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How To Use A Sharp Air Conditioner’s Timer

How To Use A Sharp Air Conditioner's Timer

If you want to reduce your energy costs or limit when your air conditioner runs, using a timer is the best option. If you’re still learning or uncertain about how your SHARP AC works, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered.

The procedures below should be used to set your SHARP AC timer.

  1. Use the remote control to turn on your air conditioning. Make sure you are close enough or that the remote is pointing towards your air conditioner.
  2. Then click the “Timer On” button. Simply press the “Timer” button and select “On” from the display if your remote doesn’t have this option.
  3. Then, use the up/down or plus (+)/minus (-) buttons to choose the time that your device should turn on.
  4. Your chosen timer setting will start after just three seconds.

The majority of SHARP air conditioners are managed using wireless AC remote controls. Remember that depending on your SHARP AC model/unit, the remote and button design may vary slightly. We have more information to share with you regarding your Sharp AC timer, so keep reading!

How To Turn The Timer Off On A Sharp Air Conditioner

How To Use A Sharp Air Conditioner's Timer

You might also wish to use the Timer Off option now that you know how to set your timer to “on.” This gives you the option to set a time after which your system will shut down automatically.

The following steps describe how to activate the timer on your Sharp AC:

  1. Power on the air conditioning.
  2. To turn the timer off, click it. If your remote control doesn’t have this button, simply press the “Timer” button and select “Off” from the display.
  3. Next, use the up/down or plus (+)/minus (-) buttons to change the time you want the AC to shut off.
  4. Once more, give the Timer Off feature three seconds to take effect.

Is My Sharp AC Remote-Controllable?

Yes, you can still operate your device without an AC remote if you need to switch on the air conditioning but can’t remember where you put the remote, it’s broken, or the batteries are low. You have the following options to pick from:

Buttons On An AC Dashboard

Use the power/auxiliary button that can be found within the front cover, on the AC dashboard, or close to the display panel. The design of the manufacturer determines where the built-in AC buttons will be. To find it, consult the user guide for your SHARP.

Mobile Application

The ability to be operated via a smartphone is another feature that the newest air conditioners can have. You may install apps like SHARP Air App on your phone to operate your air conditioner and air purifier. Additionally, it is free and compatible with Android and iOS. Just get it from the Play Store or the App Store.

Smarthome/Home Control Center

How To Use A Sharp Air Conditioner's Timer

You can also connect your air conditioner to these home programs if you already have smart home technology like Google Home, Apple Homepod, or Alexa. They are linked by a smart controller or a modem with Wi-Fi capabilities. Make sure your device is compatible before deciding if this is the best option for you.

Circuit Breaker For AC

How To Use A Sharp Air Conditioner's Timer

Circuit breakers are safety features that serve as electrical system switches in your home. These shield your AC against damage brought on by overloading or electrical short circuits. Therefore, you can use the breaker to turn on or off your AC if the remote control is not available. However, if your air conditioner consistently trips the circuit breaker, have a qualified technician inspect your wiring or system.

What Setting For The Air Conditioner Is Best?

For summertime temperature settings, Energy Star advises 78°F. But this would depend on your preferences, where you are, and the time of year. Your unit has additional modes or settings in addition to the timer and the AC on/off switches. So let’s examine them:

Cool Mode

One of an AC’s most basic functions is the cool mode. This is frequently denoted by the snowflake symbol. In this mode, the compressor creates cool air and shuts off when the air temperature reaches the appropriate level.

The steps to do this on your SHARP AC are as follows:

  1. On your controller, click MODE.
  2. Select COOL mode next.
  3. The temperature can then be adjusted using the +/- or Up/Down buttons.
  4. To adjust fan speed, press FAN.
  5. To start the AC, finally hit the ON/OFF button.

Dehumidifying Or Dry Mode

The amount of moisture in your room is reduced by this feature. This is advantageous for places that experience high humidity, such as coastal regions or areas that receive a lot of rain.

To configure the Dry mode, follow these steps:

  1. Using your remote, select MODE.
  2. Then choose DRY.
  3. Next, use the +/- or Up/Down buttons to adjust the temperature to your preference.
  4. To start the AC, hit the ON/OFF button.

Fan Mode

This is a fantastic solution if your home doesn’t require cooling. The fan is the only thing operating in this mode; the compressor is off. When using this operation, relatively little electricity is consumed. Use your ceiling or electric fan instead if your objective is to save more energy and money.

Sleep Mode

It is advisable to utilize this setting at night. As the hours go by, the temperature rises by about a degree or a half. The alterations usually won’t disturb you during this time because you might be sleeping. Use the remote control for your AC to turn on this feature.

Turbo/Super Jet Mode

In this mode, your air conditioner can run at its peak efficiency and in the direction that will chill your room the fastest. To do this, take these steps:

  1. Use your remote to press JET. In COOL mode, you can also choose the TURBO option.
  2. Hold off until the temperature display activates.
  3. Following that, the vertical airflow blades will be angled downward.

Self-Clean Operation

This feature slows the Operation development of mold and fungi around your air conditioner’s heat exchanger. As soon as you turn on this setting, your system starts to clean itself. To begin cleaning, simply hit the CLEAN button. Due to this, operations will be suspended for approximately 40 minutes.

Follow Me Operation

The maker of your AC will choose how to use it. Some air conditioners in this mode use built-in sensors to detect human presence. Additionally, this focuses airflow in a specific directions. Other air conditioners, however, require a remote to turn on this setting. On their remote control, some SHARP air conditioners include this mode. Every three minutes, this mode sends a signal to the AC informing it of the temperature at the current location.

Baby Mode

You might be in luck if you have a baby in the house because some SHARP AC models have this feature. This setting maintains a soft, quiet, and hygienic functioning while cooling the space. Additionally, it guarantees that the AC’s performance is well-suited for children or newborns. Simply do the following actions to turn on this mode:

  1. Put your remote control in BABY MODE.
  2. The fan speed will then be automatically changed to Low or Soft.
  3. The blades or louver will then be configured to operate with gentle cooling air.
  4. Simply press the BABY MODE button once again to exit this mode.

Eco Mode

In this mode, your air conditioner’s compressor can run more slowly than it would otherwise. As a result, less energy is required to operate the system.

  1. Do the following to put your air conditioner on eco mode:
  2. Use your remote to select ECO. The first stage of power consumption mode is now activated. There ought to be a “one leaf” symbol visible.
  3. To access the second phase of the mode, press ECO a second time. Two leaves should be displayed as a symbol.
  4. Simply press ECO again to cancel.

How To Save Energy

Here are some additional suggestions for energy-saving AC use:

  • Choose the appropriate temperature options. Strive to strike a balance between consumption and comfort. More energy will be used if the temperature is set lower than is necessary. Simply choose what you need at the moment it is needed.
  • Block the sun’s direct rays. This will use less energy during the cooling process.
  • When the AC is running, remember to shut the doors and windows.
  • To ensure smooth operation and a longer lifespan for your air conditioner, keep the filters clean. It is recommended that filters have a MERV value of 11 or above.
  • If the system is not in use for a prolonged period of time, unplug the plug or cord from the power socket or turn off the circuit breaker.


You’ll make the most of your air conditioner once you’re comfortable with its modes or settings. Energy and money can be saved by using different AC settings and turning the timer on or off! You may increase the comfort of your family and home by using these suggestions.

How To Use A Sharp Air Conditioner's Timer

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