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Quick And Easy Steps To Take If The Homedics Humidifier’s Red Light Remains On

Quick And Easy Steps To Take If The Homedics Humidifier's Red Light Remains On

The HoMedics humidifier has two red lights, and there are particular procedures to follow in order to turn them off. To provide you with the greatest response, we did some research on the red lights on the HoMedics humidifier, including what they signify and what to do when they occur.

The HoMedics humidifier displays a red light when it senses a low quantity of water. The red light will turn to green when you refill it with water. A green light indicates that there is enough water available for it to operate normally. The clean indicator light in your HoMedics humidifier is another red light that could turn on. This light shows that it’s time to clean the HoMedics humidifier.

The ways to resolve the two red status lights are described in the following sections to prevent damage to your HoMedics humidifier or personal injury. Continue reading to find out more about other typical problems you can run into and solutions.

Safety Measures

Before unplugging the reservoir from your HoMedics humidifier, turn it off. To prevent an unintentional restart while you replenish and reattach the reservoir, unplug it from the wall.

Watering Down The Humidifier Reservoir

Most of the more recent HoMedics humidifiers feature one demineralization cartridge for each reservoir as standard equipment (models with two reservoirs have two demineralization cartridges), therefore filling up your humidifier with water is a good time to inspect these cartridges. If you use hard water on your humidifiers, you can easily reduce the lifespan to one month or less. They typically last two months.

Fill the reservoir with fresh water after removing the plastic top. Using distilled water will be even better, but using filtered water can help your HoMedics humidifier last longer.

Replace the reservoir’s plastic top after placing the reservoir back on the base. Reconnect the humidifier’s electrical cord and turn it on.

How To Clean Your HoMedics Humidifier Correctly

Quick And Easy Steps To Take If The Homedics Humidifier's Red Light Remains On

The clean indicator light is another red light that could appear on in your HoMedics humidifier. This indication is a timed light built into the electrical circuits of the humidifier that turns on after a certain amount of time.

You can detect that your humidifier needs cleaning by looking at the clean indicator light. To thoroughly and safely clean your HoMedics humidifier, adhere to the listed methods.

Materials Required
Before we go into the methods for cleaning your HoMedics humidifier properly, look over the list of supplies you’ll need:

  • fabric swabs
  • vinegar that is white and versatile.
  • fresh water
  • a little dish

Let’s now move on to the cleaning instructions for your HoMedics humidifier.

Steps For Cleaning

  1. Unplug And Turn Off The Humidifier
    Remove the power cord from your humidifier and turn it off. As a safety measure, do this to make sure you don’t unintentionally trip any sensors. Additionally, it prevents water from mistakenly entering any areas of the humidifier that it shouldn’t.
  1. Remove The Water Reservoir
    To open it, carefully disconnect the water reservoir (or reservoirs, if your model has two), then take off the lids. One or two fingers should be partially covering the aperture while you drain the water. By doing this, you can catch the demineralization cartridge and stop it from falling to the sink’s bottom and potentially breaking. Set the cartridge aside. If your model has two reservoirs, repeat the process for the other reservoir.
  1. Drain The Humidifier’s Base Of Water
    To prevent it from getting wet, place the power wire far away from the sink. The direction in which the water should be poured out or drained is indicated by an arrow. To drain the water, tilt the base in the direction indicated by the arrow. Then, put it aside.
  1. In A Vinegar/Water Solution, Soak The Reservoir
    A cup of white vinegar and a cup of water should be added to the reservoir. If you have two reservoirs, add one cup of vinegar and one cup of water to each. Use white vinegar with at least 6% acidity for optimal results.Vinegar can be used to clean and soften any mineral deposits that may have collected inside your reservoir. The best aspect is that white vinegar works well as a disinfectant within the reservoir, killing bacteria, molds, and fungus. In the reservoir, let the solution soak.
  1. Transducer Exposure
    Take the humidifier’s base and turn it so that the back is facing you. Find the tiny cover towards the base’s bottom. It features an arrow that points either towards you or at the machine’s back. To remove this cover, grab it by the handle and pull it up and toward you. The transducer is visible when the cover is removed. Set the cover aside.
  1. Vinegar And Water Solution To Clean The Transducer And Ring
    Half water and half white vinegar should be placed in the small dish. Take a cotton swab and dip it into the mixture. Mineral deposits can be removed from the black ring inside the transducer by cleaning it with the cotton swab. Apply the same procedure to the region around the black ring. When the black ring is bright, smooth, and free of any white traces, it is clean.
  1. Clean Hinged Floats
    Then, using a cotton swab dipped in the white vinegar solution, wipe the hinged floats. Remove any mineral buildup to allow the floats to rise and fall freely.
  1. Rinse And Clean The Humidifier Base
    Use a cotton swab and a tablespoon of the white vinegar solution to remove any mineral buildup from the humidifier base. Where mineral deposits are still present, the surface will feel abrasive or sandy. Once you’ve eliminated all the mineral deposits, it will feel smooth. Rinse the humidifier base well with clean water, tilting the base each time to drain the water after rinsing. Dry the damp exterior parts of the humidifier base using a paper towel, paying specific attention to the region around the power wire and the actual power cable. Place the humidifier base aside and reattach the transducer cover.
  1. Reattach, Add Solution, And Fill The Reservoir
    To clean the interior surface, take the reservoir and shake the solution inside. Pour the solution into the sink and thoroughly rinse it with fresh water. If you have two reservoirs, treat the other reservoir in the same way. Add water to your reservoirs.
  1. Check The Cartridges For Demineralization
    Verify your cartridges for demineralization. If they appear excessively dark or moldy, they need to be replaced. Reattach the reservoir to the humidifier base after inserting the demineralization cartridges. Put the reservoir tops back on.
  1. Connect & Reset
    Before you connect it back in, make sure the power line is dry by checking it. Connect a plug and turn on the humidifier. On the faceplate of the HoMedics humidifier, press and hold the red reset button. After about 3 seconds of holding the reset button down, the red light on the reset button and the clean indicator light will disappear.

How Frequently Should You Clean A Humidifier?

Quick And Easy Steps To Take If The Homedics Humidifier's Red Light Remains On

An indicator light on the HoMedics humidifier serves as a reminder for owners to clean it. If your humidifier doesn’t have this option and you use it two to three times per week, it is best to clean it every two weeks. If you use your humidifier every day, clean it once a week.

If you use hard water with your humidifier, you will need to clean it a little more frequently since mineral deposits will build up more quickly.

Why Does My Humidifier Keep Popping?

Typically, humidifiers emit a light buzzing or humming noise. This is the sound of a supersonic ultrasonic transducer vibrating.

A humidifier may occasionally make a popping noise if it is not set up on a level surface. Verify that your humidifier is level, that it is not tilting or vibrating, and that it is placed in a convenient location.

A transducer that is covered with mineral deposits is another reason why you might hear popping, gurgling, or even grinding noises. To thoroughly clean your humidifier, especially the transducer, follow the methods listed above.

Another loud noise emanating from your humidifier may be coming from a worn-out fan. The lifespan of your humidifier’s fan may be shortened if you use it in an area that is dusty.

Once the fan fails, it is time to replace the humidifier.

Can A Humidifier Also Purify The Air?

Quick And Easy Steps To Take If The Homedics Humidifier's Red Light Remains On

The air cannot be cleaned by humidifiers. They are unable to lessen the quantity of allergens in the air.

Can A Dirty Humidifier Cause Illness In People?

Because they are constantly wet, mold and germs can quickly grow on dirty humidifiers. Those who suffer from allergies or asthma may experience issues as a result of this.

In healthy people, a dirty humidifier might cause flu-like symptoms or even lung issues. Cool-mist humidifiers make it easier for bacteria and mold to grow.


Two red lights on the HoMedics humidifier switch on to alert users to its status. They typically continue working until the situation is resolved. Fortunately, they are easily fixed and aid with humidifier upkeep.

Quick And Easy Steps To Take If The Homedics Humidifier's Red Light Remains On

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