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What Does The Mr. Cool Double Dash Error Mean?

What Does The Mr. Cool Double Dash Error Mean?

You might have observed a double dash error and wondered what it meant if you own a Mr. Cool air conditioner.

Double dashes on the unit’s display indicate standby mode for your air conditioner. The indoor unit shuts off until everyone is using the same mode when this occurs. The dashes indicate a dispute between the indoor air handlers.

As we cover various aspects of the subject, please read on to learn more in-depth information on Mr. Cool’s air conditioner and how it functions.

How Does The Mr. Cool Unit Function?

What Does The Mr. Cool Double Dash Error Mean?

The condenser and compressor system for Mr. Cool air conditioners is located outside the home, the air handling unit is located inside, and a conduit connects the two.

This system is mounted on the ceiling or the wall, and it functions softly. Because of this, it may be used in small spaces.

And the system functions the same no matter where it is installed. Additionally, Mr. Cool provides a variety of DIY mini-splits that you may install on your own without assistance from a professional.

What Does Mr. Cool’s Double Dash Error Mean?

An error code on your Mr. Cool air conditioner lets you know whether the indoor or outdoor unit is having a problem. The type of problem you might have is indicated by this code.

Your system is in Standby mode if your air conditioner has a double dash. The air conditioner is currently in conflict mode, which means it is not cooling or heating.

Whether you’re utilizing a single zone, a single indoor unit, a single outdoor unit, or a multizone system (a system with multiple inside units and a single outdoor unit) will determine this.

When you have one indoor unit set to cool and the other to heat, the double dash error on the indoor unit displays a code. This is due to the system’s inability to operate for both heating and cooling at the same time.

As a result, the system won’t switch to cooling or heating mode until it is in standby mode.

What’s The Coldest That Mr. Cool Could Run?

The temperature settings for cooling on the Mr. Cool mini-stat range from 50 to 99 degrees. However, the Mr Cool DIY’s lowest temperature setting is 62 degrees. Most mini-splits cannot be set to a temperature below 50 degrees.

Setting the thermostat lower when you are outside is a good idea, especially in the winter. Much energy is saved in this way. Even if you are unable to lower the temperature to 50 degrees, 62 degrees is a decent place to start.

Why Is My Mr. Cool Constantly Freezing?

When your Mr. Cool air conditioner begins to freeze up, there is a problem with the airflow system of the appliance. Constant airflow is necessary for an air conditioner to function flawlessly.

Ice will begin to accumulate on the coils if airflow is impeded, impacted, or interrupted in any way, even by a dirty air filter. This is harmful to your body’s system. Follow these easy methods to solve this issue:

  • Cut off the air conditioner’s power.
  • Allow the ice to melt naturally. It shouldn’t take very long to melt during the sweltering summer.
  • Verify that nothing is obstructing the airflow inside the air handler, in the ductwork, or around the AC condenser. Repair anything you see that might be obstructing airflow.
  • Make sure the evaporator coil is clean and replace the air filter. This is because a filthy evaporator coil could lead to freezing of your air conditioner.
  • When all the ice has melted, you can turn the air conditioner back on.

Your Mr. Cool air conditioner ought should be operating normally by this point. You should contact a certified AC repair professional if issues persist despite the aforementioned troubleshooting steps.

Why Won’t My Mr. Cool Remote Operate?

What Does The Mr. Cool Double Dash Error Mean?

Problems with the remote control when using your AC are frequently unavoidable over time. These issues are typically simple to resolve and do not call for expert assistance. Here are some potential causes of your Mr. Cool remote not functioning:


The remote may be out of reach if you are too far from your air conditioner. You could think your remote is broken as a result of this.

Just move closer to the device to solve the issue. Another potential cause and potential barrier to the remote’s signal reception are dirty sensors. Additionally, check to see if they are clean.


The remote’s batteries may have run out if the distance between it and the air conditioner is not the issue yet it still won’t operate. You are now prepared to use them after replacing the batteries with fresh ones.

How Does Self-Clean Affect Mr. Cool?

There are two buttons on the remote control for the air conditioner, and one of them is the self-clean button. When the air conditioner is in self-clean mode, the evaporator coil is automatically cleaned and dried.

Your air conditioner will last longer if the coil is kept clean. Every two months, you can do the self-cleaning test. When in AC mode, it can dry the coil for around 30 seconds.

Does Mr. Cool Have A Reputable Name?

You might be considering purchasing a Mr. Cool air conditioner but are unsure of the company’s reputation. One of the most well-known producers of heating and cooling systems is Mr. Cool.

For more than ten years, they have been producing HVAC systems using their split series. They are also simple to install.

What Is The Duration Of Mr. Cool Mini-Splits?

Mr. Cool’s mini-split can continue to run efficiently for 20 years if properly maintained. This is far above the typical lifespan of 12 to 15 years for conventional air conditioners.

The ductless mini-split system will likely live longer than other types of air conditioning, it is safe to say. Your AC’s lifespan and performance over time are both influenced by routine maintenance and proper use.

What Does The Mr. Cool Double Dash Error Mean?

The maintenance advice listed below can help your Mr. Cool mini-splits last longer.

System Cleaning

The accumulation of dust and debris in your mini-split system could be a serious issue. In particular, if you use your system every day, it is advised that you wipe it off once a week with a moist cloth.

Your AC will run more efficiently if you routinely inspect the exterior vents for obstructions.

Keep The Condenser And Coil Clean

Your mini-split system’s exterior also has to be cleaned frequently. But be sure to turn off the system’s power before you begin cleaning. You can use a garden hose to spray the appliance, but be careful not to overpressurize it.

Dust off any leftover material after this. As essential components of your air conditioning system, your coil and condenser must be kept clean.

Condenser maintenance is crucial since a damaged condenser could render the entire air conditioner ineffective.

Allow The System Enough Room

Even though ductless air conditioning takes less space than central air conditioning, the ductless system still needs adequate room to operate.

To keep it from collecting a lot of dust, avoid placing the unit too close to furniture. It will be alright if there is at least four feet of surrounding space.

What Are Mr. Cool Mini-Common Split’s Issues?

Mini-splits typically don’t have ductwork but nevertheless provide energy-efficient cooling and heating. Like other types of comfort systems, they could experience problems. Here are a few mini-split issues that are frequently encountered:

Device Is Not Cooling

There can be a refrigerant leak if you discover that your mini-split is blowing hot air.

Your home will remain cold because of how refrigerant moves heat. Make sure to solve this issue as soon as you can. For assistance, get in touch with a certified HVAC specialist.


A mini-split often doesn’t create much noise while it’s running. But if the plastic housing expands or contracts, it can begin to do so. When the system enters defrost mode, it could also generate noise.

To Sum Up

For a long time, the Mr. Cool brand has produced trustworthy ductless mini-split systems.

If your appliance develops a problem, try putting it in the same mode—either cooling or heating mode. This will maintain the functionality of your system.

What Does The Mr. Cool Double Dash Error Mean?

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