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Summerize Your Cooling System In 5 Ways

Summerize Your Cooling System In 5 Ways

The hottest, brightest, and most expensive season for HVAC and utility costs is in summer. Your energy bills most likely increase over the summer. Thankfully, there are several strategies for preparing and making more savings during the warmer months.

The majority of these operations will take an hour or less, and some upfront charges for hardware and maintenance may be required. In the long term, you will save far more money by incurring these expenses.

This summer, you can reduce your energy costs by taking these easy actions. If you still have any worries or queries, you may also speak with your certified HVAC specialist.

1. Examine Your AC System

It is best to test your HVAC system before summer’s sudden spike in temperatures to make sure everything is operating as it should and to get it ready to come out of hibernation.
Be sure to listen for any odd noises and check for any airflow problems when you test your AC system.

Summerize Your Cooling System In 5 Ways

If you discover any damages, you might want to think about hiring a specialist to assess the problem and make recommendations. A specialist is not always necessary to resolve certain problems, such as those involving loose parts or accessible buildup.

2. Check Your Air Filters

When did you last replace your air filters? Your air filters should always be changed by the seasons. Make sure your air filters are fresh and clean.

When you consider the particles you breathe in every day, poor air quality is no laughing issue.

Your AC system will have to work twice as hard if your air filters are clogged than if they are clear. Therefore, spend a few minutes replacing them before your HVAC system experiences undue strain.

Your ductwork may experience strain as a result of clogged air filters. Pressure from clogging might cause parts to become loose and leak. In the worst situation, your ductwork can start to leak.

3. Keep Out Heat

You may not even be aware of all the techniques there are to keep the heat out in the summer. According to experts, lowering your thermostat by simply 1 degree can significantly reduce your summer energy costs.

Summerize Your Cooling System In 5 Ways

During the sweltering summer days, think about planting some plants or trees in front of windows that receive the most heat. You might also consider installing light reflectors on windows similar to those used in cars. These will prevent heat from entering your home, helping you to lower your AC usage and save back on your energy costs.

To make sure you’re not breathing unwelcome outside air, you may also think about looking for any drafts in your windows. You can either contact an HVAC specialist to close up any openings or seal your windows with hardware store equipment.

4. Upgrade Essential Elements

Do you know the age of your air conditioner? It’s time to update your HVAC system if it’s older than ten years. Older air conditioners might consume a lot more energy to chill your house.

The features in more recent models allow you to adequately chill your home without increasing your energy costs.

Old HVAC equipment will increase energy costs and your carbon footprint. Newer models are created by engineers to be both environmentally and energy-friendly.

Summerize Your Cooling System In 5 Ways

Additionally, there are smart thermostats that let you control and keep an eye on your home’s temperature from your phone. So, you’ll never have to worry about accidentally leaving your air conditioning on.

5. Get Your HVAC Ready

Summerize Your Cooling System In 5 Ways

It’s time for your annual HVAC maintenance before the summer heat wave arrives! Annual HVAC maintenance can spare you the hassle of dealing with extremely inconvenient HVAC repairs as well as time, money, and stress.

The greatest method to extend the life of your HVAC system, maintain the highest level of air quality, and remain as comfortable as possible during the summer is what’s known as preventative maintenance.

HVAC specialists can identify any damages you might have incurred without realizing it and fix them before they become irreparable. This summer, take care of your HVAC system the way it takes care of you by having regular maintenance performed.

Summerize Your Cooling System In 5 Ways

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