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Air Conditioner Fan Is Running Too Slowly: Why And How To Fix It?

Air Conditioner Fan Is Running Too Slowly: Why And How To Fix It?

It can be really annoying to have a slow-moving AC fan, especially on a hot summer day when the sun is out and the temperature may be high. You’ve therefore come to the proper place if you’re wondering why this is the case. We have looked at what might go wrong if this occurs and consulted specialists. And that’s what we discovered.

Your fan may be running slowly for a number of different reasons. Either you’ve only selected a lower fan setting, or the fan already requires cleaning because the dust has accumulated. Some significant factors, such as loose or broken parts, may necessitate replacement. This is valid, especially if you frequently use your air conditioner.

Are you still looking for information on this subject? Continue reading as we go over further related topics including diagnosing your AC, how to boost fan speed, how much it will cost to replace your AC fan, and many more.

Why Is My AC Fan Running So Slowly?

There are two possible causes of a slow AC fan. The first is settings, which may be readily remedied by raising the fan speed. The second is a result of issues with the fan’s internal mechanics.

Now, it is evident that the first issue is less complex than the second, but let’s explore this issue further and attempt to explain some potential causes for why our AC fans may not be producing enough air.

A dirty air conditioner is one of the easiest explanations for why you might be having poor fan speed. Now, based on your usage and location, the frequency of AC cleaning can change. It would be best to get your air conditioner’s filter cleaned once per month or two if you frequently use it and live in a dusty or polluted location to ensure that it is not obstructing the air the fan creates.

By doing so, you can determine whether the AC fan itself or any other components of your air conditioner require cleaning. It can underperform and use more electricity than it should if the air conditioner is unclean.

The AC fan may struggle to run due to mechanical problems like a bad run capacitor or worn out fan bearings, which will reduce the unit’s ability to produce enough air. Because of this, the AC may have a harder time cooling the space or may take longer to do so.

Damage to the fan belt may also be to blame for your air conditioner’s inability to chill. Since these belts are composed of rubber, they may eventually become stretched out and need to be replaced.

Most of the time, the AC’s own wear and tear is what causes these mechanical issues. Naturally, some parts will wear out in an AC that is already old, notably the moving parts. That is why it’s crucial to maintain your AC on a regular basis.

This will not only improve the efficiency of your AC but also act as a preventative check-up for any parts that require replacement or repair. This will also assist keep any problems in check and lengthen the life of your appliance.

How Can You Tell If The Motor In Your AC Fan Is Bad?

We’ve now covered a few potential reasons why an AC might run slowly. Now let’s talk about some warning signals of a failing AC motor that we might discover. This section can be useful if you think your appliance already has a defective AC motor.

Air Conditioner Fan Is Running Too Slowly: Why And How To Fix It?

AC Operates Sporadically
If your air conditioner abruptly shuts off without your intervention for extended periods of time, your AC motor may be deteriorating. The problems with your relay motor may result in an overheated motor.

Airflow Not Cold
A very clear indication that the fan motor in your air conditioner is broken is when cold air isn’t produced. An AC unit’s primary function is to control room temperature, which it typically does by making the space colder. One of the components that produces cold air may be the cause of this issue, the blower motor.

Blades Rotate Gradually
Your AC’s fan blades may not rotate properly if your fan motor is damaged. Your AC’s design will determine whether you can see the external fan blades if they move automatically. A malfunctioning motor may be to blame if you find that the blades are suddenly spinning more slowly than they formerly did.

Unusual Noise From The Device
Any particularly loud rattling, buzzing, or humming can be a sign that your motor blades aren’t working properly. Due to wear and tear over time, these are more noticeable in earlier models.

Such noises are typical, especially if your air conditioner is not an inverter model. But you should have it looked out right away if the noises are louder and more irregular than they usually are.

AC Fan Won’t Turn On
Your AC unit already has a faulty motor if it initially refuses to turn on. There are several potential causes for this, but the AC’s age is typically to blame. These mechanical components inevitably reach the end of their useful lives. However, some brands do last longer than others, so be cautious when selecting an HVAC system.

AC Fan Won’t Turn Off
The opposite of a fan that won’t turn on is a fan that won’t turn off. There are some worse cases where both are present. However, if your AC begins to behave in this manner, it may be time to replace it.

A professional AC technician should be consulted if you are still unsure of what is wrong with your AC. In this manner, you can accurately diagnose the problem with your appliance. Here, you might also get a professional’s advice on whether a repair will enough or if you must entirely purchase a new machine.

How Can I Increase My Air Conditioner’s Fan Speed?

Air Conditioner Fan Is Running Too Slowly: Why And How To Fix It?

Increasing your fan speed is not difficult, assuming your air conditioner is working properly. Lowering the temperature causes the AC to produce colder air, therefore the colder it becomes, the lower the number on the AC’s remote control or indicator says it should be.

Referring to the user’s manual that came with your device is a terrific solution if you are a little perplexed about how to utilize it. The unit’s understanding and use are both covered in detail in the manual. This will be quite helpful, especially if your AC unit is modern.

Additionally, picking the correct AC is crucial. HP, or horsepower, is a unit of measurement for your ordinary AC. Your air conditioning system’s motor is more powerful the more horsepower it has.

This could also be one of the causes for your air conditioner’s failure to effectively cool the space, regardless of how fast you turn up the fan.

You need to take the room’s square footage into account when selecting an air conditioning equipment. The quantity of items in the room, particularly electronics, must also be taken into account. This will affect how hard the air conditioner has to work to chill the space.

Smaller spaces, like a one-person bedroom, may typically be cooled by lower horsepower units while larger rooms with plenty of furniture will need a more powerful and high horsepower unit.

since of this, speaking with a local HVAC dealer before making a purchase is essential since you will be able to determine which AC is best for you. Additionally, since you’ll have a functioning HVAC, you’ll be able to save money over time by doing this.

What Does It Cost To Replace An AC Unit’s Fan Motor?

Air Conditioner Fan Is Running Too Slowly: Why And How To Fix It?

Now, this depends on the manufacturer you own, where you are (different regions have various rates), and whether or not additional parts also need to be replaced. However, you may anticipate paying anything from $300 to $600. The cost may be less expensive if your unit is smaller. The strength of your motor may also affect how much you pay.

Because motor repairs may be highly pricey, when one breaks, owners frequently choose to just buy a new one because the cost of repairs can be almost as much as a brand-new one.


There are several causes for your AC fan to be blowing out lesser air than usual. Although it’s not a given, a slow-running fan could indicate that your AC needs repair.

The easiest method to prevent running into such issues is through routine maintenance. The age of the AC unit is another important factor to take into account, since older units are more likely to malfunction as a result of wear and tear over time.

Air Conditioner Fan Is Running Too Slowly: Why And How To Fix It?

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