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6 Reasons Why We Should Never Leave The Windows Open While The AC Is On

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If one slice of a 1,000-calorie caramel-fudge-butterscotch cake is good, two must be better, according to a common misconception. If having one credit card is beneficial, having two must be preferable. If running your air conditioner is good, running it with the windows open must be even better. We can’t vouch for the first two, but the third is unquestionably false.

You might believe that opening windows while the air conditioner is on will help to cool the room faster. You might also believe that the fresh outdoor air will energize the cold, motionless indoor air. Unfortunately, leaving the windows open while your air conditioner is running can cost you in a variety of ways. Here are some reasons why you should close your windows when your air conditioner is on:

1. Instant Cooling

6 Reasons Why We Should Never LeaveThe Windows Open While The AC Is On

When even one window is left open, it creates temperature zones within your home. If the window is close to a thermostat, the room will be impossible to cool because hot air will constantly flow in.

It’s similar to those cartoon characters you’ve probably seen who are in a sinking boat. They’re using buckets after buckets to drain the water, but it’s still flooding. Your air conditioner is also attempting in vain to cool constantly flowing air. While attempting to regulate the temperature of the hot room, it turns the unaffected rooms into iceboxes.

2. Dust You Don’t Want

6 Reasons Why We Should Never LeaveThe Windows Open While The AC Is On

Leaving windows open allows dust to enter your home. The filter in your air conditioner may be unable to trap particles that enter the air handler. These impurities will adhere to the evaporator coil, fan motor, ducts, and electronic components of the unit.

If the buildup is significant, it can cause breakdowns and raise your electricity bills. The cooling process is hampered by dust on the evaporator coil. Filters that are dirty restrict airflow through the air handler. This causes the air conditioner to run longer. When a clogged air filter is combined with a dusty evaporator coil, the coil may freeze and possibly fry the compressor.

3. Cooling Delay

6 Reasons Why We Should Never LeaveThe Windows Open While The AC Is On

It’s energizing to open the windows in the morning and breathe in the sweet, cool breezes. Why keep the air conditioner running? In the summer, the air will quickly heat up, and your house will begin to cook. When you finally turn on your air conditioner, it will have to work hard to keep your house cool. An overworked air conditioner may also fail, wear out, or require replacement.

4. Humidity Increase

Leaving windows open before turning on the air conditioner invites humidity. The longer you leave them open, the more moisture will enter your home. Air conditioners not only keep your home cool, but they also keep it dry. When you close your windows, your air conditioner has to work overtime to remove humidity, and your electricity bill reflects this.

5. Forcing Cool Air to Leave

Even slightly opening a window will reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner. This creates vacuum pressure, forcing cool air out of your window and sucking air from other gaps in your home. This can be seen when your curtains are sucked up against the window and flattened out.

6. Improper Cycling

When you leave the windows open, the thermostat becomes desensitized to the proper temperature, and the air conditioner does not shut off when you want it to. This causes the unit to continue running, increasing your bill because it cycles much more frequently than it should.

At Night, Use Air Conditioning

6 Reasons Why We Should Never LeaveThe Windows Open While The AC Is On

Many homeowners in hot climates turn off their air conditioners and open their windows at night. This makes homes less comfortable than they could be with the air conditioner on and the windows closed. You’ll be inviting a lot of moisture into your home, which could cause damage.

While opening your windows while your air conditioner is running may feel refreshing, it has more drawbacks than advantages. When your windows are open and your air conditioner is on, the unit can become stressed or damaged. It may even disintegrate completely.

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