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The Value of Coil Cleaning

The Importance of Coil Cleaning

As summer officially transitions into fall, we are reminded that the chill of autumn will soon be felt in the air. And, as we begin to replace bathing suits and flip flops with sweatshirts and sweaters, we must also prepare our homes for the impending temperature change. Changing out summer decorations for mums and pumpkins, scheduling a heating system tune-up, replacing HVAC and water purification filters, and cleaning out gutters are all musts. Is coil cleaning, however, necessary?

Is Coil Cleaning Really Required?

The simple answer is that coil cleaning is required. It is, in fact, an essential service for your HVAC system. The coils become covered in dirt, dust, and debris that is carried by the airflow to and from your system over time. And, as that layer of small particles builds up, the coils become clogged and have to work harder, putting a strain on your entire HVAC system and potentially causing operating parts to burn out and your utility bills to skyrocket.

Dirty coils can also have a negative impact on the air quality in your home. Your coils can become a breeding ground for mold and mildew as dirt and dust accumulate. Furthermore, with dirt-covered coils, the humidity level in your home can rise to unhealthy levels, creating a breeding ground for bacteria.

How Frequently Should Coils Be Cleaned?

Your coil cleaning should be scheduled on a regular basis, but a few factors can influence the time-frame that we recommend. Our HVAC technicians recommend that you have them cleaned at least once every three years, but that you have them cleaned more frequently if you have older equipment or equipment that gets a lot of use.

Can I Clean My Own HVAC Coils?

Coil cleaning is a job that should get left to the professionals. Your HVAC system’s coils are not only an integral part of the machinery, but they are very delicate. Using the wrong tools or pressure can easily damage the coils, which are an expensive component to replace.

Schedule an Appointment For Coil Cleaning Today

Is it been a while since you cleaned the coils in your HVAC system? Call your local Heating & Air professional today. Have your coils in tip-top shape in no time, allowing your system to run more efficiently, this service quickly pays for itself! While also extending the life of your equipment and maintaining indoor air quality.

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