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7 Most Efficient Heaters For Damp Rooms: What You Need To Know

7 Most Efficient Heaters For Damp Rooms: What You Need To Know

Your home may have some areas that are frequently moist. Bathrooms, basements, crawl spaces, and garages are some of these rooms. Heater alternatives can help with this problem if you’re having trouble heating these spaces. In this piece, we will discuss the top ones that we have looked into.

The top heaters for damp rooms are listed below:

  1. Cadet Energy Plus Electric Wall Heater
  2. Dimplex Fan Forced Heater
  3. King Electric Cove Heater
  4. Stiebel Eltron CNS Convection Heater
  5. Heat Storm Phoenix Wall Heater
  6. QMark SSAR Programmable Wall Heater
  7. Com-Pak Wall Heater By Cadet

Your home may become vulnerable to mold and mildew problems due to moisture. To avoid these problems, it is advisable to maintain your home’s relative humidity at a temperature between 40 and 55 degrees. For additional information on how to avoid dampness using heaters and how to identify its symptoms, keep reading.

The Best Heaters For Moist Spaces

1. Cadet Energy Plus Electric Wall Heater

With a built-in thermostat and a distinctive style that complements any decor, this heater from Cadet Energy is a terrific addition. It can run on voltages between 110 and 240. This heater may be mounted on the wall for increased convenience and uses 35% less energy than a normal bathroom heater.

It incorporates safety mechanisms to guard against fire dangers, overheating, and physical harm. It also operates very quietly.

2. Dimplex Fan Forced Heater

7 Most Efficient Heaters For Damp Rooms: What You Need To Know

This Dimplex heater can be the ideal choice for you if you desire a compact, straightforward heater. Small bathrooms, basement spaces, or laundry rooms can all accommodate it with ease.

It operates with a very quiet fan-forced motor and has a sturdy nickel-chromium base. For further security, it incorporates an auto-reset mode and an overheat prevention feature.

Here is a heater to take into consideration if your home has small rooms that are prone to draughty areas and persistent moisture.

3. King Electric Cove Heater

This handy heater can provide all the warmth you’ll need to warm up a tiny space, such as a bathroom, washroom, cellar, or any other enclosed location. The portable heater has a heating capacity of 600 watts and requires no maintenance.

Its sturdy construction makes it simple to fit in tight spaces, and its functioning is comparatively quiet. Additionally, it is UL listed and built in the USA. It operates on 240 volts of electricity and has a rather straightforward platform.

4. Stiebel Eltron CNS Convection Heater

7 Most Efficient Heaters For Damp Rooms: What You Need To Know

Stiebel’s 120-volt convection heater is simple to use and may be mounted on a wall.

The heater has a pre-programmable setting and two distinct thermostat settings for extremely easy setup.

It is excellent for tiny rooms and reduces moisture well. Furthermore, ETL lists it.

If you want to use the heater outside, it has frost protection as well as an overheating feature to reduce fire threats. Its long-lasting stainless steel design and controlled heat output provide continuous heat for an extended period of time.

In addition to having a 3-year manufacturer warranty, this heater is dependable.

5. Heat Storm Phoenix Wall Heater

This heater is ideal for use in restrooms, basements, crawl spaces, and other small locations.

It is a 15-volt heater that has a heating capacity of 150 square feet. The heater has a digital display for simple control, an infrared quartz light bulb, and both.

The movable thermostat may be tuned for your HVAC system and offers Fahrenheit and Celsius settings. This design is compact, unobtrusive, and will deliver consistent heat wherever it is installed.

For added security, it also incorporates child-lock buttons, a washable filter, and anti-trip technology. Additionally, you don’t have to be concerned about unintentionally getting burned by the heater because it has a sturdy body that maintains a cool temperature as it works.

On this furnace, there are no exposed heating elements. It barely weighs 8 pounds, making it lightweight as well.

The heater has Wi-Fi connectivity so that you may use a smartphone to access it from a distance.

6. QMark SSAR Programmable Wall Heater

Here is a programmed wall heater for your moist room that adds style and ease. It’s ideal for usage in bathrooms, closets, sheds, and basements. It has an elegant, sleek aluminium grille, and thanks to its small size, mounting it on the wall is simple.

It is pre-programmable and has several wattage and voltage options. Small companies like hotels, restaurants, and spas can also benefit greatly from using this unit. Look into this heater if you require a cutting-edge, powerful wall heater for your residence or place of company.

7. Com-Pak Wall Heater By Cadet

7 Most Efficient Heaters For Damp Rooms: What You Need To Know

And here is a small wall heater made by Cadet. This heater’s low profile and ultra-compact design make it ideal for confined settings. It is composed of sturdy sheet metal that is 20 gauge and is assured to deliver consistent warmth for your wet spaces.

It has an integrated thermostat and an extra knob for specialized control. The device has an auto shut-off mechanism, is UL listed, and operates silently. It can provide a balanced and dependable heating source or serve as an additional heater for a space. It’s also not too difficult to install.

Can A Heater Be Used In The Bathroom?

Yes, a heater is permissible in the restroom. However, you should try to keep any fire risks and personal injuries to a minimum. Here are some methods for doing this.

Put The Heater In A Secure Area
A space heater must never be put next to a water supply. This applies to the tub, sink, or any other location that is vulnerable to water leaks and splashes. If your bathroom is quite small, think about putting in a wall unit that is farthest from the bathroom’s water sources.

Never Use A Low-Quality Heater
There are many inexpensive space heaters available, but regrettably, some of them aren’t safe. Before making a purchase, it is advisable to review the space heater’s warranty and safety information. Some heaters use low-quality electronics that are prone to rust and fire concerns.

After A Shower Or Bath, Always Ventilate The Bathroom
Even if your bathroom has a heater, it’s best to maintain it as dry as possible. This entails opening any windows or doors following a hot bath or shower. By doing this, condensation and humidity in the space will be reduced, which will help the heater run more efficiently.

Does A Space Heater Lower Humidity?

A heater does, in fact, lower the relative humidity in the space. The humidity in the space can be reduced by at least 75% as the heater warms the air.

Will A Heater Allow Wet Walls To Dry Out?

Yes, a space heater or central heater can aid in removing moisture from wet walls. A dehumidifier can also be used for this purpose.

However, you should exercise caution and make sure the building components are not heat-sensitive. If exposed to high temperatures, some materials may burn, deform, dry out, or bubble.

What Indicates A Rising Damp?

Rising damp is frequently indicated by one or more of the following:

Walls With Dark Stains Or Wet Spots

One of the simplest symptoms to spot are black stains or tide marks on the walls. Salt movement, evaporation, and humidity are frequently to blame for this.

The marks are typically visible near the corners or at the bottom of the wall. The patches might occasionally be brown or yellow. Additionally, you might smell something musty or damp coming from the space.

Peeling Wallpaper Or Paint

The peeling of paint and wallpaper is another common indication of growing humidity. This problem will become more apparent as the amount of moisture in the space rises, especially along the baseboard and lower portions of the wall.

In this situation, the wallpaper or paint must be taken down and the space must be completely dried.


We hope that this article has demonstrated some of the top heaters for wet rooms. When the humidity level exceeds 55%, keep in mind that there may be a problem. Space heaters can be useful if you battle with high humidity levels in your house, especially in bathrooms.

7 Most Efficient Heaters For Damp Rooms: What You Need To Know

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