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11 Ways to Improve Your Furnace’s Performance

The Value of The Air Handling Unit

Few individuals are aware of the connection between furnace efficiency, extending the life of your furnace, and financial savings.

Your furnace will survive longer if it experiences less wear and tear, much like your car or any other machine. Effective furnace use lowers wear and tear while saving money on your monthly gas bill. You won’t need to replace your furnace as frequently if it lasts longer. You’ll save money twice as much if you use the advice below!

None of these suggestions are challenging, but implementation is crucial, much like with exercise and dental hygiene.

1. Check To See If The Filter Is Clean

The furnace filter’s main function is to keep hair and dust from blocking your furnace. However, after a while the filter starts to clog up with particles. The additional strain on your furnace results from having to work harder to push air through the tightly packed filter.

11 Ways to Improve Your Furnace's Performance

The frequency of filter changes will vary depending on a number of factors. It can vary depending on how frequently you clean, whether you have pets, and whether you recently had renovations. A decent rule of thumb is to inspect the filter for debris once a month. Replace the filter or wash it if it’s reusable if you can see hair and dust on the surface.

2. Invest In A Programmable Thermostat

11 Ways to Improve Your Furnace's Performance

Only a few use programmable thermostats, which is still astounding. They frequently pay for themselves in a year, making them one of the finest ways to lower your monthly gas expenses. Additionally, they lessen the strain on your furnace.

An inexpensive, straightforward 5-day/2-day programmable thermostat will let you create a plan for weekdays and weekends that will lower the temperature while you are away from home or asleep.

3. Ensure That All Registers Are Accessible And Clutter-Free

A furnace has to be able to freely circulate air around your house in order to operate effectively. Verify that none of your registers are obstructed by objects or have dust accumulation in the cover. Be cautious when buying decorative registers because while they look nice, they might reduce airflow by as much as 50%.

4. Clear The Space Around The Furnace

The basement is where most furnaces are housed, and it’s also where we love to keep additional items. It’s crucial to keep the three to five foot area surrounding your furnace free of any storing materials. Given that the furnace is using gas, this is a safety concern. But because air can move freely, it also makes the furnace operate more smoothly.

5. Using Curtains Can Help You Save Energy

11 Ways to Improve Your Furnace's Performance

Your energy bill can be significantly reduced by using your curtains wisely. You can stop heat loss to the chilly outside by closing them at night.

Similar to a car parked in a parking lot, opening them on south or west-facing windows throughout the day allows warm sunlight to enter and heat the interior of your home. Try to keep any north-facing windows closed, even during the day.

6. Regularly Tune Up Your Furnace

To ensure that your furnace is operating as efficiently as possible, make sure to have it inspected and tuned up annually. One malfunctioning component might put pressure on the rest of the system and cause unexpected breakdowns. More information on the advantages of furnace tune-ups can be found here.

7. Employ Ceiling Fans

Using a fan in the winter may seem strange, but they can help balance out the air’s general temperature. Heat rises naturally and concentrates close to the ceiling. In rooms with vaulted ceilings, turning on your ceiling fan on low will help move the hot air to the floor.

8. In The Winter, Bake More

11 Ways to Improve Your Furnace's Performance

Increase your oven usage to give your furnace a break. It may also help heat your entire ground level. It will heat the entire kitchen area. A beautiful home-cooked meal will not only make you feel better, but it will also make your house smell wonderful.

9. Insulation With Ornaments

On floors, area rugs and carpeting provide insulation against drafts. Additionally, they provide excellent underfoot comfort, aid in soundproofing, and warm us up due to their pleasant appearance.

10. Maintain An Ideal Humidity Level

Most people have noticed that during the winter, the air in our houses is frequently very dry. In addition to drying out our throats and skin, it can also make us feel colder than we actually are. It will be easier to transmit heat if you use a humidifier to raise your humidity level to about 40%. The thermostat setting can be decreased without anyone noticing. Additionally beneficial to wood floors and furnishings, increased humidity can also lessen the likelihood of asthma and allergy episodes.

11. Check The Seal On Your Garage Door

One of the primary sources of energy loss in a modern home is the garage. Verify that the garage door is completely closed and that there are no drafts coming in from the top or sides.

These suggestions will help you keep your furnace in good working order all winter. Aside from saving money, you’ll keep warm and comfortable.

11 Ways to Improve Your Furnace's Performance

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