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Ruud AC Isn’t Turning On: Why And How To Fix It?

Ruud AC Isn't Turning On: Why And How To Fix It?

Your Ruud air conditioner acting up and failing to switch on might be annoying. What might be causing this issue, and can you remedy it? Let’s first examine the potential offenders of this issue.

The following factors could play a role in your Ruud air conditioner not turning on:

  • Reset Is Needed
  • Thermostat Setting Error
  • Unclean Air Filter
  • Refrigerant Is Low
  • Age Of The AC
  • Incorrect AC Size
  • Evaporator Coil Is Frozen
  • Trip Disruptor
  • Electricity Problem
  • Defective Condenser
  • Thermostat Problem
  • Obstructed Drain Line
  • Faulty AC Motor
  • Broken AC Capacitor

Determining the cause of your A/C unit’s failure can be difficult. In this post, we’ll examine each of these issues in detail and, ideally, provide you the cues you need to identify the problem. Continue reading for answers to other frequently asked questions about Ruud air conditioners.

My Ruud Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On—Why?

Most people are unaware that air conditioners function by transporting heat from a home’s interior to the exterior. This is accomplished by passing a refrigerant via several coils.

When the air conditioner is turned on, the compressor unit activates and forces refrigerant through the coils. The heat is subsequently transmitted outside as a result of the fan’s airflow over the coils.

Refrigerant returns to the compressor unit as it begins to warm up, and the cycle repeats. The compressor won’t start, and the air conditioner won’t function, if something goes wrong during this operation.

There are certain common ailments that you might be able to detect on your own, while other problems could need a specialist. The most frequent reasons why your Ruud air conditioner won’t switch on are covered below.

Reset Is Needed

To see if the AC need a reset should be one of your initial checks. Next, examine if your model has a reset button by consulting your owner’s manual.

If so, hold down the button for around 10 seconds until the AC unit shuts off. Release the button once it turns off, then wait for about five minutes before attempting to switch it back on.

You can manually reset the system if it doesn’t have a reset button or you can’t find it. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

  • Deactivate the thermostat.
  • Switch off the device’s power breaker.
  • After waiting for 30 seconds, re-engage the breaker.
  • Finally, restart the thermostat.

Thermostat Setting Error

Ruud AC Isn't Turning On: Why And How To Fix It?

If you’re lucky, the temperature on your thermostat might be off. For instance, if the thermostat is set too high, the AC unit won’t turn on.

Set the thermostat to a lower setting and wait for the air conditioner to come on to remedy this.

Unclean Air Filter

By keeping dust and grime from entering the system, the air filter plays a crucial part in your air conditioning system. The unit will have to work harder and run into other issues if the filter is unclean.

Depending on the type of air filter, you should clean your air filter every month and replace it every 90 days to 6 months.

Refrigerant Is Low

Ruud AC Isn't Turning On: Why And How To Fix It?

Low refrigerant levels may prevent the compressor from starting. This could also be caused by a refrigerant leak, so inspect your unit for these.

Checking the pressure is the best technique to determine whether the refrigerant level is low. However, you should contact a specialist if you don’t feel confident checking the refrigerant yourself.

Since AC refrigerant is flammable and hazardous, it is preferable to be safe than sorry.

Age Of The AC

All air conditioners have a life expectancy and must eventually be replaced. For instance, it could be time to think about replacing your Ruud air conditioner if it is older than ten years.

Incorrect AC Size

If your air conditioner is too tiny for your house, it won’t run because it can’t keep up with the demand for cooling.

As a result, the unit will operate longer than necessary, overheating, tripping the breaker, or possibly harming the device itself.

Evaporator Coil Is Frozen

The AC unit won’t operate if the evaporator coil freezes over. Turn off the appliance to allow it to defrost (24 hours). The AC will ultimately come back on as the ice melts, but this could indicate a problem with the system.

You should make sure there is enough airflow around the unit to avoid the coil from freezing over. To achieve this, make sure there are no impediments in the area and clean the coil once a year.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

The AC unit won’t operate if the circuit breaker trips. To see if any of the breakers are tripped, check the breaker box. If they are, turn them back on after turning them off to reset them.

Electricity Problem

If your AC still doesn’t work after ruling out all of the aforementioned issues, there might be an electrical problem. Electrical problems are best left to the experts, just like refrigerants.

You can still look for indications of an electrical problem on the control board. Turn off the thermostat and disconnect the appliance to accomplish this. Remove the front cover of the control board after it has been unplugged.

Look for any burned or damaged components after removing the lid.

Defective Condenser

The AC unit won’t turn on if the condenser is malfunctioning. The outside of your house condenser is in charge of cooling the refrigerant.

The condenser is not operating properly if you hear a humming sound coming from it.

Thermostat Problem

It’s likely that a malfunctioning thermostat is keeping the AC system from going on. To check this, switch off the thermostat and wait for the air conditioner to shut off.

Altering the thermostat’s batteries may also be necessary.

Obstructed Drain Line

The AC unit won’t operate if the drain pipe is obstructed. Remove any obstacles or debris from the drain line to resolve this. Next, pour 1/4 cup of vinegar down the drain to aid in clearing any clogs.

Faulty AC Motor

It is most likely a sign that the motor has failed if the AC unit is making rattling, buzzing, or grinding noises.

The motor needs to be changed at this stage. You have the option of hiring a professional to do this or doing it yourself by buying a replacement motor.

Broken AC Capacitor

Ruud AC Isn't Turning On: Why And How To Fix It?

The AC motor is started and maintained by an AC capacitor. A faulty capacitor may result in a humming sound, higher energy costs, or warm air blowing through your vents.

The capacitor needs to be changed at this stage. You have the option of hiring a professional to complete this task or replacing the capacitor yourself.

How Durable Are Ruud Air Conditioners?

Depending on the model, a Ruud air conditioner’s lifespan can change. However, the majority of Ruud air conditioners have a lifespan of 10–15 years.

Remember that this is based on how well and how frequently the device is utilised. To get the most out of your unit, you should have it serviced once a year.

Additionally, remember to check your air filters each month and swap them out as Ruud advises. You will need to replace the filters more frequently if you have pets.

How Can I Tell When My Ruud AC Needs to Be Replaced?

It may be time to replace your Ruud air conditioner if it is older than ten years. This isn’t the only red flag, though.

Extraordinary Electricity Bills

Your AC unit may not be functioning correctly if you notice that your energy costs are soaring. The unit’s components will deteriorate with time, increasing the amount of energy needed to operate it.

Although purchasing a new air conditioner is pricey, the long-term savings will be worth it. Up to 40% more efficiency than earlier versions is possible with energy-efficient air conditioners.

Constantly Needs Repair

It may be time for a replacement if your appliance is older and tends to require maintenance on a regular basis. However, you could use that money to purchase a new unit that would last for years rather than investing in repairs.

Utilizes R22 Freon

If your air conditioner uses R22-Freon, it is probably time for a replacement. Due to its negative environmental effects, this particular type of Freon is being phased out.

You can look at the tag on the side of the unit or get in touch with a specialist if you’re unsure of what kind of Freon your unit utilizes.


Not all problems with your AC unit require replacement. But if your Ruud air conditioner is older than ten years, uses R22-Freon, has unusually high energy costs, or needs frequent repairs, it’s probably time for a replacement.

Ruud AC Isn't Turning On: Why And How To Fix It?

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