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What You Need To Know About Running A Central AC (Can A Portable Generator Be Used?)

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Maintaining a comfortable climate in your home is essential, especially during power outages caused by storms or electrical problems. Central air conditioning units consume a significant amount of energy, prompting the question of whether portable generators can sustain them. This article aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of running a central air conditioner using a portable generator.

Portable Generators For Central Air Conditioning

Contrary to popular belief, portable generators are not limited to powering small appliances; they can also support energy-intensive home systems during power outages. Selecting an adequately powerful portable generator capable of running the air conditioning unit and other essential systems is crucial.

Understanding How It Works

What You Need To Know About Running A Central AC (Can A Portable Generator Be Used?)

While portable generators are often associated with powering low-energy devices during power outages, they can effectively keep essential home systems operational. Generators vary in terms of electrical production capacity and battery life duration. The generator’s wattage determines its power output, so it is advisable to choose a generator with slightly higher wattage output than the air conditioner’s requirements.

Starting Wattage And Running Wattage
Two essential figures to consider are the starting wattage and running wattage. When a generator starts, it requires additional power. It is crucial to ensure that the generator’s wattage output can handle the higher starting wattage to prevent any damage. Additionally, it is important to check these figures for other appliances that may simultaneously operate on the same generator to avoid failures.

Power Transfer Switch
Connecting a central air conditioner to a portable generator requires careful attention. If there is no power transfer switch between the furnace and central circuit breaker, it is necessary to hire an electrician to install one. This switch allows power to be routed from the generator to the system. Due to the involvement of dangerous electrical wiring, professional assistance is recommended.

Determining The Generator Size

Choosing the appropriate generator size for running a central air conditioner depends on the unit’s wattage needs. Size alone is not a reliable indicator of a generator’s power. It is crucial to consult the manufacturer or refer to the unit’s nameplate to determine the exact wattage requirements. Relying on estimates or guesswork may overload the generator, potentially leading to failure, system damage, or fire.

Calculating Wattage Requirements

Once the starting and running wattage of the central air conditioning unit is determined, along with any additional appliances, their wattage needs should be noted. Summing up all the starting wattage requirements will help identify the minimum energy output needed in a generator. For example, a typical modern energy-efficient AC unit uses approximately 3,500 W per hour, requiring a portable generator with at least 4,000 W of power.

Running A 2.5 Ton AC Unit

What You Need To Know About Running A Central AC (Can A Portable Generator Be Used?)

To ensure safety and prevent damage to central air conditioning systems, it is advisable to opt for a generator with higher power output than necessary. Many experts recommend using a 10,000 W generator to power a 2-ton or 2.5-ton air conditioner. Portable generators with power capacities of up to 17,500 W can power multiple systems and appliances simultaneously. However, their mobility often translates to higher costs.

Power Consumption Of Central AC

What You Need To Know About Running A Central AC (Can A Portable Generator Be Used?)

The electricity consumption of a central air conditioning unit depends on various factors. Newer and more energy-efficient systems consume less power compared to older, poorly maintained units. The cooling area’s size, measured in BTUs, also affects the power draw. Larger areas require higher energy costs to maintain the desired temperature. On average, a central AC unit utilizes around 3,500 W of electricity or 12,000 BTUs per hour.

Suitable Generator Wattage For Central AC

To select a compatible portable generator for an average standard central air conditioning unit, it is recommended to choose one with an output of approximately 6,000 to 6,500 W. Wall air conditioning units have lower energy requirements and are more manageable to run on a portable generator due to their lower electrical drain.

Can A 2,000-Watt Generator Run An Air Conditioner?

A 2,000-watt generator is unlikely to provide sufficient power to run any air conditioning system effectively. The energy needed to cool and circulate air throughout a space requires more electrical power output than what a 2,000-watt generator can deliver. Even window units are best suited for portable generators with capacities of 3,000 to 4,500 watts. Low-powered generators are designed for smaller emergency appliances and cannot sustain major home systems like water pumps and climate control.

Exploring Your Options

As a homeowner, having a reliable portable generator can alleviate stress during power outages or electrical problems. Random and unavoidable as they are, having a capable generator to power essential home systems is invaluable. Conducting thorough research and understanding the power requirements of all appliances will enable you to select the ideal portable generator, ensuring your comfort during unexpected difficulties.


Portable generators can effectively power central air conditioning units during power outages. Selecting an appropriate generator with sufficient wattage output, considering both starting and running wattage requirements, is crucial. It is recommended to consult the manufacturer’s specifications for accurate wattage information and seek professional assistance when connecting the generator to the central air conditioning system. By investing time and effort in understanding your power needs and researching available options, you can choose a portable generator that will keep your home cool and comfortable during challenging times.

What You Need To Know About Running A Central AC (Can A Portable Generator Be Used?)

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