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Quick And Easy Steps To Reset An Infrared Heater

Quick And Easy Steps To Reset An Infrared Heater

Your infrared heater could occasionally cease working as a result of electrical interference inside the circuit board. Therefore, you might be curious about how to reset the infrared heater so that it can function again.

Depending on the model, your infrared heater can have a dedicated reset button. However, if it lacks a reset button, unplugging it for a while, then plugging it back in should solve the problem.

Continue reading to learn about typical infrared heater issues and how to fix them. We will also discuss infrared heater maintenance.

Infrared Heater Reset

Quick And Easy Steps To Reset An Infrared Heater

A step-by-step tutorial for resetting an infrared heater can be found below:

  • Removing the heater’s plug from the outlet
  • Give the machine five minutes or so to cool.
  • the wire to the wall outlet once again.
  • Activate the heating.

The heater should now begin operating normally.

The Best Way To Fix An Infrared Heater

Quick And Easy Steps To Reset An Infrared Heater

Problems with infrared heaters include failure to turn on, cooler air flowing, and improper operation. How you can solve these issues will be covered in this section.

Why Won’t the Infrared Heater Work?

A heater not turning on could be caused by a lot of different things. Please take the following actions to fix the issue:

  • Make sure the cord is in excellent shape and that the infrared heater is plugged in. In order to check the electrical socket’s functionality, insert something you know works into it. Check the fuse or circuit breaker box as well.
  • Make sure the thermostat is not set too low if one is present.
  • Check the fuel tanks for heaters fueled by propane or natural gas to see if there is enough fuel to keep them running. Verify if the gas valve is open.
  • Before attempting to light the heater, keep an ear out for gas movement. If there is no gas flow, disconnect your tubes and blow air through them.
  • To find leaks, spray some soapy water along the pipeline and look for bubbles. Any leaks you find must be stopped.

The Infrared Heater Activates But Is Ineffective

If your heater is still not functioning even after checking to make sure all electrical systems and connections are in good working condition, there may be other potential issues to be concerned about.

Look at the supporters. If the fans aren’t turning or are turning slowly, you might need to switch off the heater and clean them.

If your heater turns on but does not operate, dirty grills may also be the cause. Please continue reading so that we can talk about how to clean the grills.

The Infrared Heater Operates In Cycles

Airflow obstructions can make the unit cycle continuously. To fix the issue, get rid of everything that is blocking the heater, including furniture, drapes, houseplants, and other objects. Additionally, you can examine any defective switches and change them as necessary.

If taking these steps doesn’t solve the issue, the thermostat or control switch is probably broken.

The Infrared Heater Won’t Deactivate

If heat loss exceeds the device’s ability to heat the room due to inadequate insulation, the appliance might not shut off. However, a continuously running heater may also be the result of an inadequately sized unit.

In order to reduce heat loss, insulate the exterior walls. Additionally, weather-strip the windows and doors to reduce excessive air infiltration.

A new heater might be purchased if the one you have will not fit in the space.

Cold Air Is Produced By The Infrared Heater

These factors could be to blame for the appliance spewing chilly air:

  • The heater is only operating with its fans. Put the heater in heating mode to solve this issue.
  • If the heater overheated while in the heating mode, it may have disconnected the power connection and failed to receive electricity. To regain heating capabilities, the heater may need to be reset.
  • The heater’s computerized thermostat is programmed so that when it reaches the pre-set level, the fan turns off for 30 seconds. In order to ensure accurate temperature readings throughout this time, the heater should ideally discharge extra heat. It can, however, also blow chilly air.

Usage Guidelines For Infrared Heaters

Quick And Easy Steps To Reset An Infrared Heater

You are always comfortable thanks to infrared heaters, especially in the chilly winters. The infrared system ensures a natural and secure degree of warmth for you in comparison to conventional home heaters.

You may avoid a winter without heat at home with proper maintenance. Here are some instructions on how to proceed.

Cut Off The Power Source
Make sure to turn off the switch and unhook the electrical cord after using the heater.

Select A Good Location
Place your infrared heater far from flammable substances, fumes, and fluids in order to increase safety

Do Not Restrain It
Do not hang anything from the heater or place objects on it. The reflector, tubes, and decorative grills should all be kept clear in order to avoid any unexpectedly difficult heating working.

Recurrent Upkeep
To maintain the functionality of your heater, carry out following tasks on occasion.

Keep The Infrared Heater Clean
The exterior surface frequently becomes covered in dust and debris. Regular dust and debris cleaning is crucial.

Use a solution made from water and a mild detergent to dampen a cleaning cloth. To get rid of the dust, use the cloth. Before using the heater, make sure it has fully dried.

Examine The Reflector
Regularly inspect the heater, paying close attention to the reflector, for any indications of distortion, drooping, fractures, or dust.

Use a wet towel to clean it if dust has accumulated. If there is drooping, support it with a strap and reflector hanger so that the tubing of the heater isn’t touched.

Grill Cleaning
You are protected from any burns by the grill in case you mistakenly touch the heat source. However, if you let it get dirty, it won’t be able to adequately dissipate heat, which could lead to more problems than it solves.

As a result, your device can become too hot and shut off automatically.

To reduce the likelihood that this issue will arise, it is essential that you carefully clean your grill. To clean the front and back grills, use a vacuum. As an alternative, you might clean the heater with a cloth. Use vinegar to soften and get rid of any stubborn residue you come across.

The grill should should be cleaned at least once a month. Remember to wait until the equipment has cooled down before starting to clean it for your safety.

Clean filters
Pollutants that can prevent your infrared heater from operating normally are continually present. Manufacturers employ air filters as a result to protect their internal components.

Overheating may be a result of dirty filters. The heater may sustain irreparable harm if the appliance’s thermostat malfunctions due to frequent overheating.

To keep your heater in good operating order, clean the filters every month and replace them every six months.

Carefully remove the infrared heater filter, place it in the sink with some dish soap, and pour some water over it to clean it. After the filter has dried, vacuum up any debris.

Filters that are older than six months are no longer functional. Reinstalling them in the heater may reduce its efficiency as a result.

Examine The Air Intake Pipes And Vents
The sealed area of the pipe may develop cracks due to corrosion and unwanted obstruction.

Check the gaps periodically for cracks or dust on the pipes and the outside air inlet. To decide whether to clean them or replace them with a newer one, evaluate the degree of the corrosion, cracking, or dust accumulation.


The information in this page should be helpful the next time you need to reset an infrared heater or take care of any small heater-related concerns.

Regular maintenance will reduce the likelihood of these issues. A HVAC professional should be scheduled on a regular basis to keep your heater in good working order.

Quick And Easy Steps To Reset An Infrared Heater

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