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Which Is Better, ACiQ or Mr. Cool?

Which Is Better, ACiQ Or Mr. Cool?

An air conditioner operates by creating comfort while also drastically enhancing the room’s temperature. But which of the air conditioners from Mr. Cool and ACiQ should you pick? What characteristics of an AC unit should you be aware of, and what should you be on the lookout for?

Both products can raise the temperature of the space. However, there are other elements that impact technical issues, performance, and quality. You can use the following elements to compare the two in-depth:

  1. Temperature of Operation
  2. Consumption of energy
  3. Features
  4. Smart Management
  5. Warranty
  6. Price

Which Should I Choose Between Mr. Cool and ACiQ?

The choice between Mr. Cool and ACiQ air conditioners is difficult. We’ll break out their distinctions for you so you can make informed decisions about how to apply them.

Both of these can improve the room’s temperature and provide a more comfortable airflow if we use them for their intended purposes. It’s crucial to clarify more how their performance and quality vary.

Comparing two AC units with varying levels of technology is not a good idea. For instance, it would be incorrect to contrast the most recent model from Mr. Cool with the earliest model from ACiQ.

We decided to compare the “single zone” units of both brands for this reason. View the contrast below.

The following facts were taken from the manuals written by Mr. Cool and ACiQ.

1. Temperature Of Operation

While Mr. Cool has a temperature range of 62.2 to 89.6 degrees Fahrenheit, an ACiQ unit can operate from 62 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit at room temperature in the cool mode. You can observe that their cooling capacities are remarkably similar.

However, they are both capable of heating up to about 86 degrees Fahrenheit. This indicates that both can automatically change the system to balance the room’s temperature because they both respond to hot and cold airflow.

2. Consumption Of Energy

Understanding how much energy an air conditioner uses is crucial. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or SEER, which stands for “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio,” measures this by calculating the annual cost of energy use and consumption.

The US Department of Energy mandates that AC manufacturers create products with a minimum SEER rating of 13. Therefore, you should make sure that any AC unit you own has a SEER rating.

The majority of Mr. Cool’s units have a SEER rating of 23, whereas ACiQ has a score of 20. Higher SEER numbers typically have better efficiency than lower ones. As a result, it is clear that ACiQ has a higher SEER rating than Mr. Cool.

3. Features

Which Is Better, ACiQ Or Mr. Cool?

Regarding the technical performance of the AC, features are crucial. The majority of contemporary AC units have common features like remote controls and programmable settings. See the features of Mr. Cool and ACiQ that are similar below.

Regular Restart
When an AC unit abruptly shuts down as a result of a power failure or other electrical issue, this feature engages. The device will automatically switch on when the power is turned back on, keeping the original settings in place.

Operating Modes
Basic operating modes for both manufacturers include cool, dry, and auto. Additionally, they offer a sleep mode that is excellent for using at night to get a better night’s sleep.

When in sleep mode, the temperature will decrease by 2° F per hour for two hours. For the next six hours, the temperature must be held at this level. Before turning off, sleep mode runs for a total of eight hours.

Tracking Down Refrigerant Leaks
On some AC units, this feature is not accessible. However, Mr. Cool, ACiQ, and the LED light may all briefly flash “EC” or “ELOC” to indicate a refrigerant leak. This functionality enables you to resolve the problem sooner.

Use a manual leak detector to find refrigerant leaks if this feature is unable to do so.

Louver Memory Of Angle
The component of the air conditioner that directs airflow in the desired direction is called a louver. The louver can be moved manually or with a remote.

The mechanism will keep track of the louver’s most recent position when the AC is turned off. Therefore, the louver will automatically adjust itself when you restart the AC.

4. Smart Management

Which Is Better, ACiQ Or Mr. Cool?

Both manufacturers offer a smart control option that lets you operate the appliance from the convenience of your smartphone.

Through the EZ Connect program, ACiQ’s smart control facilitates easy access to the AC’s features. Ask ACiQ for instructions on how to use this feature.

On your smartphone, you may download the Mr. Cool app, though. To run the system, you simply need to verify for compatibility. To set up the app, follow these instructions:

  1. Create an account and install the application.
  2. The AC unit can be chosen by tapping the “add device” button.
  3. The directions that show on the screen should be followed.
  4. Re-enter the home screen and select WiFi. Connect to the network after the AC unit appears on the list of wifi devices.
  5. You can now use the AC unit’s functions after giving it a new name.

5. Warranty

Which Is Better, ACiQ Or Mr. Cool?

A product warranty is a commitment to pay for services and replace any damaged components of a product. A five-year components guarantee and a seven-year compressor warranty are offered by ACiQ as standard.

The compressor’s guarantee will be extended to 12 years if you register your device within 90 days of the time of purchase.

But Mr. Cool provides a guarantee that lasts five years for parts, seven years for the compressor, and one year for the remote.

You must register your device for the warranty with both companies. It is best to check the warranty with them as they may differ in what is included.

6. Price

Based on the model and amenities, the price of an ACiQ unit can range from $1,100 to $3,600, while the price of a Mr. Cool unit can be anywhere between $1,700 and $2,800. The mentioned price range may vary depending on the manufacturer and the product’s delivery costs.

Additionally, the cost of installing an AC unit can range from $15 to $38 per hour for an HVAC technician. In order to purchase an AC unit without compromising quality, think about evaluating your budget.

Why Opt For ACiQ?

It’s crucial to understand from the brand itself why you would pick them over rivals. For each product area, ACiQ strives for the highest quality and error-free standards.

Their improved products provide for flexible technology that may be tailored to your HVAC requirements and tastes. Additionally, ACiQ guarantees an energy-saving, quiet, and clean air conditioner. To meet your needs for air conditioning, ACiQ strives to develop high-standard technologies.

Why Mr. Cool, Exactly?

However, Mr. Cool offers a selection of smart, original, and dependable products. By offering cutting-edge options for a pleasant setting and practical technology, Mr. Cool keeps up with the times.

The goal of Mr. Cool is to develop an HVAC system that is environmentally friendly. Mr. Cool never stops developing new products and services thanks to their inventive breakthroughs.

Other Things To Think About

Of course, you can evaluate a product based on your own usage of it. In terms of quality and performance, it is simple to tell which one succeeds and which one fails.

When selecting an AC unit, there are other things to keep in mind. See the list below:


The certificates and permits issued by the local authorities are what we mean when we talk about legality. Verify if an AC manufacturer has the legal authority to produce and market their products, among other legal requirements.

Regardless of whatever brand you favor, it’s acceptable to be critical in this case.

Existence And Location

It’s possible that some units won’t be offered when you buy them. Or perhaps delivery of the device to your location is impossible. Is it possible to ship the AC unit you want to your location? How far away are you from the producer?

Answering these questions will help you determine whether to stick with your current brand or switch to one that can provide you the unit.


We appreciate you sticking with the article. We discovered the distinctions between Mr. Cool and ACiQ, and you now know which one to pick.

Then, using their specs, we contrasted the two products’ performance and quality. We also discussed with you the goals these brands have for meeting your demands.

Finally, we discussed additional aspects to take into account while selecting an AC unit. Consider your options carefully and select the best air conditioning unit for your house.

Which Is Better, ACiQ Or Mr. Cool?

What do you think?

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