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Air Filter Keeps Bending, Why And How To Fix It?

Air Filter Keeps Bending, Why And How To Fix It?

Cleaning the air that is pumped throughout the system is how an air filter works. This not only improves the quality of the air inside your house but also guards against damage to the HVAC system. Your air filter may begin to bend when it is turned on over time.

The blower fan’s pressure is what causes your air filter to continually bend. Usually, this happens to air filters that have been in continuous operation for years with little to no upkeep or cleaning. The filter needs to be repaired or completely replaced to provide the optimal solution.

Why Is The Air Filter Bending So Much?

In the event that a filter becomes seriously blocked, it may bend when being compressed by the blower fan. This could result in the filter being trapped within the blower motor itself. The motor may sustain significant damage as a result, necessitating prompt professional repair.

Additionally, people occasionally try to bend or fold filters to make them fit when they unintentionally buy the wrong size. To prevent dirt and other particles from entering your HVAC system, you should avoid doing that since it allows air to travel around the filter.

How To Correct A Bent Air Filter

For the filter to be installed properly, it must be fixed if it is bent. Turn off the ventilation system first, then start looking for the filter. Before attempting to remove the filter from its slot, make a note of its location there.

In order to maintain track of the proper airflow direction and compare it to the arrows provided on most filters, use a permanent marker to draw an arrow on the frame that supports the filter. This will make sure you don’t forget about the proper airflow direction.

The vast majority of HVAC filters must be installed in a specific way in order for them to function; most of them are not designed to be utilized on either side.

The outlined arrow aids in avoiding the frequent human error of removing the filter without paying attention. The good news is that after you’ve changed the filters in your furnace or air conditioner once or twice, it will get easier.

Does A Bent Air Filter Work?

A slightly crooked air filter won’t look out of place and can still be used. If it has compressed, you may easily uncompress it again.

The filter does not need to be changed, but you should make an effort to restore as much of the original surface area as you can by minimizing the tubing’s bends.

How Frequently Should You Replace an Air Filter?

Air Filter Keeps Bending, Why And How To Fix It?

A 1-inch pleated air filter needs to be changed every 30 to 60 days. A 2 inch thick pleated air filter should be changed every three months. The 3 inch thick pleated air filter needs to be changed every 120 days.

Most HVAC companies and air filter manufacturers recommend changing your home’s air filter once every 90 days, or three months, for a 4″ pleated air filter, which should be changed every six months.

This may be affected by a variety of things, such as:

the system and equipment’s age
whether or not there are pets living there,
and dry or dusty circumstances.

How Will I Know If My Air Filter Is Too Big?

Air Filter Keeps Bending, Why And How To Fix It?

Filters that are too large will not fit into the filter slot and will make it impossible for you to replace the cover, which could lead to unclean air being pulled into the inside of your heating system (and home).

The biggest problem when using an air filter that is the wrong size for your HVAC system is that it won’t effectively prevent dust from building up on the motors and blowers of the system.

This makes your furnace unclean, which could affect how well it performs and could harm the system’s internal components, necessitating pricey repairs or replacements.

It’s crucial that your air filter completely encloses the duct opening. If there is room, factor for a tiny amount of overlap when determining the height and breadth of the duct entrance.

When placing your order for the replacement air filter, you will need to provide this exact dimension.

Why Using the Wrong Filter Is Not A Good Idea

These problems may occur if you use the incorrect air filter.

Insufficient Fit

Make sure you measure the size of the air filter you currently have before you go out and buy a replacement. You won’t be able to properly put a filter into the slot if you purchase one that is too big for the opening.

The filter won’t be able to completely cover the area if it is too small, and it may not be able to keep dust and dirt from entering.

Your Air Conditioner Has Been Damaged

For air filters, a wide range of MERV ratings are available. A filter with a higher MERV rating has a finer mesh and may filter out smaller airborne particles than filters with a lower value.

To prevent harming your equipment, you should refrain from using a filter with a rating greater than that for which it was designed.

If the mesh is too fine, your HVAC system won’t be able to handle the energy needed to circulate the air through it properly. Your furnace or air conditioner could sustain serious damage as a result.

Can My HVAC System Be Filter-Free?

Air Filter Keeps Bending, Why And How To Fix It?

Although it is not advised, it is feasible for an HVAC system to operate without a filter. Without a filter, the system will draw in unclean air and then recirculate it within your home, which will exacerbate any existing health issues.

There is a specific window of time when operating your air conditioner without a filter is safe and won’t harm it.

As a result, using your air conditioner for longer than six to eight hours without a filter can seriously harm your air conditioner and significantly reduce the quality of the air in your home.

The condensation drain on your air conditioner won’t be able to remove the moisture from the air if you don’t have a filter. As a result, condensation will start to develop on the freon tube. This will cause the condensation to start flowing down the pan, which will cause the entire system to become wet.

What Takes Place If the Air Filter Is Reversed?

The air handler will have to work harder to compensate for the low airflow since installing the filter backwards will make it harder for air to pass through the filter. In addition to possibly harming your heating and cooling equipment, this could raise your power rates.

Incorrect installation of your filter will also result in the end of the device that is often generally not facing the air supply. This implies that your filter will help keep airborne material in suspension. As a result, the filter clogs and the air that gets to your lungs is not efficiently purified.

When Should An Air Filter Fit Tightly?

It is not necessary for the filters to fit with a “airtight” seal, but you should be able to quickly and easily install and remove your filter. The filter shouldn’t be so little that it can move around inside your appliance, either.

You have a filter that is too big for your system if you have to bend, force, or jam it into place. On the other hand, your filter is too small if it does not fit inside the slot or frame that is a component of your air system handler and is wider than one to two fingers on any of the four corners.

Can An Air Filter Be Washed?

Reusable filters can be cleaned and used again numerous times. However, the disposable filters that you use in your HVAC system were not intended to be able to shed water after being wet.

The moisture that the filter holds onto may stimulate mold growth over time, and your HVAC system may be to blame for dispersing mold spores throughout the rest of your home.


One of the most crucial things you can do to preserve the effectiveness of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is to replace your air filter on a regular basis. Always take good care of and attention to your HVAC system’s filter.

Air Filter Keeps Bending, Why And How To Fix It?

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