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Rheem Air Conditioner Fan Isn’t Working: Why And How To Fix It?

Rheem Air Conditioner Fan Isn't Working: Why And How To Fix It?

Nothing is more annoying than realizing your air conditioner’s fan isn’t working in the middle of a steamy summer month. Your motor will often be functioning but the fan won’t be spinning. We will provide you with potential fixes that we have uncovered for each of the potential causes of this, including dead capacitors, power problems, worn-out fan motors, and clogged air filters. The following are some possible troubleshooting steps you might do before contacting a professional when your Rheem AC fan stops working:

  • Rotate the fan blades manually. If it doesn’t turn smoothly, your fan motor is burned out and needs to be replaced.
  • If the relay board needs to be replaced, check it.
  • The main control board should be examined. Replace as required.
  • Utilize a multimeter to test your thermostat. Your AC fan may have been hampered if it is malfunctioning.
  • Check to determine if the fans are spinning by turning the blades with a stick when the device is running and the compressor is buzzing. The capacitor is the issue if it functions properly. Change the capacitor.
  • On the selector switch, press a button. The switch might need to be replaced if the fan operates unevenly.

There could be a number of reasons why the fan on your Rheem air conditioner stopped functioning. Even small issues with the motor will require an inspection because the unit’s components must all be functioning properly for the compressors to run and the fan to turn. Continue reading to find out how to calibrate your Rheem air conditioner or, if you decide to hire a pro, at least to discover what to anticipate from your repairman.

Typical Problems With Rheem Air Conditioner Fans And Solutions

Here are a few typical problems with Rheem air conditioners that could have caused your fan to stop operating.

Inoperative Compressor And Fan

Your AC unit’s compressor is its most important component. The entire apparatus won’t function if it isn’t getting electricity. The contactor or circuit breaker that controls how much electricity the compressor receives could be at fault.

If the circuit breaker is turned on, you can inspect it. If it’s off, switch it on to activate the AC. If nothing changes, it is recommended to look for an HVAC expert right away because it appears to be a contactor issue, which should never be addressed by a novice.

The Capacitor Is Powerless

The capacitor is in charge of delivering a powerful energy jolt to ignite the fan. The capacitor may be at blame if the fan won’t spin but you can hear the compressor hum. The quickest solution is to spin it manually with a strong push from a stick. Call your technician to get the capacitor replaced if it functions.

Obstructed Air Filter

Your air filter might be to blame if your fan spins slowly before coming to a stop. Your fan may have been working too hard and strained while it was blocked by debris. To keep your fans functioning, it’s crucial to routinely check your air filter.

Regulatory Board Issue

The control board is in charge of supplying voltage to the fan motor and other parts of your appliance. Your fan motor will stop functioning if there is a problem with the control board. To guarantee that your unit is properly diagnosed, speak with an HVAC expert.

Defective Thermostat

It’s likely that a broken thermostat will prevent the fans from operating since it misread the temperature. Your fans can stop functioning in some situations if it completely loses contact with the apparatus. If you’ve made sure your air conditioner is in working order, it could be time to change your thermostat.

Dual Shaft Fan Motor That Is Broken

The two shaft fan motor in your Rheem air conditioner efficiently circulates the air. Air is drawn in from one side and sent over the condensing coil, while air is drawn from the other side through the evaporator coil. You will need to replace these blades if they start to strain or become loose over time.

What To Do If Your AC Fan Is Loud And Spinning Slowly

Your fan may be obstructed by substantial debris if you hear grinding or screeching noises when it is spinning slowly. You’ll need to switch off the unit and your thermostat in order to fix this. Check the fan, make sure nothing is in the way, then twist the stick manually.

Restart everything and keep an ear out for any sounds. Call an HVAC specialist if you can still hear it or if your fan is still spinning slowly.

What To Do If The AC Fan Intermittently Stops And Begins

The wiring inside the control board is most likely the cause of your fan’s erratic starting and stopping. It is best to call an HVAC repair specialist in this case to take safety precautions and to fix the issue properly.

Should The Fan Setting On Your Thermostat Be “Auto” Or “On”?

Your preferred setting for the fan will depend on it. Selecting “auto” is your best choice if you just want the fan to run when the temperature on your thermostat calls for it. You can choose “on” if you want the fan to run continually to move air throughout the house.

Rheem Air Conditioner Cleaning Guide

If the Rheem AC fan stops functioning, the issue may be debris obstructing the air filter, fan radiator, or drainage system. The cleaning techniques listed below will effectively restore your Rheem appliance.

The Internal Unit Needs Cleaning

  • Take out the mesh filters, then clean them in warm water and soap. Put them in an antimicrobial solution to soak them.
  • Dry the filters using air. Use of any artificial heating technique could harm the filter, so avoid doing so.
  • Look for a part that resembles a pair of little plates that are placed close to one another. You must use a brush or vacuum cleaner to remove the dust that is covering the heat exchanger.
  • Brush the blades after spraying the fan with a soap solution. Use a fiber cloth to dry any excess water after wiping it off.
  • Use a steam generator or a cleaning solution containing either vinegar or bleach to remove the buildup that has accumulated on your ducts.

Taking Care Of The External Unit

Your Rheem AC’s external unit needs to be cleaned, which calls for a certified HVAC specialist. Self-help is not advised, but if you can reach it, you can clean the surface.

  • Shrubs that are close to your unit should be cut down so that ventilation is not impeded.
  • Get rid of any dried leaves and other trimmings from your unit’s surface.

When experts come to look at your device, they will take off the access panel to look at the coils and other parts. In order to keep your unit in top shape for the upcoming seasons, they will also be removing any debris and sludge that may have amassed over the previous months.

Other Cleaning Advice

  • Every time you clean an appliance, make sure to turn the power off and unplug it to safeguard your safety. Turn it on just once every corner has dried completely. Keep in mind that combining water and electricity might be hazardous!
  • Use a garden hose to clean your coils. Use of a pressure washer should be avoided as it could harm your system.
  • Cut back any nearby vegetation that can restrict airflow around your unit.
  • In the event that you detect any temperature variations, check your ducting right away. Fill up any gaps that may have developed.
  • Adjust the filter.
  • Contact a dependable HVAC expert to schedule a yearly tune-up.

Why Is It Crucial To Consult An HVAC Expert?

The best thing to do after performing your own initial examination is to consult a skilled HVAC specialist. Avoid trying to repair the inner wiring yourself since this could result in an accident. Additionally, it is advised to have your Rheem AC tested once or twice a year to make sure it is operating at its best and continues to be energy-efficient.


If you find that your fan isn’t working, it’s a good idea to perform the initial calibrations yourself to save time and money. If hiring a technician is necessary, you can skip the time-consuming preliminary tune-ups and get straight to the significant repairs. To prevent problems, especially in the warmer seasons, regular maintenance of your unit is essential.

Rheem Air Conditioner Fan Isn't Working: Why And How To Fix It?

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