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Does My Buddy Heater Need A Regulator?

Does My Buddy Heater Need A Regulator?

Have you ever questioned whether your Buddy heater requires a regulator while in use? We conducted a thorough investigation into this issue and identified a solution.

All Buddy heaters have a regulator incorporated into their systems. The Mr. Heater’s Buddy hose alternatives, some of which don’t require filters, are as follows:

  • Assembly of Mr. Heater Buddy Series Hose
  • 12-foot RV hose from Big/Tough Buddy by Mr. Heater
  • 12-foot hose with a regulator, Mr. Heater
  • 12-foot Mr. Heater propane hose assembly, 75,000 BTU
  • We’ll explore whether or not a filter is necessary while using Mr. Heater’s hose assembly in this article.

The Integrated Regulator In A Buddy Heater

All of the portable heaters made by the company, according to Mr. Heater, include a built-in regulator.

A regulator is required for any propane-using appliance. The Buddy system’s regulator is on the heater itself, whereas the tank-mounted system’s is located adjacent to a supply line.

The gas supply will only be excessively regulated if a detachable regulator is used. The rubber may be compressed by over-regulation during high-pressure gas flow. Oils and plasticizers, which are pollutants, are drawn out.

There are no plasticizers or oils in the built-in 10-foot buddy hose that could leak during high-pressure propane flows. Because they include oils and plasticizers, several other hoses require filters.

Is There A Distinction Between A Filter And A Regulator?

The built-in regulator regulates the propane gas flow for the Buddy heater. You need a hose assembly that serves as a fuel filter if you’re using gas tanks other than the one-pound cylinder.

Options For Buddy Heater Hose Assembly

Does My Buddy Heater Need A Regulator?

Mr. Heater now produces three hose assemblies without the need for filters. The 75,000 BTU 12-foot propane hose assembly is the only hose assembly that requires a filter.

Buddy Series Hose Assembly From Mr. Heater

This high-pressure, 10-foot-long hose system does not require filters. It works with both the Big Buddy and Mr. Heater’s portable Buddy.

It is directly affixed to propane tanks.

Rubber used in hose model F273704 is made from a distinct chemical compound. It lacks the greasy material that could clog the gasoline line.

Big/Tough Buddy 12-Foot RV Hose By Mr. Heater

There are no filters required for this 12-foot hose arrangement, which is utilized for RVs. It is connected to the Big/Tough Buddy’s regulated propane line, which is found on a camper or motor home.

It is durable and contains solid brass fittings and a quick attach feature. The F271802 hose connects to a low-pressure line.

12-Foot Mr. Heater Hose With Regulator

There is no need for filters with this low-pressure, quick-connect hose system.

This propane hose assembly, consisting of solid brass fittings and solely intended for use with Mr. Heater’s Big Buddy indoor/outdoor heater, attaches to 20-pound gas tanks directly.

It lowers the high pressure of tanks that hold 1.3 gallons and more to low pressure. The F271803 hose is a regulated hose.

12-Foot Mr. Heater Propane Hose Assembly, 75,000 BTU

This high-pressure hose assembly requires a filter. It is 12 feet long, connects to disposable cylinders, and features hand-tightening swivels on both ends.

Fits 5-20 lb cylinders is the hose model F273702.

How Frequently Should I Change The Fuel Filter In My Buddy Heater?

Does My Buddy Heater Need A Regulator?

Mr. Heater advises replacing the filter at the beginning and the conclusion of the heating season. Some people advise replacing a filter once a year and engage in ice fishing.

What Kinds Of Buddy Heaters Are There?

  • Big Buddy Heater: This 450-square-foot heater, model MH18B, is indoor-safe and has three heat settings: low, medium, and high. Its capacities range from 4,000 to 9,000 to 18,000 BTU. Two 1-lb propane cylinders are used. It has an auto-shut system that activates in the event of an alert or a low oxygen level.
  • Portable Buddy Heater. 225 square feet may be heated by the model MH9BX for use both inside and outside. It can produce between 4,000 and 9,000 BTU. When it senses low oxygen levels, when it tips over, or if the pilot light goes out, it automatically shuts off.
  • Little Buddy Heater. The smallest Mr. Heater portable, the model MH4B, heats up to 95 square feet. It can hold 3,800 BTUs. It is suggested for emergency heating, athletic events, ice fishing, decks, garages, and storage structures because it is safe to use within. It has a tip-over switch and a low-oxygen sensor for emergency situations.
Does My Buddy Heater Need A Regulator?

How To Use Buddy Heaters Safely

A typical year sees 1,700 house fires caused by portable heaters, claims Consumer Reports. Around 80 people each year perish in fires caused by portable heaters.

In December, January, and February, almost 50% of home heating fires take place. The proximity of the portable heaters to upholstered furniture, beds, and drapes causes the fires.

These safety recommendations are provided by the National Fire Protection Agency and the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers:

  • The portable heater should be placed on a solid, nonflammable surface.
  • Keep the portable heater at least three feet away from combustible and flammable objects, such as drapes and furniture.
  • Three feet should be the minimum space between kids and animals and the heater. Never leave a portable heater unattended in a child’s room.
  • In a garage or workshop where paint, matches, and gas cans are kept, never use a portable heater.
  • When leaving the room, turn off the heater.

Buddy Heater Security Options

The following are some examples of the various safety measures that Mr. Heater Buddy portable heaters have:

  • Safety tip-over switch: This little device, located inside the heater, shuts it down if it tips over more than a predetermined amount from the upright position.
  • Another compact device, the high limit safety shut-off, will turn the heater off if its internal temperatures increase above a predetermined threshold.
  • Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS): This sensor monitors the oxygen levels and shuts off the portable heater if they are too low.
  • The portable heater will automatically switch off at elevations greater than 7,000 feet above sea level.


A sturdy portable heater with specific safety features is called a Buddy Heater. It contains an internal regulator that keeps the gas flowing steadily.

The majority of hose assembly alternatives don’t call for filters. There are five variants available for you to select from, depending on your needs and specifications.

Does My Buddy Heater Need A Regulator?

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