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10 Ingenious Ways to Hide Your Unattractive Air Conditioner

How to Hide a Window Air Conditioner: 10 Ingenious Ways to Hide Your Unattractive Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner is your ideal comfort companion; it works tirelessly day and night to keep you comfortable.

There is, however, one issue. Window air conditioners can be an eyesore in your home, clashing with your decor!

When you install a window air conditioner, for example, the outdoor unit hangs out oddly, ruining your lovely patio or garden view. Similarly, the indoor unit clashes with your room’s motif, detracting from an otherwise well-designed interior.

But don’t be concerned! There are numerous ways to conceal, clean up, and hide your air conditioner outside!

We’ve put together 10 clever options for hiding your window or through-the-wall air conditioner, both inside and out. Some of these suggestions are for DIYers, while others are for homeowners looking for a quick fix. So, let’s get this party started!

Things to Keep in Mind When Hiding Your Window Air Conditioner

Prior to beginning the lesson on how to hide your window air conditioner, it’s critical to remember the following three points:

1. Allow For Airflow

The external section of the unit vents the created heat, and if you put an air conditioner cover on it too tightly, your unit can overheat and cause problems.

The indoor element of your window air conditioner need space to blow cool air. The airflow will be hampered if obstructions are placed directly in front of it with no empty space between them. As a result, your system will struggle to reach your desired room temperature.

Pair your window air conditioner with an external window air conditioner thermostat or smart AC controller to achieve and maintain your desired temperature. They automate your home’s environment and include features like weekly scheduling, location-based controls, Comfy Mode, use reports, and more!

2. Your Air Conditioner Should Be Easily Accessible

Make sure your unit is accessible for regular AC tune-ups and routine maintenance while covering or disguising it. You should be able to simply remove the AC cover without difficulty.

When utilizing shrubs to disguise the unit, make sure they’re kept trimmed so it’s still accessible.

3. Maintain the Distance Recommendation

Before concealing your equipment, check the manufacturer’s recommended enclosure distance. In some situations, failing to keep the required distance might void your warranty. Also, follow the safety precautions outlined in the user manual.

Inside, 5 Ways to Hide A Window Air Conditioner

Here are some innovative methods to disguise or mix your window air conditioner with your room decor:

1. Make a Cabinet for Your Air Conditioner

When your window or through-the-wall air conditioner is not in use, you can hide it using innovative alternatives. Making a charming tiny cabinet from scratch is one such clever idea!

You build a tiny cabinet around your device and adorn it with contemporary designs or bright colors.

Just make sure you can easily remove it during the hot months or when your air conditioner has to be repaired. You can also place suitable doors in the cabinet so that you don’t have to remove it when operating your air conditioner. Instead, simply open the doors and let the air conditioner to function normally. In this situation, though, you will need to design a larger cabinet to allow for air circulation.

2. Make Use of A Folding Screen

Don’t want to make your own art but yet want to disguise the window AC with something decorative?

Make use of a folding screen.

They are available in a variety of colors and patterns, and some are especially designed to contain photos or paintings. You can put up a photo of your family or a favorite piece of artwork.

This is a great method to disguise the unsightly front of your window air conditioner. Fabric fronts on certain folding screens allow light to pass through the window while still blocking the unit. You may match the cloth design to your room’s décor, and the screen can double as a decorative element while hiding a unit’s eyesore.

3. Hide It Behind The Curtains

How to Hide a Window Air Conditioner: 10 Ingenious Ways to Hide Your Unattractive Air Conditioner

Want to give your space a vintage feel while disguising the obnoxious window air conditioner?

Consider café curtains!

Café curtains are short and appropriate for a small space. Installing curtains halfway down the window will conceal your air conditioner while allowing natural light to enter.

Furthermore, because the curtains can be pulled aside when not in use, they won’t obstruct airflow, making them an excellent alternative for concealing your window unit all year.

Install curtain rods above the window unit and hang your favorite curtain. You can choose colors and patterns that complement the interior décor of your room.

4. Turn Your Air Conditioner into A Work of Art

How to Hide a Window Air Conditioner: 10 Ingenious Ways to Hide Your Unattractive Air Conditioner

Converting your window air conditioner into a work of art is an easy method to hide it inside.

Double-sided tape can be used to cover the front plastic panel of the air conditioner with colored paper. You can also decorate the plastic cover with patterned fabric instead of paper. To blend in the AC, match the colors or patterns to your overall motif.

Instead of being an eyesore, your air conditioner becomes a part of your room’s décor.

Just make sure the decorations don’t block the vents, or the airflow of your air conditioner may be hindered.

5. Choose a Decorative Box

Want to show off your artistic abilities while concealing the unattractive window air conditioner? Cover your unit with a wooden box and decorate it to your liking!

Measure your window air conditioner and cut wooden pieces to fit. Nail the parts together to form a box; you can only do the top, front, and sides if the bottom half isn’t visible. After that, spray paint the box white and embellish it with various materials. You may also leave it as is and paint it a vibrant color. Another option is to cover the entire box in ornamental paper.

Place flower vases or tiny decorative items on top once you’ve finished your design to complete the effect!

Outside, 5 Window Air Conditioner Hide Ideas

Here are 5 ways to hide the big window AC unit outside, ranging from using a flower box to utilizing a lattice screen:

1. Use A Well-ventilated Air Conditioner Enclosure

Using a wooden box to conceal your window air conditioner outside is a simple but effective solution. You can purchase an enclosure or create one yourself. You only need some wooden planks, a hammer, and nails, and your enclosure will be ready in a few hours!

2. Combine A Lattice Screen with A Miniature Garden

Even if you don’t mind the unattractive window unit, the combination of lattice screen and mini-garden will convince you to hide it.

Purchase or construct your own lattice screen to fit your air conditioner. To use this method, place a wooden plank on top of the screen to accommodate the plants.

Maintain a safe distance between the screen and the air conditioner. Place tiny planters on top with succulents, cacti, or blooming plants to make a stunning mini-garden.

3. Shrubs Can Help You Hide It

Consider hiding your unit with plants to provide a touch of greenery. Only tall window air conditioners will function here because they are situated at a great height compared to other units.

When planting shrubs, keep in mind that they shouldn’t be planted too close together because they can obstruct the operation of your air conditioner. Excess heat can also cause their leaves to burn.

4. Build a Plant Wall

A plant wall is an excellent way to improve the appearance of your outdoor space while also concealing the enormous window air conditioner.

The wall is made of wooden boards, and small boxes are added to contain the plants. Although constructing the wall yourself appears to be a massive task, it may be a fun weekend activity to tackle with friends and family. Choose plants that can endure the heat produced by your window air conditioner.

5. Conceal Your Unit with A Flower Box

Adding elegance and hiding this eyesore by enclosing the exterior part of your window AC in a flower box. Depending on your desire, you can use either real or synthetic flowers.

Keep in mind that flowering plants require special attention in terms of watering and feeding, and not all species can handle heat. Purple coneflower, zinnia, and butterfly weed are all heat-tolerant plants.

Hiding your window air conditioner both inside and outside can allow you showcase your creative abilities while also maintaining your home’s attractiveness. So, pick a solution that matches your decor and have fun hiding the huge box!

10 Ingenious Ways to Hide Your Unattractive Air Conditioner

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