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What You Need To Know About The Lifespan Of Shark Air Purifier Filters

What You Need To Know About The Lifespan Of Shark Air Purifier Filters

When purchasing a Shark air purifier, one of the most important factors to consider is how long the filters will last. The filter’s longevity will determine how frequently you replace it to keep your home’s air quality clean.

Under normal conditions, the filter on your Shark air purifier should last six months to a year. The average service life of Shark’s air purifier filter, according to most experts.

Continue reading to learn about the factors that can harm your Shark air purifier’s filter. We will also address some key questions about this topic.

How Powerful Are Shark Air Purifier Filters?

What You Need To Know About The Lifespan Of Shark Air Purifier Filters

True HEPA filters or High Efficiency Particulate Air filters are used by Shark air purifiers. This type of air filter should be able to remove 99.97% or more of any tiny particles smaller than 0.3 microns (m).

The most penetrating particle size, or MPPS, of air pollutants is defined by experts as 0.3 microns. As a result, HEPA filters are far more effective at capturing larger or smaller air particles.

A Shark air purifier with a good filter can remove a wide variety of air pollutants. It effectively purifies the air against even the smallest air particles, such as:

  • Dust.
  • Smoke.
  • Hair from a pet.
  • Bacteria.
  • Spores of mold.
  • Other contaminants in the air.

How Long Is The Shark Air Purifier Filter Effective?

A Shark air purifier’s HEPA filter can last from six to twelve months. You should also consult your user manual because its life expectancy is sometimes expressed in hours based on frequency of use.

We also discovered that the average service life of your Shark’s filter is around 4,000 hours. However, after those hours, its ability to trap air pollutants will be greatly reduced.

The general quality of your home’s air, as well as other factors, will influence how long a HEPA filter will last.

What Factors Can Shorten The Life Of Your Air Purifier’s Filter?

What You Need To Know About The Lifespan Of Shark Air Purifier Filters

It’s always a good idea to know the average life expectancy of your Shark’s filter. But did you know that there are some important factors that can definitely affect the lifespan of your air purifier filter?

These factors are extremely important in determining the service life of your filter:

Usage Frequency
The frequency with which the filter is changed is also determined by the size of your home and the power of your Shark air purifier.

A Shark 4 air purifier has a CFM (cubic feet per minute) range of 133 to 160, making it ideal for larger rooms of 1,000 to 1,200 square feet.

If you’re using an air purifier with similar power and room size, you’ll be fine limiting its use to one hour.

By reducing the operational cycle of the air purifier, the filter will last longer. It is also prudent and practical to keep its operational cycle as short as possible.

The Level Of Air Pollution in Your Home
Because the primary purpose of air purifiers is to capture the finest air pollutants in your room, an extremely polluted environment will have a direct impact on the lifespan of your filter.

In addition to outdoor pollution, using a stove or burning wood in your fireplace are significant sources of indoor air pollution. Furthermore, heating oil or cooking food contributes significantly to indoor air pollution.

This is sufficient to conclude that it hastens the dirt overload in your air purifier filter. As a result, it shortens the average lifespan of your air purifier filters.

Neglecting Proper Maintenance
The filter in your Shark air purifier, like other appliances in your home, requires regular maintenance. Replace the filter every three to six months. Following the recommended regular maintenance schedule will result in improved performance and a longer lifespan.

Do Shark Air Purifier Filters Help With Asthma?

What You Need To Know About The Lifespan Of Shark Air Purifier Filters

Asthma is a condition that affects approximately 25 million people in the United States. Asthmatics may benefit from Shark air purifiers because they use HEPA filters. It effectively controls the air quality in your home, keeping asthma irritants at bay.

Do Shark Air Purifier Filters Purify the Air?

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are chemicals with a high vapor pressure but a low water solubility. These chemicals or gases are present in your home and, alarmingly, you frequently breathe them in, triggering asthma.

Although you may not be able to detect it, VOCs are commonly found in the following products:

  • Xylene
  • Toluene
  • Benzene.
  • 1,3-Butadiene
  • Formaldehyde
  • Ethylene glycol is a chemical compound
  • Methylene chloride is a chemical compound
  • Tetrachloroethylene

Surprisingly, Shark’s air purifier 6 can absorb VOCs, harmful gases, and other odors in your home.

Is It Possible To Wash Shark Air Purifier Filters?

Shark’s system filters, unfortunately, are not washable. When it becomes dirty, simply replace it. Because some Shark air purifiers require you to change the filter on a regular basis, you should always refer to your user manuals.

How Do You Clean A Shark’s Air Filter?

Your Shark air purifier, as you know, has a panel that flashes a light when it reaches its average service life. Its system will notify you if the filter needs to be cleaned or if it is finally time to replace it.

Although Shark air purifier filters are not washable, you can keep them clean in between replacements by vacuuming or dusting them; do not get the filters wet.

Here are the steps to properly cleaning your Shark air purifier filter:

  • Begin cleaning by securely unplugging the air purifier’s power cord.
  • By pressing on the tabs in the upper portion of the covers, you can remove the filter’s cover.
  • Pull the filter’s cover out carefully in your direction.
  • The method for removing the filter itself is to repeat the steps in number two.
  • To remove debris or dirt buildup in the filter, use a gentle vacuum cleaner and a blower.
  • Remember that your Shark air purifier filters are not washable, so avoid washing them with water.

How Do I Change the Shark Air Purifier Filter?

Your Shark air purifier is high-quality equipment. As previously stated, it can accurately notify you when it is time to replace its filter. To ensure optimal cleaning performance, you must comply and use only Shark compatible filters.

The steps for replacing the Shark air purifier 4 and 6 models are as follows:

  • To begin, turn off or unplug the Shark air purifier from the outlet.
  • Your air purifiers 4 and 6 have two tabs on the back. Remove the back grill by tapping them.
  • Pull the old dirty filter towards you to detach it. Secure the filthy old filter and dispose of it immediately. Because it contains contaminants that you may unintentionally throw back onto the surface of your room.
  • Before reinserting your new filter, make sure to clean the filter housing with a vacuum.
  • Attach the back grill cover gently and check that it is properly closed.
  • Finally, you can plug your air purifier back into its outlet and turn it on.

Pro tip: After you’ve completed our simple steps above. To reset your Shark’s system, hold down the filter lifespan key for at least three seconds. This will allow your air purifier’s system to refresh in preparation for the next replacement cycle.


The lifespan of the filter on your Shark air purifier will vary depending on how you care for it. We’ve covered everything you need to know about extending the life of the shark’s air purifier filter in this article.

You also understand how to replace it and clean it without using water. We can now proceed with the knowledge that you can now properly maintain your air purifier’s filter in order to extend its lifespan.

What You Need To Know About The Lifespan Of Shark Air Purifier Filters

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