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When Is A Kitchen Chimney Useful

When Is A Kitchen Chimney Useful

One of the most crucial components of a kitchen is the chimney. In order to avoid the accumulation of soot and grease on your walls, cupboards, and worktops, it collects smoke and gases from cooking and directs them outside of your house. You might be unsure of the best time to use your kitchen chimney. We’ve done the research on kitchen chimneys so you don’t have to, so stop searching.

To avoid a buildup of grease on your walls and air pollution in your lungs, you should always utilize a kitchen chimney when you are cooking on your cooktop. This is especially true when cooking with a lot of spices or frying meals. The smoke and pollutants created should be filtered away using your chimney.

Are kitchen chimneys effective at reducing heat there? How tall should a chimney in a kitchen be? Which fireplace is ideal for the kitchen? Learn the responses to these and other questions by continuing to read.

What Justifies The Use Of A Chimney In The Kitchen?

When Is A Kitchen Chimney Useful

The function of a chimney in the kitchen is to collect the smoke and gases generated during cooking and direct them outdoors. The accumulation of oil and filth on surfaces like your walls and cabinets makes it difficult to keep your kitchen clean if the fumes are allowed to stay within the kitchen.

Your kitchen may get stuffy and uncomfortable if there isn’t adequate circulation and smoke removal, especially when using a lot of spices. Additionally, heating or frying fatty foods produces additional odors. While you cook, your chimney will help keep the air in your kitchen cool and fresh.

Do Kitchen Chimneys Lessen Kitchen Heat?

A kitchen chimney’s main function is to remove cooking gasses, which also serves to lessen the heat that is generally generated while using a stove or oven. Your chimney will absorb heat and smoke while you cook, keeping your kitchen airy and bright.

Kitchen Chimney Size

It’s crucial to select the appropriate chimney size for your kitchen. While a chimney that is too large will be ugly and disrupt your kitchen’s flow, a chimney that is too little won’t do its duty of filtering out pollution from cooking.

What Should A Kitchen Chimney Be In Height?

It’s crucial to have the proper distance between your stovetop and chimney. The chimney won’t perform as well if it is too far away, but if it is too close, the hood of the chimney can catch fire. Your chimney should be between 25 and 30 inches above your electric burner if you have one.

What Should A Kitchen Chimney Be In Width?

The size of your stove determines the size of your kitchen chimney. Typically, kitchen chimneys are available in 30 inch and 36 inch diameters. If your range has four burners, you should probably have a 30-inch chimney. You’ll require a 36-inch chimney if you want a larger stovetop.

Kitchen Chimney Types

There are different kinds of kitchen chimneys, and where to put them entirely depends on where the cooking surface is. Following are some of the most typical kitchen chimney types and their applications:

When Is A Kitchen Chimney Useful
  1. Chimney Mounted To A Wall
    Wall-mounted chimneys are installed against the wall and placed over the range.
  2. Beach Chimney
    You need an island chimney if your cooking area is located on a kitchen island. Over the island, this will hang from the ceiling.
  3. Built-In Fireplace
    The furniture against the wall above your cooking surface, such as cupboards, may have built-in chimneys.
  4. Square Chimney
    If your cooking surface is nestled into a corner of your counter, you should utilize a corner chimney. The corner chimney should descend over your cooking surface and be tucked between the two walls.

The Best Chimney For A Kitchen?

The following are some of the top electrical kitchen chimneys available on Amazon:

When Is A Kitchen Chimney Useful
  1. Cosmo 63190 (36 Inches)
    This Cosmo kitchen chimney has simple push-button controls to adjust the LED light brightness and airflow speed. The fact that this type is so quiet is one of its best features; Cosmo promises that this chimney is quieter than those of its rivals. The filters are accessible and simple to clean. They don’t require replacement like many other filters do and are dishwasher safe.
  2. NAP02 EKON (30 Inches)
    Digital buttons and an easy-touch display are features of this Ekon kitchen chimney. To quickly get rid of smoke and cooking odors, you can set a timer for up to 15 minutes while using 4 different speeds. To enhance your cooking experience and brighten your stove surface, there are 2 LED bulbs. Compared to rivals, it has a very quiet motor. Also air filters may be quickly and easily cleaned in the dishwasher and are both easily detachable.
  3. COS-668AS750 By Cosmo (30 Inches)
    Soft-touch buttons on the digital display of this kitchen chimney can be used to adjust the lighting, fan speed, and other features. Your cooking surface is illuminated by gentle LED lights. The fan speed can be changed to suit your requirements. The tempered glass visor on this chimney helps to collect extra smoke and pollutants and guide them away from your house while also making the chimney incredibly silent. The dishwasher can be used to clean the stainless steel filters.
  4. Galaxy 668ICS750 (30 Inches)
    The Cosmo 668ICS750 has a digital display with touch controls for light, fan speed, and other functions. Your cooking area is illuminated by 2 LED lights, which enhance your kitchen experience. More smoke and fumes are collected by the tempered glass visor, which directs them away from your house. Its powerful motor operates quietly and effectively. Its dishwasher-safe stainless steel air filters are simple to remove.
  5. Golden Vault (30 Inches)
    A digital display and touch buttons on the Golden Vantage chimney allow users to change the fan speed, light, and other settings. It boasts a powerful motor with three speeds that are all under 65 dB in volume. Your cooking surface is illuminated by LED lights, and the digital clock on the display makes it easier for you to keep track of time in the kitchen. The aluminum mesh filter is simple to remove and dishwasher-safe for cleaning.


One of the most crucial components of a kitchen is the chimney, which absorbs smoke and pollutants produced during cooking to keep your kitchen clean and fresh. Every time you cook on your cooktop, especially when frying meals or using a lot of spices, you should use your chimney. This will keep the air in your kitchen clean and stop oil from accumulating on the surfaces. It’s crucial to check that your chimney is the appropriate size and distance from your stovetop.

When Is A Kitchen Chimney Useful

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