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4 Easy Steps To Install A Window Air Conditioner

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When your home heats up in the summer, sleeping, cooking, or simply sitting on the couch watching TV can become unbearably hot. All you need is an air conditioner to keep cool and enjoy an icy blast of cold air in the middle of a heatwave.

Window air conditioners are the most effective way to keep your home cool. They are simple to use, and even if you’ve never done anything like this before, installing an air conditioner is simple.

Here are four easy steps you can follow to install your window air conditioner:

Setting Up Your Window Air Conditioner

4 Easy Steps To Install An Air Conditioner

A window air conditioner must be vented outside, so it will be installed directly in your window. As a result, there are a few steps you’ll need to take to properly install it.

Before You Begin Installing

4 Easy Steps To Install An Air Conditioner

Before you begin installing a window AC unit, make sure the window you’ve chosen is close enough to a power outlet to plug it in. The cord on your new window unit should be about 5 to 6 feet long, so keep that in mind when deciding where to place it in the window. A window air conditioner should not be plugged into a power bar.

The Equipment Needed to Install A Window Air Conditioner

Installation requires a screwdriver or drill, all of the screws and brackets included with the window air conditioner, and a measuring tape. Save the instruction booklet for future reference.

You could have your new air conditioner up and running in an hour, depending on the location of the unit and the amount of work involved.

Step One Is to Arrange The Pieces And Measure The Window

4 Easy Steps To Install An Air Conditioner

The first step is to ensure that you have all of the components needed to install the window unit. Place them on the floor so they are easily accessible, and remove your window air conditioner from its box.

Then, measure the width of the window where you intend to install the unit. Mark the center of the window so that the air conditioner’s side panels are even.

Step Two: Install Side Panels And Weather Stripping

Weather stripping may be included with your window unit. If this is the case, open the window and apply the strips to protect your window and prevent air from leaking in.

Slide the adjustable side panels onto the window unit and secure them with the provided screws. You don’t want any gaps that will allow hot air to enter your room.

Step Three Is to Position The Air Conditioner In The Window

Window air conditioners are heavy, so have someone assist you with this step. You must pick up the unit and position it in the center of your window. Close the window on top of the air conditioner as tightly as possible.

4 Easy Steps To Install An Air Conditioner

Fourth, Attach Your Brackets And Adjust Your Panels

You’ll most likely find a L bracket or two in your installation package, which you should install according to the instructions that came with your unit. The L bracket is there to firmly hold the window closed because the tightly closed window will hold the air conditioner in place.

Screws may be used to secure your window unit to the window sill. If so, you should include these now. Extend the side panels to reach the window, then secure them with screws.

Begin Utilizing Your Window Air Conditioner

When the last screw is tightened, plug in your new unit, turn it on, and enjoy a cool blast of air.

It Is Simple to Install An Air Conditioner

Now that you know how simple it is to install a window air conditioner, you can plan for a summer where you can sleep peacefully and come home to a cool room. Take a look at all of the best air conditioners available right now and pick one to keep the air in your home cool and comfortable.

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