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Why And How To Fix A Short Cycling AC? (5 Ways)

Why And How To Fix A Short Cycling AC? (5 Ways)

Your air conditioner is cycling on and off, and you’re concerned that something is wrong with it. We’re sorry to break it to you, but your air conditioner is absolutely broken! Cycling for small distances on a regular basis is not a good sign. Continue reading as we have information to provide on what to do when an air conditioner short cycles.

There are various reasons why an air conditioner cycles quickly. To resolve the issue, you can attempt the following:

  1. Air filters should be cleaned.
  2. Examine for refrigerant leaks.
  3. Avoid having your evaporator coils freeze.
  4. Reposition the AC thermostat.
  5. Replace the large air conditioning unit.

Constant short cycles will shorten the life of your air conditioner and eventually hurt your wallet if you ignore them. Here are the causes of brief cycling and the reasons you must never disregard it.

What To Do About A Short Cycling AC?

When your AC switches on and off often, you should try to determine the source. There are numerous potential causes for this, some of which may be as straightforward as unclean air filters. But occasionally, you need to call in the experts because of a significant issue.

You can attempt to fix the issue in the meanwhile. It only makes sense that you comprehend what brief cycling is and why it is harmful for your AC before we go on to the quick remedies.

Why Is Short Cycling Bad? What Is Short Cycling?

On average, your air conditioner completes three cooling cycles every hour. The machine shuts down for further 10 minutes once each cooling cycle is complete when the temperature is reached. Short cycling occurs when your air conditioner cycles on and off more frequently than usual.

When your air conditioner starts a cooling cycle, the compressor engages and expends more energy. You are placing additional pressure on your compressor as it has to do that more frequently. The components of the compressor deteriorate more quickly under high stress. In fact, you run the danger of overheating it.

If things continue to deteriorate, you will eventually need a replacement, which is expensive, especially without a warranty. Compressor replacement, including labor costs, can run up to $2500 when it is not covered by warranty.

The lifespan of your air conditioner is not the only thing short cycling affects. Your energy usage increases along with your electricity bill as a result of the longer you continue to ignore the issue.

How To Fix AC That Doesn’t Cycle

Do not contact experts just yet. When your air conditioner short cycles, try the following simple solutions first.

1. Purify The Air Filters

Why And How To Fix A Short Cycling AC?

Your air conditioner’s effectiveness can suffer in a number of ways from dirty air filters. Most importantly, the compressor will have to work hard to fulfill its duties. When the compressor is overworked, it overheats and shuts down before cooling the area to the appropriate temperature.

When the temperature returns to normal, the compressor will automatically attempt to complete the cooling operation. To avoid this, clean the air filters in your equipment to increase airflow.

Simply remove the air filters according to the manual’s recommendations and clean them with a low vacuum or mild detergent and water. In addition, it is highly recommended to replace them every three months or sooner during the cooling season.

2. Examine For Refrigerant Leaks

Coolant is an essential component of any air conditioning equipment. It circulates chilled air through the coils.

No matter how hard the compressor works, it will be difficult to cool heated air when the coolant level is below the typical limit. The compressor overheats once more, resulting in a string of brief cycles.

Did you know that an air conditioner’s coolant never has to be replaced? There is sufficient stock to last a lifetime. Coolant for air conditioners is sealed in a loop, thus leakage only occurs when the coolant level falls below normal.

The best course of action for a refrigerant leak is to seek expert servicing. Unless you have the necessary instruments and have some general knowledge of air conditioners, only HVAC contractors can replace AC refrigerants.

3. Keep Evaporator Coils From Freezing

The evaporator coils could freeze in addition to having a refrigerant leak from inadequate airflow. Your AC’s capacity to maintain heat is compromised by poor airflow.

You should routinely clean the filters and vents to enhance the airflow and prevent frozen coils. Make sure the blowers are functioning correctly by performing a separate inspection.

4. Ensure Proper Thermostat Position

Why And How To Fix A Short Cycling AC?

Your home’s thermostat placement may have an impact on how quickly your air conditioner cools down. Make certain that it is not situated close to a heat source.

The thermostat may receive incorrect signals if it is placed next to a window that receives direct sunlight or close to a heater. It will then give the go-ahead for your air conditioner to restart and cool more air.

If required, check the thermostat’s location and move it.

5. Replace The Large Air Conditioner

It is untrue to believe that having a bigger AC gives you an advantage. Due to the enormous capacity, it can chill the space more quickly, but it no longer follows its typical cooling cycle. It shuts down and restarts more frequently than it would in an appropriate-sized space.

An large air conditioner is more vulnerable to damage. In contrast to when you use the proper size for your home, you would need to repair your equipment sooner. Additionally, when your energy usage rises, so do your monthly power expenses.

Replace your unit, if possible, and spend money on professional AC installation.

Can Short Cycling Be Caused By Too Much Refrigerant?

An air conditioner won’t operate effectively if its coolant or freon levels are excessive. All air conditioners must maintain particular pressures and coolant levels, and when these are not fulfilled, your equipment immediately ceases to function.

The thermostatic expansion valve and other metering devices cannot function properly when there is too much coolant present. Cycles of continual on and off are brought on by reading variations.

How To Prevent A Short AC Cycle

Why And How To Fix A Short Cycling AC?

Proper size and installation are the first steps in keeping your air conditioner in peak condition. To reduce the likelihood of any component failing before its time, let the HVAC contractor undertake this task.

The best approach to prevent any AC issues, including short cycling, if the AC is already installed, is good and consistent maintenance.

Nothing compares to expert inspections and cleaning, but as long as you check your equipment at least once a year, it should be good. This does not imply that you ought to put off system cleaning for so long.

Every three months, or as soon as necessary, clean it. Any AC unit must have adequate airflow to operate effectively. Multiple AC components may be harmed simultaneously by poor airflow, necessitating repairs. Dust should be removed from your indoor and outdoor units as often as feasible.

Why And How To Fix A Short Cycling AC? (5 Ways)

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