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What Does The Infrared Heater Code E1 Mean? How To Correct It?

What Does The Infrared Heater Code E1 Mean? How To Correct It?

Imagine yourself relaxing on a chilly day when you see an E1 fault on your infrared heater. You feel a little panic set in and start to wonder what that code signifies. Don’t worry if you already are.

Your infrared heater is having a number of issues if it has an E1 on it. The main causes of an E1 error code on your infrared heater are listed below.

  • The infrared heater is getting too hot.
  • The unit doesn’t have enough power.
  • The air filter on the infrared heater is soiled or blocked.
  • Heater airflow is inadequate.

Now that you are aware of the causes of the E1 code, let’s talk about fixing your infrared heater. We’ll also address a number of infrared heater-related queries and provide a number of infrared heaters for you to test out.

How To Fix The E1 Error Code On An Infrared Heater

What Does The Infrared Heater Code E1 Mean? How To Correct It?
The included electric red heater close-up with a metal grill is an excellent solution in winter for heating a room.

Your infrared heaters may occasionally cease functioning and display an E1 code error. There are a number of causes for this incident.


The majority of infrared heaters now include heat-distributing shelves that are “cool to the touch.” Nevertheless, infrared heaters overheat when in use.

Inadequate Power

The power cord needs to be firmly inserted into the outlet to guarantee that your infrared heater is receiving the appropriate quantity of power. The cord needs to be attached to a grounding or 3-prong outlet without the use of extension cords or surge protectors.

Air Filter Clogged Or Filthy

The infrared heater can malfunction and produce an E1 error if the air filter is clogged or unclean. The issue can be resolved by cleaning it. If you decide to clean your infrared filter after using it, keep in mind to let it cool down fully.

Inadequate Airflow

You must carry out these two actions if insufficient airflow is the root cause of the E1 error on your infrared heater.

If your heater overheats, unplug the device and give it at least 20 to 30 minutes to cool down fully. The power cord can then be safely reconnected.

Put your heater first at least three feet away from the wall. Next, see if the fan is operating too slowly. If the heater’s fan is running slowly, it needs to be cleaned; if there are any faults, it needs to be fixed.

Why Might An Infrared Heater Fail To Operate?

Other issues than the four previously listed infrared heater problems could make your equipment stop working. Your infrared heater could include:

  • An unreliable power cord.
  • Wall socket malfunction.
  • Broken thermostat.
  • Clogged or blocked grill.

How Can An Infrared Heater Be Reset?

You might need to reset your infrared heater if it is giving you problems. Here is how to go about it.

  • The infrared heater should be unplugged from the power source.
  • Give the heater five to ten minutes to cool off.
  • Reconnect the plug to the wall outlet after that.
  • Set the infrared heater to on.
  • Your infrared heater should now operate normally once more.

Is Running The Infrared Heater Overnight Safe?

You can use your infrared heater all day and all night. The majority of infrared heaters incorporate safety features that guard against overheating or excessive heat buildup. Additionally, the heater has a tip-over safety feature that turns it off if it tips over.

An Infrared Heater Could Burn Out

When dirt and dust amass on your infrared heater, burnout could result. The wire can run down too soon as a result of the buildup. For older infrared heaters in particular, this could be dangerous. To prevent this, you must clean your device on a semi-regular basis.

What Happens If You Spend Too Much Time Sitting Next To An Infrared Heater?

Long-term exposure to an infrared heater can have a number of negative effects, including premature aging, minor skin burns, and eye impairment. Wear safety glasses for protection and refrain from spending too much time near the device.

Do Infrared Heaters Require Cleaning?

Your infrared heater has to be cleaned, especially the reflector, fan, and air filter for the infrared tube heater. The performance of your device can be substantially impacted by a filthy heater reflector. An E1 error on your heater might also be brought on by a filthy fan and air filter.

How Is An Infrared Heater Cleaned?

An infrared heater is very easy to clean. For this, all you need is a wet rag or cloth. Other cleaning agents shouldn’t be used because they could damage your heater more than they help. Just carefully and delicately wipe down and clean the heater’s components.

Where Should I Install An Infrared Heater?

The placement of your infrared heater can affect how well it works overall. Place your heater, for instance, in the region with the slightest impediment if you want a free heat flow. You must position the unit in the area of the room that gets the most use to get the most out of it.

Is It Cheaper To Operate An Infrared Heater?

Yes. Compared to conventional electric or gas heating systems, infrared heaters are less expensive to run and maintain. Other heaters have motors and moving parts, which make maintenance and repair more difficult and expensive. While just using reflecting panels, infrared heaters are simpler to maintain.

Infrared heaters can sustain warmth in spaces with less power since they produce quick and enduring heat.

Top 5 Infrared Heaters You Must Try

If you’re seeking for infrared heaters that you can install in your home, you can read through this list.

Dr. Infrared Portable Space Heater

What Does The Infrared Heater Code E1 Mean? How To Correct It?

With the same power, this device’s twin advanced heating technology can generate more heat. The best qualities of the Dr. Infrared Portable Heater are listed below:

  • It has a blower with a high speed and little noise.
  • It combines a low-high selection with an automatic energy-efficient feature.
  • has an IR remote control and a programmable timer.

Duraflame Infrared Quartz Set Heater

What Does The Infrared Heater Code E1 Mean? How To Correct It?

One of Amazon’s picks for electric fireplaces is the Duraflame quartz set heater. It comes with a multi-purpose remote control that lets you operate the quartz warmer from any location in the room.

  • The flame effect can be used with or without heat.
  • Pleasant to the eye, with lifelike logs and an ember bed.
  • Zone heating to reduce costs.

For Indoor Use, Trustech Ceramic Desk Space Heaters

One of Amazon’s picks for indoor electric space heaters is the Trustech ceramic heater. To prevent overheating, it incorporates a multi-protection safety control that shuts off and immediately cools down the system.

  • Rapid heating and extensive heat coverage.
  • With three modes and a thermostat, it is simple to use.
  • Extremely silent office heater

LIFE SMART Black 6 Element Infrared Heater

A different option is the Life Smart infrared heater. The settings for the Dual Timer and Digital Thermostat are highly customizable.

  • ECO mode and three heat settings.
  • Keeps the air wet.
  • Turning over and overheating safety switch.

Heat Storm Mounted Infrared Space Heater In White

As one of Amazon’s Choices for Indoor Space Heaters, you might also choose the Heat Storm mounted infrared heater. It contains an adjustable thermostat and a Lifetime Air Filter that is simple to remove, clean, and reinstall.

  • Touch-safe grill
  • For the most effective heat production, use HMS technology.
  • Approved for safety by ETL.


Your infrared heater’s E1 error code may indicate one of the following four problems: overheating, insufficient unit power, a filthy or clogged air filter, or poor airflow. It’s crucial to understand the causes of the infamous E1 error in your infrared heater so you can quickly identify and resolve the issue.

What Does The Infrared Heater Code E1 Mean? How To Correct It?

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