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The Best Way To Clean A Mitsubishi Air Conditioner

The Best Way To Clean A Mitsubishi Air Conditioner

Your Mitsubishi air conditioner will remain in good condition if you have expert maintenance performed once a year, but this should not be an excuse to skip cleaning. Mitsubishi AC units are frequently cleaned by their owners themselves, and we bet you can too. Learn how to thoroughly clean your air conditioner in just a few minutes by reading our post.

The inside and outer units of a Mitsubishi air conditioner can be cleaned with just a vacuum and a few other basic equipment. To clean the inside of your Mitsubishi air conditioner, prepare your tools as follows:

  1. To reveal the air filters, remove the front panel.
  2. Remove the filters, then vacuum-clean them.
  3. Use the vacuum to clean the heat exchanger vertically.
  4. To reveal the air outlet and the fan, remove the vertical and horizontal vanes.
  5. Utilizing a cloth and a vacuum, clean the fan and air outlet.
  6. Gather the separated panels and clean each one individually.
  7. The front panel fitting, filters, and vanes should all be replaced.
  8. To check if the AC is operating properly, turn it on.

One thing to do is to clean the indoor air conditioner. Another is cleaning the exterior unit.

Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Cleaning Guide

Since the task mostly entails straightforward vacuuming, cleaning the majority of the air conditioner’s components is simple. It can be challenging when you have to take apart specific pieces to get at the inner workings.

As promised, we’ll take this step by step. You should now be aware of the equipment required to clean a Mitsubishi AC.

Cleaning Equipment For A Mitsubishi Air Conditioner
It’s simple to clean an air conditioner, but you need the necessary equipment to complete the task effectively and without harm. The following equipment is required to clean a Mitsubishi AC unit:

The Best Way To Clean A Mitsubishi Air Conditioner
  • vacuum
  • sponge
  • dry towel
  • cleaning agent
  • shower head-equipped hose
  • screwdriver
  • gloves
  • facemask

If you have a Mitsubishi Quick Clean Kit, you can use it to clean your air conditioner. If not, a standard vacuum will work just as well. In order for the vacuum to stretch several feet, make sure it includes an adaptor, a flexible hose, and a tube. Keep in mind that you will be working from a height. To easily access dirt-tight spaces, small brush fittings are also necessary.

To clean the panels and filters, you will also want a dry towel, a sponge, and a light detergent solution. You could make use of a cleaning solution made especially for coil fins.

A hose with a shower head will complete the task more quickly when cleaning the outdoor air conditioner. Never clean the coils with a pressure washer.

How To Clean An Air Outlet Unit Inside

The Best Way To Clean A Mitsubishi Air Conditioner

Turn off your air conditioner, then wait at least five hours. You can prevent heat and moisture buildup by doing this. You should shut off the circuit breaker to protect yourself from electric shock. Put on your gloves and a facemask when you’re ready to clean.

The procedures to cleaning your Mitsubishi AC’s interior air outlet unit are as follows:

To Expose The Filter, Remove The Front Panel
Lifting the panel fitting and unclicking it from both sides will accomplish this. This ought to make your air filters visible.

Remove The Filters And Vacuum-Clean Them
When you pull the filters away from the AC fixture, they ought readily come off without any difficulty. Each air filter has a smaller filter on one end that is visible after removal. A filter for cleansing the air is what this is.

Remove the air purifying filter, then vacuum each filter individually. Use a sponge for thick dirt and a mild detergent solution to wash the filters. Let the filters air dry naturally after rinsing.

Utilizing The Vacuum, Clean The Heat Exchanger In A Vertical Motion
Under the air filters is where you’ll find the heat exchanger. To avoid damage, it must be cleaned with a vacuum and a little brush fitted in gently vertical motions.

To Reveal The Air Outlet And The Fan, Remove The Horizontal And Vertical Vanes
Immediately under the air filters is the horizontal vane. Open the vane downward to remove it, then unlock the tabs by moving them to the right. The vertical vanes are now visible as a result.

The vertical vane does not separate from the AC fixture like the horizontal vane does. The vertical vane can be opened one side at a time, just like cabinet doors.

Clean The Fan And The Air Outlet
As soon as you have complete access, use a dry cloth to clean the air outlet. Then, vacuum the fans by moving the soft-bristle brush adaptor horizontally and in the direction of the fan’s pattern.

Gather The Detached Panels And Clean Each One Individually
Return to the panels you earlier removed. With a sponge and a light detergent solution, clean them. Before drying them with a clean cloth, rinse them with clean water.

Reinstall The Front Panel Fitting, Filters, And Horizontal Vane
Return these things to their locations after they have dried by doing the previous steps backwards.

To Check If The AC Is Operating Properly, Turn It On
The LED lights won’t stop blinking until the problem is fixed if you don’t properly reattach the horizontal panel.

How To Clean The Outside Air Conditioner Unit

The Best Way To Clean A Mitsubishi Air Conditioner

The compressor, fan, and condensers are housed in the exterior unit of the air conditioner. Cleaning the outside of your air conditioner is just as crucial as cleaning the inside air outlet unit because of all the essential processes occurring within.

Make careful to turn off the breaker before beginning to clean the exterior unit of your Mitsubishi air conditioner. Then, proceed as follows:

Using A Screwdriver, Remove The Panels
Take off the front, top, and side panels to access your air conditioner. To get the screws out faster, you may use an automated screwdriver. Put every screw in its own container.

The fan, coil, and other parts of the air conditioner will be visible if the panels are removed. This will also make the side with the electrical wirings visible.

Dust Can Be Removed With A Vacuum
Dust, filth, and cobwebs can be removed by attaching the vacuum’s soft-bristle brush attachment and using it. When passing through the fins, be gentle because applying too much pressure can harm the fins. Next, carefully vacuum the space where the electrical wirings are located.

Clean The Interior Of The Air Conditioner To Get Rid Of All The Dirt
If you want to completely remove dirt from all of the components, you might need to use a hose with a shower head. With the exception of the electrical board, it is OK to wash the AC’s fins, fan, and other components. The wire should always stay dry.

To clean the fan, use a sponge and a light detergent solution. You can use a specific product designed for cleaning AC coils on the coil and follow the usage instructions on the label. Do not forget to clean the casing as well. Next, thoroughly rinse each part in clean water.

Keep The Detached Panels Clean
Return to the separated panels and clean them one at a time while you wait for the exterior unit to dry. To remove grime, use a sponge and a mild soap solution. Next, give everything a good rinse in clean water and let it air dry.

When All Of The Components Are Dry, Reinstall The Panels
Before replacing the panels and turning the air conditioner on, give the compressor and other AC unit parts enough time to dry.

Spend some time inspecting the condensate drain line for obstructions when cleaning your air conditioner. Additionally, now is the time to look for leaks. The bushes around the AC outside unit should also be trimmed because they could obstruct ventilation.

Is Cleaning The Outdoor AC Unit Required?

Cleaning the outdoor air conditioning unit is just as important as cleaning the indoor unit. The US Department of Energy and HVAC professionals even suggest washing the condensers, fan, coil, and other parts in water and a mild detergent solution. Your air conditioning system’s effectiveness and lifespan are enhanced by doing this.


A few basic tools are all that are needed to clean a Mitsubishi air conditioner’s interior and exterior units. When you master the proper methods for taking apart and reassembling the parts, cleaning is a breeze.

The Best Way To Clean A Mitsubishi Air Conditioner

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