Set the guard in place, then push the wire conduit through the opening.
  • To keep the guard in place, rethread the screws.
  • Use a zip tie to bind the wires together.
  • Rethread and tighten the screws after replacing the access cover.
  • When the power is back on, your AC unit is ready for use.

How To Install A New AC Fan Blade: Considerations

One Of Your AC Fan Blades Broke, Why And How To Fix It?

When replacing an AC blade, there are a number of things to take into consideration. We’ll go over these three points:

Pick The Proper Blade

Make sure the replacement fan blade offers the same airflow performance as the original before purchasing.

Your device will overheat or stop working if a blade gives the motor less air than is required. On the other hand, if the airflow is too high, the motor will be overwhelmed and heat up. As a result, the device will malfunction.

Size Of The Interior Of The AC

To prevent the blades from rubbing against other metal components as they turn, make sure they can fit within the air conditioner. You can then acquire blades that are the appropriate size.

Rotational Direction

To allow the air to exit the unit in accordance with the manufacturer’s design, the new blades must rotate in the same direction as the AC unit’s motor. This allows your AC to release heat.

How To Care For Your AC To Prevent Broken Fan Blades

You can reduce the frequency of changing the AC fan blades by performing proper maintenance. Do the following, then:

Cut Back Trees And Plants Near Your AC Unit

One Of Your AC Fan Blades Broke, Why And How To Fix It?

Your air conditioner’s effectiveness can be increased by a tree providing shade for it. However, the fan blades may bend, fracture, or break if the unit is exposed to the branches, twigs, or other debris that falls from the tree. Trim the trees around your unit on a regular basis to prevent this.

Make sure plants are at least two to three feet away from the edges of the air conditioner. This will prevent them from growing into the device and obstructing the normal operation of the fan blades. The AC should be at least five feet away from any hanging plants.

To stop your AC from sucking surrounding fallen branches and leaves inside the unit, rake them up. Call a specialist if you see debris within the AC, or if you’re up to the job, remove it yourself.

Keep An Eye Out For Any Strange Sounds

Unusual AC noises may be the result of a broken fan blade. The fan blade may strike other metals inside the air conditioner, causing strange noises, if it is out of alignment, loose, fractured, or damaged. You should get in touch with a specialist right once to go over the situation and make the required fixes.

Recurrent Maintenance

Maintaining your air conditioner can guarantee that it operates well. Additionally, it lowers your energy costs and eliminates expensive breakdowns because problems with the fan blade may be fixed before they become costly replacements.

What May Prevent Your AC Fan Blade From Turning?

As was previously said, the blade needs to be changed right away if it breaks. This is due to the possibility that it will result in either more appliance damage or a fan that is completely faulty.

The blades of the AC fan are turned by the motor. Electric motors have the potential to overheat, burn, or experience electrical wiring problems.

Like any other component, wires can become worn out and stop the motor from operating. Have the motor checked by a technician, who can then decide whether to repair or replace it.

AC Repair Cost

The lifespan of an AC unit is ten to fifteen years. Therefore, if it is 15 years old or older, it is optimal to replace it. Your device may need to be replaced for between $1350 and $1800.

At least once a year, your technician will maintain your AC for a fee of between $100 and $150.

Repair costs can be anything between $163 and $520, with an average cost of $336. However, certain repairs might be almost as expensive as an AC replacement. For instance, the cost to replace an evaporator coil ranges from $650 to $1200.

Should you purchase a new unit if the cost of repairs is too high, or go with the repairs?

It’s a challenging inquiry that a knowledgeable technician can assist you with. Usually, they follow the $5,000 rule. Add the cost of repair to the age of your air conditioner. If the cost exceeds $5,000, get a new one. But if it costs less than $5,000, fix it.


The air conditioner contributes to the comfort of your house by cooling it in the summer and warming it in the winter. However, you should call a technician right at once to fix it if a fan blade falls off. Usually, the answer is to replace it.

The lifespan of your AC can be extended by proper maintenance by preventing damage to the fan blades.

It can be difficult to decide whether to repair or replace your appliance. A technician can, however, assist you in making the best choice.

One Of Your AC Fan Blades Broke, Why And How To Fix It?

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