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Ways To Increase Air Circulation In A Room Without Windows

Ways To Increase Air Circulation In A Room Without Windows

Basements, attics, and tiny storage rooms may occasionally be constructed without windows. This does not exclude you from developing strategies to increase air circulation in these spaces, though. But how do you accomplish this?

Here are some strategies for enhancing air circulation in spaces without windows:

  • Utilize travel or portable fans
  • Leave the door open
  • Include a ceiling fan in the space
  • Activate the HVAC
  • Install a wall AC
  • Put in a swamp cooler
  • Install a ductless mini-split air conditioner.

It’s not hard to increase air circulation in rooms without windows, but it helps to be familiar with the arrangement of the space. Consult with a contractor who can offer you workable alternatives if you discover that you can’t use one of the techniques in your space.

Reasons For Room Ventilation

Increasing airflow can improve the comfort of congested spaces. A windowless room can easily get warmer when there are several people inside from body heat. Enhancing the room’s air circulation can bring in fresh air, get rid of stale odours, and make the space feel cooler.

You will unquestionably require ventilation if you intend to carry out practical tasks in a room without windows, such cooking or painting, in order to remove humidity and lower dangerous VOCs from smoke or chemicals. Let’s look at various strategies for getting fresh air into windowless spaces.

Techniques For Increasing Air Circulation In A Room Without Windows

Utilize Travel Or Portable Fans

Ways To Increase Air Circulation In A Room Without Windows

You can always add one or two portable fans to the room for increased circulation if it doesn’t already have a ceiling fan. Remember that it’s a good idea to rotate the fans every few hours to ensure that the air is circulated through the entire area. By installing fans in the space, you may push out the heated, stuffy air and let fresh air from other sections of the house in.

Make sure the fans are facing the entrance and that one is inclined towards the ceiling. As heat increases, this will cause one fan to push warm air away while the other directs it towards the door. You may require a 15 or 20-foot extension cord to be placed in the corridor or other adjoining rooms if the room lacks an outlet.

Leave The Door Open

To let fresh air in, think of opening the room’s door. By doing so, heated air will be able to leave the room and be replaced by air from other parts of the house. You can also let additional air flow by opening a neighbouring outdoor door. If there are windows in the adjacent rooms, make sure to open them so that air from those rooms can enter the room without windows.

Include A Ceiling Fan In The Space

Ways To Increase Air Circulation In A Room Without Windows

Adding a ceiling fan is another efficient way to enhance air circulation in the space. For between $80 and $150, you can buy a ceiling fan at any nearby hardware store or online.

A ceiling fan’s main advantage is that it can cool a room down by moving air around. The cost of hiring a contractor to install the ceiling fan is roughly $150. It can be worthwhile to install a new ceiling fan if you intend to use the space frequently.

Activate The HVAC

It might be simpler to just switch on the heat or air conditioning so that fresh air can flow in the space if your house or apartment already has central air conditioning. When doing this, make sure to open the door of the room to allow the old air in the space to be expelled.

Install A Wall AC

Consider mounting an AC unit on the wall as well. Similar to window air conditioners, wall air conditioners operate in a similar manner. The distinction is that these units are positioned on a room wall as opposed to being atop the window sill. A wall unit is unquestionably the best option if you’re seeking for an effective approach to vent the area without installing a central air conditioning system. These devices can assist in cooling the space while causing the remaining air to circulate.

Put In A Swamp Cooler

Small portable coolers that you may move from room to room to help cool them down are known as portable evaporative coolers or swamp coolers. By blowing cool, directed air into the room and expelling warm air, these little coolers function exceptionally well in dry regions and can aid in improving air circulation. Depending on the size and brand of the cooler, prices for them normally range from $100 to $300.

Install A Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner

You may have all the benefits of central air without the headache of installing air ducts by using mini-split systems. By forcing warm or cool air into the room, a ductless air conditioning system can improve the circulation in the area.

The price of a new mini-split system can range from $1,600 to over $3,000, so it is important to budget for it in advance.

How Can You Freshen The Air In A Room Without Windows?

A room’s odour might originate from a number of different places. The most typical causes include moisture, microorganisms, soiled sheets or clothing, etc. Let’s take a look at a few fast techniques to freshen the air in a tasty room.

Odor Neutralizers

Utilizing carbon filters, odour eliminators capture unpleasant odours, bacteria, and dust, leaving your space feeling clean and fresh. The majority of models have two settings that let you control how quickly the appliance absorbs scents.

An odor eliminator might be useful if you have windowless rooms that are constantly being invaded by the smell of paint, stale laundry, or cigarette smoke.


Ways To Increase Air Circulation In A Room Without Windows

Dehumidifiers function by chemically attracting moisture from the air. Often, strong odors might result from an excess of humidity in a limited area, which fosters the growth of mold and fungus. A little dehumidifier and a single-use air freshener can make all the difference in the world.

DIY Air Freshener

Use baking soda to neutralise unpleasant odours in your space. One of the best odour absorbers and eliminators you can buy is baking soda. Additionally, you can add kitty litter or charcoal to it for added odour absorption to help a windowless room with strong odours.

Simply put the baking soda in a sizable bowl and store it in a closet or under a bed to utilize it.

Can I Run My AC With Just The Fan On

To make a room cooler, turn on the internal fan mode on your air conditioner. Nevertheless, this can increase your utility bill and hasten the clogging of your filter. Additionally, due to the higher humidity levels in a room without windows, mould and mildew may flourish there. The auto setting on your air conditioner is a superior option for maintaining the room’s temperature. It will not only circulate fresh air, but it might also reduce your coolant expenses.

Is It Better For Air Circulation To Have The Door Open Or Closed?

The temperature of the room can change depending on whether you leave the door open or closed when you switch on the heat or air conditioning. The HVAC system pressurises the air in the room when a door is left closed and operating. As a result, the air in the room will move more freely than it would if the door were open. Better air circulation will result from opening the door.


We hope this essay has been informative and has shown you a few different ways to move air about in a space without windows. Opening the door and adding a few portable fans to the space will help the air circulate more quickly and easily.

Ways To Increase Air Circulation In A Room Without Windows

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