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What You Need To Know – The Number Of Space Heaters That You Can Operate Safely

What You Need To Know - The Number Of Space Heaters That You Can Operate Safely

You’ve probably heard that improper use of space heaters might result in a fire. We can assist you if you need to know how many of these appliances you can use safely to heat a larger area. We thoroughly investigated space heaters so that you would know exactly how many you could plug in.

On each of your available circuits, one space heater may be used without risk. If a room includes plugs on many circuits, you can use as many space heaters as there are circuits in the room.

What Determines The Maximum Number Of Safely Operated Space Heaters?

Electricity is consumed in TONS by space heaters. In actuality, it consumes as much energy as any other home equipment you might own, if not more.

The truth is that these little heat sources will use a lot of power from your breaker box, despite the fact that it may be difficult to think that anything so small needs more power than something like a refrigerator.

The normal power consumption of a space heater is 1,500 watts. It will therefore need 12.5 amps to run. The majority of household circuits are only rated for 15 amps, giving you little room for additional devices.

In other words, if you connect a space heater onto one circuit, it must be the sole device on that circuit.

A circuit may include several electrical outlets. Therefore, just because a room has four outlets doesn’t imply you may use four space heaters in it.

To find the outlets assigned to any given circuit, check your breaker box. To prevent overloading your breaker, be aware before you ever plug in more than one space heater.

Can I Use One Outlet To Plug In Two Space Heaters?

What You Need To Know - The Number Of Space Heaters That You Can Operate Safely

You could feel the need to use more than one space heater in certain situations.

While it may be okay to do this, you must first make sure that your breaker box has enough room.

On a single circuit, you shouldn’t have more than one appliance running. In light of this, it’s crucial to understand that you should never connect no more than one space heater into a single socket.

If you do this, there is a chance that the breaker will trip since the heaters will draw more electricity than the breaker can provide.

If there aren’t enough outlets, you could be tempted to utilize extension cords instead. Also, avoid doing this. Extension cables can brief out or become extremely hot because they are not designed to carry this much power. A fire could start if the cord heats up too much.

Is It Okay To Leave A Space Heater On All Night?

As long as they are positioned securely, space heaters can be used for extended periods of time without risk. We’ll discuss the definition of safe placement later on in this article. For the time being, just be aware that these appliances can run continuously with the right monitoring.

While a space heater is in use, someone must be awake and present. Despite the fact that they may run all night, you should NEVER use them while you are sleeping. It’s important to keep an eye on space heaters so that they can be turned off in case of emergency.

In other words, before going to bed, switch off and disconnect the space heater.

Does a Space Heater Need A Specialized Breaker?

What You Need To Know - The Number Of Space Heaters That You Can Operate Safely

We already know that space heaters will consume a significant amount of electricity. There shouldn’t be a need for a special breaker for this appliance as long as the circuit it is on isn’t overloaded. But under certain conditions, this duty might be worth taking into account.

A dedicated breaker can be the best option if you intend to use space heaters for an extended period of time. This is crucial if you intend to use the space heater with another appliance in the same room.

It is not advisable to use a space heater on the same circuit as a large appliance since the combined current will trip the breaker and/or raise the fire danger.

Know which breaker is responsible for which outlets in a given room. By doing this, you’ll avoid plugging in a space heater and overloading a circuit.

You should get in touch with an electrician so they can add a new circuit for the space heater to your breaker box if there isn’t enough room on any particular circuit for it or if you want to use the space heater as your main source of heat.

Safety Advice For Space Heaters To Keep You And Your Family Safe

What You Need To Know - The Number Of Space Heaters That You Can Operate Safely

While space heaters can add extra heat to your home that is required, they can also be dangerous if not utilized correctly. You won’t want a fire to start as a result of your carelessness. But any risks they pose can be significantly reduced if you adhere to these recommendations.

You Must Have A Level, Non-Carpeted Surface
First, make sure the space heater is placed on a level surface. Additionally, the surface it is situated on shouldn’t be carpeted. If there is carpeting, you should put a piece of board underneath it to ensure that no heater parts come into contact with the flooring.

For this, plywood will work best. Just make sure the section you use is big enough so that no carpeting is touched by any of the appliance’s heat.

The Positioning Of A Space Heater Contributes Significantly To Ensuring Your Safety
You must be careful where you install the heater. Do not place it in a child’s bedroom. Additionally, you should avoid placing it too close to anything that can ignite. Oily rags, gas cans, and other combustible objects need to be kept at least five feet away from the heater.

Additionally, avoid placing the heater close to any items that can catch fire if exposed to excessive heat, such as beds, curtains, or other fabrics.

Make It Pet-Proof And Child-Proof
A running space heater poses a considerable risk of severe burns if you have young children or animals. It’s a good idea to create a perimeter around the appliance to prevent children or animals from hurting themselves in order to prevent these injuries.

Put up obstacles to prevent anyone from touching the space heater. Make sure the barriers you build are placed a good distance from the heater. As a result, there will be much less of a fire risk.

When Not In Use, Unplug The Device!
Every time you use the space heater, unplug it. Make cautious to grab the plug when unplugging the device so that you don’t merely yank the cord out of the outlet. Regularly inspect this cord for wear or damage. Never operate a space heater with a frayed or damaged cord.

Never connect two space heaters to the same socket, as was described earlier in this article. Furthermore, you should never connect a space heater to a power strip. These are not designed to transport electricity that will power a space heater. A power strip could become overheated and catch fire.

A functioning space heater should never be left unattended!


Space heaters are excellent for adding extra heat to a house or workplace, but special safety measures must be taken. Failure to do so will greatly increase the risk of fire for you and your family. Always unplug the heater after each use, and keep it away from anything combustible.

What You Need To Know - The Number Of Space Heaters That You Can Operate Safely

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