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What You Need To Know About Carrier Furnace Code 34

What You Need To Know About Carrier Furnace Code 34

In the winter, you require a furnace that is in good working order. And you should be concerned if the trouble code 34 on your Carrier furnace flashes. What does this error code indicate, though?

A failed ignition test is indicated by the carrier error code 34. This shows that the furnace control board has shut down as a result of failing to detect a flame or the proper flame.

As you read on, we’ll provide you the warning indications and symptoms that this error code is occurring in your furnace. We’ll also go into the causes of this problem and how to fix it. We’ll go through more error codes you could see and how to remedy them as well.

What Indicates A Code 34 Issue With Your Furnace?

What You Need To Know About Carrier Furnace Code 34

The flame proofing issue is usually present when the furnace starts and then turns off after 20 to 30 seconds. A furnace verifies if the combustible gas is lit before turning on to avoid letting unlit gases permeate the home and damaging the appliance with soot.

Before the appliance goes off after 20 to 30 seconds, flames might be seen. If there are no flames and the furnace shuts off after 20 to 30 seconds, the burners’ gas supply may be the problem.

What Brings On The Error Code 34 On Your Carrier Furnace?

The following are the most typical reasons your furnace is having this error:

  • Soot buildup on the flame sensor
  • Turning the Gas Valve Off by Hand
  • Low Gas Pressure Is Applied To The Inlet And Outlet
  • Lack of Ground Controls
  • Ineffective Gas Valve
  • Unsuccessfully Grounded Flame Sensor
  • Clean Burners

How Do I Get Soot Off My Flame Sensor?

What You Need To Know About Carrier Furnace Code 34

To remove any leftover soot, remove the flame sensor and give it a thorough cleaning with normal steel wool. Since new flame sensors are inexpensive and eventually wear out, it is preferable to purchase a spare set.

What To Do When The Gas Valve Is Manually Shut Off?

Make that the gas shutdown valve on the gas line leading to the furnace is turned on. Verify that the On/Off switch for the valve is firmly in the ON position.

How Can Low Inlet And Outlet Gas Pressure Be Fixed?

You can do the following tests to determine if your inlet gas pressure is low:

  • Check the gas valve for sufficient gas pressure using a manometer. Natural gas has a water column of 5-7 inches, compared to 11–13 inches for propane.
  • To check the pressure there, you can tap into the incoming side of the gas valve. If your valve doesn’t have an incoming tap or is broken, you can use a gas pipe cap with a hole drilled in it to suit your brass manometer fitting and read it at the output.
  • Contact your utility provider or propane supplier to resolve problems with incoming gas pressure.

However, in order to check the outlet for pressure, you should:

  • By removing the gas pressure tap cover and fixing a manometer, you can check the gas pressure.
  • After re-connecting, switch on the furnace and make any necessary adjustments to the High Fire and Low Fire settings using the set screws.
  • Gas pressure can be changed by turning the set screw in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction.
  • After adjusting, apply a little amount of pipe dope to the test connection cap before replacing the gas valve.

What Furnace Controls Need To Be Inspected To Make Sure They Are Grounded?

Check the safety of the ground at the blower motor, inducer, and transformer as well as the ground wire, which is typically a green or green/yellow wire and leads to the gas manifold

How Can You Tell If Your Furnace Gas Valve Is Faulty?

What You Need To Know About Carrier Furnace Code 34

The gas valve is broken if it is receiving 24V at the point of incoming power but not opening. Most likely, the control solenoid for the internal valve malfunctioned.

How Can A Gas Burner Be Cleaned?

The following steps must be followed in order to clean the burner on your gas furnace:

  1. Turn Off The Gas
    Safety should always come first while undertaking any furnace maintenance or cleaning duties at home. Always turn off the gas and the power to your appliance before starting.
  2. Remove The Burner
    To locate the burner in your furnace, remove the front panel. Read your owner’s manual for information on how to remove the panel. In the chamber above the blower, the burners need to be apparent.
  3. Clean The Burners
    To clean the burners, use a vacuum with a soft brush. Use the vacuum to get rid of any debris that is on the burner. Debris is an expression of rust and dust. You might need to softly tap the burners to get rid of any debris.
  4. Reinstall The Burners
    After cleaning your burners, reinstall them in the furnace and then replace the panel. Now that your gas and electricity are turned on, you can resume using your furnace.

How Do Your Carrier Furnace’s Lights Display Error Codes?

If there is ever a problem with the system, your Carrier furnace will let you know. The majority of the widely used furnace brands all communicate trouble codes via a system of flashing lights, even if the fault codes for furnaces vary based on the model.

In order to interpret the furnace error code, locate the LED light and then watch how it blinks. Keep track of how often and how long the light flashes. Consult the installation manual for your specific furnace for details on what each set of lights denotes.

To do this, often a two-digit code is employed. The first number indicates how many times a yellow light flashed, while the second indicates how many times a green light flashed.

A green light often indicates that everything is functioning as it should. For instance, a rapidly flashing green light may signal that the blower system is in use, which would mean that the furnace is now supplying heat to the house.

Wrapping Up

Check your gas valve, flame sensor, flame burner, and the ground connections of your controls and sensors when you see error code 34 flashing on your Carrier furnace.

Calling a qualified HVAC specialist to do a thorough diagnosis is the best plan of action if you are still unable to resolve the issue.

What You Need To Know About Carrier Furnace Code 34

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