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Better Know What To Do When Your Bryant AC Fan Is Not Turning

Better Know What To Do When Your Bryant AC Fan Is Not Turning

Bryant air conditioners can fail just like any other electrical device. especially in the event of an unexpected power outage or shutdown. Once the electricity is restored, it’s likely that your Bryant air conditioner’s fan won’t turn.

What caused this, and what should be done to resolve the problem? So, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

Generally speaking there are numerous causes for why the fan on your Bryant air conditioner is not spinning. However, a broken capacitor or a breaker trip-off are the usual causes of this problem.

To get your Bryant AC fan working again, replace the capacitor and check the breaker.

Try to fix it yourself first before calling your Bryant service provider. Continue reading to learn the simple methods to solve this issue.

Why Won’t My Bryant AC Turn On?

Better Know What To Do When Your Bryant AC Fan Is Not Turning

Any of the following components could be the reason why your Bryant AC isn’t running properly:

  • Air purifier
  • Capacitor
  • Thermistor
  • Thermostat
  • Compressor
  • Vaporizer coils
  • Primary control panel
  • Board that controls temperature

The first thing you should do is make sure your thermostat is set to the “cool” setting. Make sure the exterior condensing unit is also turned on.

Additionally, you must check the disconnect switch and the circuit breaker box.

How Do I Change The Capacitor In My Bryant Air Conditioner?

Better Know What To Do When Your Bryant AC Fan Is Not Turning

Your air conditioner’s fan may not be spinning for a number of reasons, including a bad capacitor. A tiny, cylinder component called a capacitor powers the air conditioner’s motor.

Its duties include turning on the air conditioner and increasing power so that it continues to run.

To correctly replace the capacitor in your AC:

  1. Turn off the power to the air conditioner.
  2. To reach the capacitor, unscrew the outdoor AC unit.
  3. Before removing the capacitor wires, take a moment to write a message on them.
  4. After the capacitor has been discharged, carefully remove it from the panel.
  5. Bring your defective capacitor to the hardware store closest to you and purchase that specific model.
  6. Install your new capacitor safely.
  7. Don’t forget to attach all the cables to your sign from earlier.
  8. Re-turn the power to the air conditioner on.

NOTE: Unless you have prior experience with AC systems, we advise hiring a professional to handle this for you.

How Can A Tripped Breaker Be Reset?

A circuit breaker is a safety switch that guards against overloads and short circuits in your home’s electrical system. This is necessary to prevent harm from overheating to the air conditioner or other appliances in your home.

Better Know What To Do When Your Bryant AC Fan Is Not Turning

Additionally, your breaker tripping off may be the cause of your air conditioning system not starting. A circuit breaker’s inbuilt spring-loaded system recognizes the situation and immediately shuts off.

To reset your circuit breaker, simply follow the simple procedures below:

  1. Turn off or unplug all equipment connected to the breaker that was tripped.
  2. Locate the breaker panel, which is often fixed to the walls of the outdoor unit.
  3. Find the tripped breaker’s handle inside the panel; it is typically in the center.
  4. Change the handle’s position to OFF.
  5. There should be an audible click sound when you flip the handle to the ON position.
  6. The breaker must make a loud click to be considered ON.
  7. Test the breaker by turning on the light fixture before turning on your air conditioner.

How Can I Fix A Bryant AC That Isn’t Cooling?

When you’ve determined that the Bryant air conditioner’s parts are in good working order but the unit is still not cooling, troubleshooting is required. You can evaluate the condition of your AC unit that isn’t cooling by doing this.

Faulty Capacitor

In order to keep the compressor functioning, this component is required. In case it has already burned out, you must replace it. To determine its physical state, you can test it with a multimeter.

Unclean Air Filter

The air inside the unit won’t be able to move properly, which will make it harder for the AC to cool it. This may cause the coils in your evaporator to frost up.

If you live with pets, change your Bryant air filter every 90 or 60 days. Make sure to clean out any dirt that may be in the filter.

It might also be appropriate to change the filter at this point. Therefore, routine checkups are important.

Faulty Thermistor

A sensor that gauges air temperature is a thermistor. It is connected to the control panel for the air conditioner. If it is broken, not even a change in temperature will alter its value.

Additionally, you’ll need a multimeter to check the thermistor for continuity or lack thereof. Your thermistor has to be replaced if the reading is 0 and indicates a malfunction.

Contaminated Condenser Coils

The processes of lowering the heat of the refrigerant and subsequently exhausting it outside are carried out by the coils of your air conditioner. The ability of these coils to expel heated air and blow cool air within, however, is diminished if they become unclean.

Condenser coil cleaning is necessary to keep the appliance functioning properly. If this is not done, the unit will have to work significantly harder to meet the cooling requirement.

Defective Temperature Control Board And Main Control Board

If your primary control circuit is damaged, your air conditioner might not function. These parts are in charge of managing the electric power needed by your AC unit to function.

For your AC to function once more, you must replace the primary control circuit or temperature control board that you discovered to be faulty.

It is essential to have a qualified technician examine your Bryant air conditioner because these issues are commonly incorrectly identified.

NOTE: Appropriate electrical knowledge is required for the majority of these troubleshooting methods. If you lack the necessary electrical understanding, we highly advise against performing this job.

How Can A Bryant Thermostat Be Reset?

Bryant thermostats are simple to reset. Depending on the thermostat model, the steps may be different, but they are generally the same.

However, before beginning the resetting process, you should unlock the Bryant keypad.

In order to unlock the keypad, you’ll need to:

  1. Open the door to the thermostat panel.
  2. For approximately five minutes, alternately tap and press the UP and DOWN buttons.
  3. Once the keypad has been properly unlocked, a padlock icon will appear.

after the keypad has been unlocked

  1. Using the thermostat, turn off your air conditioner.
  2. By going to the panel box where the breakers are kept, locate the circuit breaker for the air conditioner there.
  3. Turn the AC’s circuit breaker back ON.
  4. Before turning it ON, give the thermostat around 30 seconds to rest.

NOTE: The unlocking procedure for this reset will take just 2 minutes. The thermostat will restart in locked mode if the keypad is not unlocked within the allotted time.

How To Reset A Bryant Split Air Conditioner

Resetting your broken Bryant air conditioner is the only way to get it working again. It’s unfortunate to say that, unlike their rival, Bryant’s air conditioner doesn’t have a handy reset key.

Instead, you can immediately reset the related breaker on your Bryant air conditioner. Additionally, wait a brief period before restarting the AC unit.

How Long Does It Take An Air Conditioner To Reset?

For 30 minutes, experts advise turning off your air conditioner. The AC should now be able to restart and fix any internal issues.

It’s not a good idea to frequently reset your air conditioner.

If your equipment doesn’t work properly after the reset, you must contact a reputable air conditioner service professional right away.

To Wrap Up

Resetting your faulty Bryant air conditioner is the only way to stop more damage from occurring. Your air conditioner can be reset easily to have it working properly once more.

We’ve learnt what makes the fan on your Bryant air conditioner stop spinning throughout this post. You also understand how to restart your Bryant air conditioner. We also discussed air conditioner troubleshooting.

We sincerely hope that this information will help you take better care of your air conditioner.

Better Know What To Do When Your Bryant AC Fan Is Not Turning

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