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How To Troubleshoot A New Window AC That’s Not Cooling Properly

How To Troubleshoot A New Window AC That's Not Cooling Properly

You recently purchased a new window air conditioner, but it’s not providing the desired cooling effect. If you’re facing this issue, you’re probably wondering what could be causing the problem. We have conducted research to identify potential reasons for this concern and gathered possible solutions. Here’s what we discovered.

Possible Causes of A Brand New Window AC Not Cooling:

When a new window AC fails to cool, several factors may be responsible:

  1. Inadequate product handling during delivery
  2. Damaged condenser coils
  3. Ill-fitting air filter
  4. Incorrect thermostat settings

Understanding the underlying issues and implementing appropriate solutions can help restore the cooling performance of your new AC unit. Let’s delve into each of these concerns in detail and explore possible remedies.

Improper Product Handling During Delivery

This issue often occurs when purchasing an AC online. The shipping company may not follow proper packaging protocols, leading to damage during transit. Common concerns related to improper handling include:

  • Use of a small box that doesn’t provide sufficient protection
  • Inadequate cushioning material to secure the AC
  • Mishandling of the package during transit

If you receive a defective air conditioner, refer to the manufacturer or retailer’s return policy for instructions on returning the faulty unit.

Damaged Condenser Coils

How To Troubleshoot A New Window AC That's Not Cooling Properly

Your new AC may have faulty condenser coils, which play a vital role in converting hot outside air into cold air. Refrigerant leaks can prevent the AC from blowing cold air. You can either attempt to repair the damaged coils yourself or return the unit for a replacement with fully-functioning condenser coils.

Ill-Fitting Air Filter

Sometimes, during the assembly process, the air filter may not be properly installed, leading to reduced performance. This can cause the AC to accumulate dirt and debris at a faster rate, resulting in insufficient cooling. Reinstalling the air filter correctly or replacing it, if damaged, can help resolve this issue.

Incorrect Thermostat Settings

If your AC has independent controls that work with the home’s thermostat, mismatched settings can prevent the appliance from blowing air at the desired temperature. This problem is more likely to occur in humid rooms. Adjusting the thermostat settings and ensuring they align with the AC’s operating mode can help rectify this issue.

How To Troubleshoot A New Window AC That's Not Cooling Properly

Repair Methods To Fix A New Window AC That’s Not Cooling

If you encounter any of the above issues, there are some repair methods you can try to restore your window AC’s cooling capabilities. Here are a couple of solutions:

Repairing Condenser Coil Leak
Repairing a condenser coil leak requires extensive work and should be considered if your AC is no longer under warranty. Steps involved in this repair process include:

  • Removing the AC from the installation location
  • Opening the outer shell as per manufacturer’s instructions
  • Locating and repairing the damaged area of the condenser coil using a welding machine and silver solder
  • Reinstalling the outer shell and returning the AC to its original setup

If you prefer an alternative to using a welding machine, you can try using an air conditioner sealant to seal cracks and gaps in the condenser coil.

Reinstalling the Air Filter
Reinstalling an ill-fitting air filter is a simple task that doesn’t require special skills or tools. Follow these steps:

How To Troubleshoot A New Window AC Thats Not Cooling Properly
  • Remove the front panel to access the air filter
  • Take out the filter from its tab
  • Reinstall the air filter properly

If the air filter is damaged, consider replacing it to ensure optimal cooling performance.


If your brand new window AC is not cooling as expected, it’s important to identify the underlying cause and implement the appropriate solution. Factors such as improper product handling, damaged condenser coils, ill-fitting air filters, or incorrect thermostat settings can contribute to the issue. By following the suggested repair methods or considering a replacement, you can restore your window AC’s cooling efficiency and enjoy a comfortable environment.

How To Troubleshoot A New Window AC That's Not Cooling Properly

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