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How To Clean Your GE AC

How To Clean Your GE AC

Do you wish to improve the cooling performance of your GE air conditioner by cleaning it properly?

Your GE window air conditioner can be cleaned easily without needing to remove it from the window. The steps to accomplishing this are as follows:

  1. Unplug your air conditioner.
  2. Remove the front grill cover and set it aside.
  3. Remove the filters. Clean separately.
  4. Unscrew the front casing and pull it out.
  5. Use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment to loosen the dust on the grills.
  6. Once you’ve cleared most of the dust, spray the fins with a no-rinse foaming coil cleaner.
  7. Use a fin brush to thoroughly clean the fins. Use a fin comb to make them straight.
  8. Remove the cover on the back of your air conditioner.
  9. Spray the coils and fins on the outdoor side with the same foaming coil cleaner.
  10. Let your air conditioner dry naturally.
  11. Reassemble the covers back.

The sections below contain all of the specific instructions. We also included cleaning instructions for several GE air conditioner models.

How Should A GE Window Air Conditioner Be Cleaned?

For air conditioners that are challenging to remove, cleaning your GE air conditioner without taking it out of the window is excellent.

Here are detailed instructions for cleaning your air conditioner. In case you decide to take your GE air conditioner out of the window, we’ve also provided the steps.

How to Get Ready for Cleaning Your Air Conditioner
Initial Planning

  1. Offset the air conditioner.
  2. Cut the air conditioner’s power.
  3. Drain the accumulated water from your air conditioner by removing the drain plug.

Taking Your Air Conditioner Out Of The Window
You can skip this paragraph and move on to the next if you are not taking your GE air conditioner out of your window.

  1. Remove any tape or insulating seals you used with care.
  2. Remove the accordion curtain’s window frame by unscrewing it. Place the screws in a convenient location so you can find them later.
  3. Remove the side brackets holding your air conditioner in place by unscrewing them. Your air conditioner’s side has these little brackets. From the windowsill, unscrew it. Set the screws aside.
  4. Pull out your air conditioner with caution.

Taking Off The Covers

  1. To remove the air conditioner’s front grill, depress the latch. In some types, the latch can be situated on either side. Some types have two little tabs on the grill that can be used to easily lift the front grill.
  2. Take the filter off.
  3. Remove the front case’s screws. The screws holding the front shell in place will be visible once the front grill has been removed. After removing the screws, set them aside. On some models, the front grill and the front casing are made of the same material. If so, all you have to do to get rid of both is detach the front casing.
  4. Your air conditioner’s back cover should be unscrewed and placed aside.

Filter And Cover Cleaning

How To Clean Your GE AC
  1. Use warm water to rinse the filter.
  2. Put it in a solution of water and gentle dish soap. Make sure to submerge it for a minimum of five minutes.
  3. Scrub the filter lightly with an old toothbrush or a soft brush. Don’t scrub too vigorously. You don’t want to pierce the filter and then have to replace it.
  4. Use warm water to rinse the filter.
  5. The filter should air dry naturally.
  6. The front grills and covers should be cleaned using the same procedure.

Taking Care Of Too Much Dust In Your Air Conditioner

  1. Your vacuum cleaner should have a soft brush attachment installed. Use a separate soft fin brush and hold it in one hand while holding the vacuum cleaner in the other if your vacuum doesn’t have a soft brush attachment.
  2. While the vacuum is running, gently scrape the fins with the brush. The brush will loosen the dust, and the vacuum will quickly collect the free particles to prevent it from dispersing.
  3. The back fins should be treated the same way. Two coils, each with its own set of fins, make up your air conditioner. You can see the evaporator coil up front, and the condenser coil is located at the air conditioner’s back.
  4. Back dirt, such as fur and dead leaves, should be vacuumed.
  5. Any bent fin can be straightened using a fin comb.

Cleaning Your Air Conditioner Thoroughly

  1. For a complete cleaning of the fins, use a no-rinse foaming coil cleaner. Simply spritz the coil cleaner onto your air conditioner’s fins. Make sure the fins are well covered in foam, then give it time to soak. Your air conditioner’s fins will have a clean surface because the foam will naturally evaporate. Repetition is required. You may clean your air conditioner using the foaming coil cleaner without using water that could potentially contact the electrical components.
  2. To clean the back fins of your air conditioner, use the same foaming coil cleaner. Use a gentle brush to scrub away any stubborn dirt after spraying the foaming coil cleanser.
  3. Pour a mixture of warm water and mild dishwashing liquid into a sprayer. Spray the solution onto the air conditioner’s remaining surfaces, including the vents where the cold air is released.
  4. Make use of a dry cleaning cloth to wipe the wet surface. Iterate as necessary.
  5. Repeat the process on the other sections of the air conditioner that require cleaning.

Putting Your AC Back Together

  1. Hold off until your air conditioner has naturally dried.
  2. The front and rear casings of your air conditioner, among other removed components, should be put back together.
  3. Put the filter back in.
  4. Reconnect your air conditioner to the outlet.

GE Built-In Air Conditioner: How Do You Clean It?

How To Clean Your GE AC

A through-the-wall air conditioner and a built-in air conditioner from GE are identical. Through a hole in the wall, these air conditioners are installed.

Built-in air conditioners do not have side vents like window air conditioners do since the thickness of the wall can easily obstruct these vents. If even one of an air conditioner’s vents is clogged, performance and efficiency will suffer.

Cleaning a window air conditioner and a built-in GE air conditioner are identical tasks.

It is preferable to clean this sort of air conditioner utilizing the procedures without removing it from the wall, nevertheless, given how this type of air conditioner is installed. Built-in air conditioners are more difficult to uninstall and reinstall than window air conditioners because they are installed more firmly.

GE Portable Air Conditioner: How Do You Clean It?

How To Clean Your GE AC

When you require cooling in other areas, you can transfer a portable air conditioner to those locations. Although you have the option to leave it placed in a single room, it is not installed there permanently.

This device often rests on the floor next to the window where its installable detachable vents.

Here are some quick instructions for cleaning your GE portable AC unit:

Cleaning Your GE Portable Air Conditioner’s Exterior

  1. Your portable AC unit should be turned off.
  2. Remove the air conditioner’s plug from the wall receptacle.
  3. A soft cloth should be obtained and wetted.
  4. Use a soft, wet cloth to gently wipe the outside of the air conditioner shell. On your GE portable air conditioner, never use any spray cleaning. Never use solvents, scouring pads, bleach, detergent concentrations, or chemical cleansers.
  5. Dry the casing with a gentle, dry cloth.

Cleaning Your GE Air Conditioner’s Air Filter
Two air filters are available on some portable GE air conditioners. Ensure that both are cleaned.

You should clean the air filters at least once a week, according to the advice. If you reside in a dusty location, clean it more frequently.

  1. Release the top filter panel to remove the back filter.
  2. By grasping the filter with the tabs and pulling it out, you can remove the side filter. After removing the rear filter, some models’ side filters simply slip out.
  3. Allow warm water to clean the filters of any dust. As an alternative, you can remove the dust from the filters by using a vacuum.
  4. Shake the filters gently to get rid of any remaining dirt or dust as well as any extra water.
  5. The filter should air dry naturally.
  6. In your GE portable air conditioner, reinstall the filter.

How To Drain The Water Tank

When the internal water tank is full of water due to condensation, you will notice the ‘Water Full’ indicator light.

  1. Submit a dish to the drain valve. Usually, your portable air conditioner has this on the rear.
  2. Get rid of the valve cap. Remove the rubber drain cap with caution.
  3. Hold off until all of the water has been drained.
  4. Put the rubber drain cap back in.
  5. Retighten the cap.
  6. Reconnect the portable air conditioner.

Wrapping Up

A GE air conditioner’s cleaning is a simple weekend DIY project. Just adhere to the straightforward instructions listed above, and your GE air conditioner will be tidy and effective once more.

How To Clean Your GE AC

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