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Will A Fan Heater Spark? Why And How To Go About It?

How To Use Your Fan Heater

If your fan heater sparks, you should be worried. It indicates that there is a problem with your equipment.

When you detect that your fan heater is sparking, take the following action to prevent any potential danger:

  • Stay away from your heater.
  • Turn off the main circuit’s electricity.
  • Allow the heater to cool.
  • Learn the cause of your heater’s sparking.

Find out what to do if your fan heater sparks by reading on. Included is information on the issue’s root cause and a solution. Additionally, we have given you instructions on how to operate your heater safely and keep it in good working order.

How Should You React If Your Fan Heater Sparks?

It is typical to occasionally notice sparks coming from your heater. However, you should be cautious if a big spark surges out of the electrical socket or if the sparks last a long time fizzing.

A spark that smells like something is melting or burning indicates a significant issue.

As soon as you observe sparks coming from your heater, it’s imperative to make sure everyone is safe. If it is your appliance that has broken down, it can be dangerous. So, when dealing such a circumstance, exercise extra caution.

When your fan heater sparks, do the following actions:

Stay Away From Your Heater
When you notice sparks emerging from your appliance or the electrical outlet, wait before touching it. Use the remote to turn off the appliance if you can manage it from a distance.

You’ll need to shut off the power supply using another technique if yours isn’t equipped with a remote.

Cut Off The Main Circuit’s Power
To turn off your appliance from the outlet can be dangerous. You will need to turn off the circuit breaker’s current flow. Pull the plug out of the socket after cutting the power to the circuit that supplies the heater.

Allow The Heater To Cool
Allow your heater to cool down after turning the power off. In this manner, it is safer for you to examine the issue.

Discover The Cause Of Your Heater’s Sparking
Knowing the cause of your heater’s sparking is a good idea. Take it to a professional if you lack the knowledge to troubleshoot and want to learn what’s wrong. The next section contains an explanation of the potential reasons.

What Causes the Fan Heater to Spark?

Your fan heater may spark for a number of reasons, such as:

As You Plug Or Unplug The Heater, There Is Sparking
It’s normal for your heater to spark as you plug it in or unplug it. Do not mistake a normal spark for a bad spark, though.

Sometimes an electrical current might “jump” from the socket to the metal contacts of the plug as you are about to plug in or unplug.

You’ll momentarily notice a small, odourless spark as it jumps; this is typical and shouldn’t worry you.

As was previously stated, if the spark takes a while to fizzle and emits a stench similar to rubber or plastic melting or burning, you should be concerned. If the spark is not blue but yellow or white, you need to call an electrician right once.

These sparks may result from short circuits, worn electrical components, overloaded outlets, or outlets that were fitted incorrectly.

If these problems are not resolved right away, an electrical fire might start.

Ineffective Heater
The following factors can cause a heater to malfunction and spark:

Accessing An Extension Cord
Your fan heater requires a high electrical current, which an extension cord cannot provide. Even more at risk for potential fire threats are the smaller, inferior extension cords.

As an alternative, plug it straight into a wall outlet. Use a heavy-duty extension cord instead if you must, though.

Circuit Features Several Appliances
If you connect your fan heater to several other electrical equipment, a spark may result. This is due to the possibility of an overloaded circuit. Unplug a handful of the appliances to fix the issue.

An Old Or Worn-Out Fan Heater
If your heater is damaged or old, or if its electrical components are worn out, a short circuit could happen. As a result, the circuit experiences an excessive current flow, which sparks.

After inspecting the appliance and determining the issue, an electrician can resolve it. Your electrician could suggest that you replace the equipment if it is too old rather than trying to repair it.

Faulty Equipment
Your appliance may have a malfunction if you just acquired it and it keeps sparking. You can use your warranty to get a free repair or replacement if you have one.

The Humidity Levels Around You
Your heater could catch fire as a result of the surrounding humidity’s water vapour. Your heater sparking may possibly be due to a leaking pipe.

How To Use Your Fan Heater Safely

Will A Fan Heater Spark? Why And How To Go About It?

You may heat a small space, like your bedroom, with a fan heater, which is a portable equipment. When utilising this sort of heater, safety precautions must be taken. They consist of:

Maintain Distance From Flammable Items
If flammable materials are too close to a space heater, it could start a fire. Papers, tablecloths, and curtains are a few examples of items that should be kept three feet away from heaters. Also, whenever you use it, put it on a flat, hard surface.

If You Aren’t Using The Heater, Turn It Off
When you anticipate returning quickly, it can be tempting to leave your heater unattended. But doing this can be dangerous. Therefore, switch it off before you go to bed or enter another room.

Keep It Away From Kids
Children or animals who are curious may play with the heater, which could be dangerous. Keep it up high where kids can’t get to it. Cats and other small animals can fit in practically any space. You could utilise a well-ventilated barrier in this situation.

Make Sure Your Fire Alarm Is Operational
Despite your best efforts, things can still go wrong and your heater could catch fire. However, a fire alarm aids in early fire detection.

Make Sure It Is Still Operating Properly
Keep a close watch on your heater. As was already said, sparks may indicate a problem with your equipment.

While some sparks are innocuous, be cautious if your appliance emits a burning or melting scent. Watch alert for big or long sparks. They can be a sign that something is wrong.

Ways To Keep Your Heater In Great Shape

Will A Fan Heater Spark? Why And How To Go About It?

The lifespan of your fan heater is 15 to 20 years. It is crucial that you maintain it well, which is not difficult to do, for it to endure that long.

Keep inspecting your heater for any damage or discoloration, and if you find either, take it to a professional. Verify that the plug and cord are in good functioning order.

Additionally, you can regularly clean it by doing as follows:

Shut Off The Heater
Unplug your appliance from the electrical outlet after turning it off. Allow it to totally cool.

Clean Your Heater’s Surface
To remove the dust from the heater’s surface, use a microfiber cloth. Next, wipe the area with a damp sponge, then let it air dry.

Never mist the heater’s exterior or interior with water.

Eliminate The Cover
Remove the heater’s lid by unscrewing it. To remove and gather dust, spritz the interior with compressed air. By using a small nozzle to target difficult-to-reach spots like cracks, you can vacuum dust that is challenging to remove.

To clean the inside, you can also attach a gentle brush to the vacuum, being careful not to harm the fan. After that, you can use a moist towel to clean the heater’s internal surfaces and let it air dry entirely.

Put The Cover Back
After giving the lid a vacuum-clean, screw it back on the heater.


An great tool for heating tiny spaces is a fan heater. Because it is transportable, you may take it everywhere you go. However, you need to cease using it right once if it ignites. Take the circuit to a specialist after cutting the electricity.

Some sparks are common, while others are a sign that there is a problem with your appliance that has to be fixed right once. To avoid any potential fires, there are safety precautions you must follow when using this device.

Will A Fan Heater Spark? Why And How To Go About It?

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